Last weekend we saw the massive impact of Lair of Darkness'arrival in the TCGplayer Marketplace.

YCS Memphis left a muted impression on the secondary market, bringing smallinnovations and refinements to established strategies, but not much thatcould cause buyers to stand up and take notice. Instead, the latestStructure Deck kicked off a buying frenzy for Back to the Front androcketed new cards like Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair and Ahrima, theWicked Warden to the top of the charts.

Now, with the results from YCS Memphis well documented and the trends fromthat event better understood by more players, did the balance shift?

The answer, in a word, is no. While some of the cards and some of thenumbers changed a bit, Lair of Darkness was still the biggestdriving force in the secondary market this week, despite no Top Cut showingat YCS Memphis.

Here's a look at the Top 10 bestselling cards in the TCGplayer Marketplacethis week, from Monday to Friday.

#10: Proxy Dragon

Back in the Top 10, Proxy Dragon dropped to Number 13 last weekend behindLink Spider and Underclock Taker, but Rebounded over the course of the weekto once again become the highest-demand Link Monster in the game. It's beenrare to see it outpacing Underclock Taker, but that's becoming more andmore common as the WCQ season approaches.

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#9: Back to the Front

The Number 1 bestseller from our last Market Watch dropped to Number 9 thisweek, with Back to the Front rising to $1.80 as of this writing and sittingon an upward Price Trend. Played with Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lairand Lilith, Lady of Lament, Back to the Front is searchable with Lilith,permitting the Special Summon of Diabolos, to create a string ofdevastating hand disruption effects.

And while that was the hottest ticket going over the weekend, the appealdied down as the price went up this week.

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#8: Metaverse

Up from Number 10, the demand for Metaverse got even bigger over the courseof the week, as players the world over await a new F&L List, and whatsome see as the possible Limiting or Forbidding of Terraforming. A hit toTerraforming would make Metaverse instantly relevant in competition, but asof yet the TCG has yet to follow the OCG's lead in that matter.

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#7: Called by the Grave

Demand for Called by the Grave rose over the week as well off of someencouraging results for the card at YCS Memphis. While there's no Maxx "C"in current competition to make Called by the Grave ubiquitous, lots ofplayers are feeling fatigued with hand traps, and the ability to beat themmay be a deciding factor in big WCQ wins this summer.

With prices falling slightly in the run-up to the card's FLOD release,demand is increasing to match.


#6: Torment_Token

The sheer level of interest in the Lair of Darkness strategy wasdemonstrated here, as tons of duelists picked up Tokens for use with thenew Field Spell. While plenty of Token cards have gone up in value over theyears, the climb is usually very slow, so it's safe to assume most playerspicking up their Torment_Tokens want them to actually play them. Clockingin at Number 6, the high sales of Torment_Tokens marks the start of a bigrun this week for Lair of Darkness.


#5: Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair

Untargetable, impervious to Kaijus, and packing 3000 ATK, Darkest Diabolos,Lord of the Lair makes a strong case for the Lair of Darkness strategy inall contexts. With a Special Summon that makes Diabolos easy to field andnearly impossible to keep down, Diabolos is more than just raw power – it'salso an aggressive disruption engine that can shred your opponent's handwithout loading their graveyard.

A number of elements in competition are certainly conspiring against theLair of Darkness deck at present, and any new strategy is going to strugglein such an established format. But again, some of the enthusiasm for itmight have more to do with expectations for an inbound F&L List.Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair's clearly a fundamentally strong card,and that's kept demand high since the Structure Deck's release.


#4: Lilith, Lady of Lament

While Darkest Diabolos is clearly rooted in its own strategy, Lilith, Ladyof Lament has generated a ton of discussion this month in part for herversatility. With an effect that can seek out literally any Normal Trap yourun three copies of, Lilith's a backrow combo builder's dream. We alreadygot to see her at work in a totally different strategy this week,when Doug Zeeff demonstrated his Lair of Darkness Frog deck.


#3: Ahrima, the Wicked Warden

Ahrima's just an incredibly versatile card that pulls the Lair of Darknessstrategy together into a potential consistent contender. With 1700 ATK atLevel 4, it has the basic stats to support a wide range of abilities:whether you're using it to search out Lair, filtering through a card inyour deck to trigger Darkest Diabolos, or searching out a particular Darkmonster, it does whatever you need to patch up your hand and get to yourmost important plays.

It's not often we see such an incredible hand fixer for a combo-drivendeck, let alone one with decent ATK and high utility. Ahrima's a star levelsupport card, and the market responded accordingly bringing it in at Number3 for the second Market Watch in a row.


#2: Lair of Darkness

The Lair of Darkness deck doesn't exist without the eponymous Field Spell,and with that in mind it was back at Number 2 again this week. Clogging thefield, fueling your effects, and ripping monsters off your opponent's sideof the table, the Lair's an incredible enabler that both brings cards likeLilith into strategies of other attributes, and sets up your opponent formean levels of disruption.

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#1: Allure of Darkness

And finally, one of the game's greatest "draw 2" cards was up from Number 4this week, landing squarely at Number 1. For over a decade, Allure ofDarkness has been the gold standard for theme-stamped card draw, settingthe bar for acceleration and setting Dark strategies a cut above otherattributes. Freshly reprinted and now more accessible than ever, it's amust-own for any long-term competitor and a top pick at its price point.

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Looking beyond the Top 10, Foolish Burial Goods came in just short of thecountdown proper at Number 11, another high utility support card knockedway down in price thanks to a reprint. Armageddon Knight missed areprinting in Lair of Darkness but still came in at Number 21, testament tothe Lair of Darkness strategy's competitive appeal – almost any buildimaginable would run three Knights as a matter of standard operatingprocedure.

From there we saw Effect Veiler at Number 13, Altergeist Meluseek at Number14, and Pot of Desires closing things out at Nubmer 15. Altergeists are ahot prospect moving into the Flames of Destruction Sneak Peekweekend, so watch out for the new cards at your events.

We'll be back on Monday to see if the FLOD Sneaks make any immediate impacton the TCGplayer Marketplace. We'll see you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer