With Legendary Collection Kaiba creating new demand for Blue-EyesWhite Dragon, and upcoming releases in the OCG fueling interest in thedusty Dragunity theme, Dragons were the order of the week in the TCGplayerMarketplace!

While Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring clocked in at Number 1 over theweekend, there simply weren't enough copies for a repeat showing; AshBlossom fell from the top of the salescharts. At the same time it seemsthat demand was sated for new breakouts like Dragon Revival Rhapsody andGoddess of Sweet Revenge, as those cards fell from the Top 10 too.

That made room for a mix of popular standbys as well as some new trends,and the biggest push factor of the week looks to have been the OCG revealofDragunity Knight – Ascalon. With 3300 ATK, a massive self-replacing effect, and a not-once-per-turnbanishing ability that draws immediate comparisons to Dark Armed Dragon,it's a crazypants extension of the Dragunity arsenal, and it placed atleast two cards into the Top 10 this week – maybe more.

Let's dive right in and look at the bestselling cards of the week; asalways, we'll go by number of cards sold. Remember, our Top 10 lists don'tfactor in card rarity or cash value, since you can spot those kinds ofspikes on your own. Instead, we look at the sheer volume of cards sold, andthat often gives us perspective nobody would have otherwise.

Here we go.

#10: Dragon Ravine

First up, the newly reprinted Dragon Ravine. This card's been seeing moreplay lately with the rise of Destrudo the Lost Dragon's Frisson instrategies like Invoked, but the demand spike this week is almost certainlyowed to the rising interest in Dragunities.

The Dragunity theme debuted seven and a half years ago, so if you're notfamiliar with it, the strategy revolves around sending Dragunity Phalanx tothe graveyard and then reusing it with monsters like Dragunity Dux andDragunity Knight – Vajrayana, in part to make bigger and bigger Synchros.

Dragon Ravine serves to load your graveyard with Phalanx, and searches outstuff like Dux, and it's an absolute must-run in this type of deck. That'swhat got it to Number 10 this week, fresh off its LCKC reprint.

#####CARDID= 23124#####

#9: Link Spider

Continuing t one of the most ubiquitous Link Monsters in the game, LinkSpider sees play anywhere Scapegoat makes an appearance, or where cheapLink climbing is the goal. It's a fundamental pillar of Link Summoning inthis format, and it continues to pop up even in unexpected places asScapegoat appears in various strategies.

#####CARDID= 21977#####

#8: Dragon Shrine

A near-staple in Pendulum Magicians for its synergy with Supreme KingDragon Darkwurm, Dragon Shrine may also be seeing a rise in demand thanksto Dragunities. It was certainly seeing tons of use before Ascalon wasrevealed, and Darkwurm keeps appearing in different strategies, but atleast some of the push is likely due to Dux and company.

#####CARDID= 23127#####

#7: Dragunity Phalanx

Speaking of, the lynchpin Tuner Dragunity Phalanx exploded this week, asDragunity Kight – Ascalon drove demand andLegendary Collection Kaiba provided ample supply. Previouslyprinted only in Duel Terminal 3 and Hidden Arsenal 3,Dragunity Phalanx has crept into the double digits on the secondary marketseveral times before, so the Ultra Rare reprint is more than welcome nowthat Ascalon is on the way later this year.

Phalanx could've seen a massive price spike otherwise, and theDuel Terminal original already sold out and jumped to north of $15anyways.

#####CARDID= 23138#####

#6: The Melody of Awakening Dragon

Speaking of reprints, The Melody of Awakening Dragon held at Number 6,coming off the same position over the weekend. A three-of staple for anyserious Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck, the Secret Rare's proving especiallypopular thanks to the fact that it looks totally awesome. It's stuck asolid landing at around $2.00 to $2.50 ever since LCKC dropped last week.

#####CARDID= 20690#####

#5: Amano-Iwato

A frequent sight in recent Top 10's, Amano-Iwato's become hugely popular asthe lifeblood of a new breed of True Draco decks. Locking the opponent outof both their hand traps and on-field control effects, the plucky SpiritMonster's become extremely important in competition, as True Dracoscontinue to gain steam.

#####CARDID= 22588#####

#4: Effect Veiler

Effect Veiler fell off the map last week with the release ofLegendary Collection Kaiba, but it's still selling very strongly.With the Ultra Rare reprint of Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring now on anupward Price Trend and pushing 60 dollars, more and more players arerelying on Effect Veiler to fill their need for hand traps. Some are evenplaying both, though that trend seems to be lessening from where it stoodat the beginning of the format.

#####CARDID= 21954#####

#3: Return of the Dragon Lords

Way up from its Number 15 finish last week, Return of the Dragon Lordsspiked almost inexplicably. Are more players turning a competitive eyetoward Blue-Eyes White Dragon? Are Dragunities responsible? Or did everyonejust realize they bought everything else out ofLegendary Collecton Kaiba? It's probably a mix of all thosefactors, and collectively they launched Return to Number 3, just short oftwo perennially popular cards.

Those being…

#####CARDID= 19934#####

#2: Underclock Taker

Just as important as Proxy Dragon but with a fraction of the time onshelves, Underclock Taker just keeps getting more popular. I've noticedthat more players are calling it out as an amazing, game-winning card inpost-event deck profiles; appreciation for its effect is really growing.It's a must-own as we ramp up into the WCQ season, and it's still one ofthe most affordable Extra Deck cards in the game.

Demand plus supply plus accessibility equals big numbers, so it's nosurprise to see Underclock Taker ranking so high once again.

#####CARDID= 22914#####

#1: Pot of Desires

And once again, sales of Pot of Desires were through the roof. Judging bythe stats, this was a big hit for both players and speculators through theweek, as the number of copies purchases and the number of people buyingthem just exploded… even by Pot of Desires standards.

Surprisingly that had almost no impact on the card's value, as the MarketPrice and lowest available price both held steady at just under four bucks.As the demand for Proxy Dragon steadily declines bit by bit, the unshakabledemand for Pot of Desires grows ever more mysterious.

#####CARDID= 22118#####

On that note, Proxy Dragon came in at Number 11 this week, while the Number12 to Number 15 spots were all occupied by semi-competitive reprints fromLegendary Collection Kaiba. Those were The White Stone of Ancientsat Number 12, The Monarchs Stormforth at Number 13, Silver's Cry at Number14, and Trade-In at Number 15.

All four cards have been played in Championship-level decks in the past,but none of them are particularly useful right now. Still, it'll beinteresting to see what impact these types of reprints have on upcomingChampionships, as we count down the hours to YCS San Jose and YCS Salt LakeCity.

We'll be back on Monday with another Market Watch. See you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer