Well, that got real pretty fast.

Yesterday we got our first look at the new World Premiere cards headed ourway in Chaos Impact, courtesy of our friendsover at The Organization. If you haven't seen them yet you should really check them out, but in anutshell the cards are pretty good, offering lots of support that the deckdidn't have: more search power, negation, an actual boss monster and more.Is it enough to make the deck viable? That's up in the air, but it'sdefinitely a better crop of cards than most World Premiere themes get,filling in some important gaps.

The result was a huge push in the secondary market for all of the DreamMirror cards from Rising Rampage, including the theme's pricierUltra Rares, Ikelos, the Dream Mirror Sprite and Morpheus, the Dream MirrorBlack Knight. Both of them more than tripled in price overnight, a trendthat had held strong at the point of this writing.

Whenever we see a price spike like that the immediate question it raises isof course, "Who's buying all these cards?" It's not uncommon to see a smallgroup of buyers, or sometimes even just one buyer, picking up hundreds ofcopies of cards to force a buyout and a price spike.

But that's not what happened this time. The volume of Dream Mirror cardssold was proportional to the number of people buying them, suggesting thatlots of individual duelists were picking up 2 and 3 copies. That makes itpretty easy to believe that most or all of the people grabbing those cardsare genuinely interested in playing them. We can largely rule out marketmanipulation; this is real interest, from actual players that want to buildtheir Dream Mirror decks once CHIM arrives on October 25th.

Today we'll order our Top 10 by number of unique purchases, so you can seejust how widespread the demand was for Dream Mirror cards. Four of theentries to make the Top 10 are holdovers from recent reprints and one isthe bestselling card from Legendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny.But the remaining five care all Dream Mirror cards, as the RIRA underdogsrose up to crush the market in the last 24 hours.

Let's get into it so you can see how it all played out.

#10 - Monster Reborn

Yup! Monster Reborn, still riding hot after its fancy reprint in theGold Sarcophagus Tins. We actually saw Reborn in Top Cut actionat YCS Guadalajara last weekend, appearing in Orcust Thunder Dragons, Danger Orcusts, Orcust Lunalightsand that totally sweet HERO deck, so this probably means more than it didin previous weeks. Something to keep in mind moving forward.

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#9 - Dream Mirror of Joy

…And by "moving forward" I mean, "moving into Dream Mirror country." DreamMirror of Joy is one of the theme's two key Field Spells, offering aneffect that protects your Dream Mirror monsters from effects and attacksand a self-replacing swap that gets you to Dream Mirror of Terror, itsdarker counterpart. More importantly, Joy turns on the Special Summoningabilities of the Dark half of the Dream Mirror lineup, letting you Tributethe Darks so you can tag into the Light monsters and trigger theirabilities.

In RIRA we saw Dream Mirror of Joy and Dream Mirror of Terror also fuelingthe non-targeting banish effect of Dream Mirror Fantasy, a slow but prettypowerful trap card. Come CHIM they're also going to work withDream Mirror Hypnagogia, which can put both into play at once by sticking your opponent with oneof them;Dream Mirror Oneiromancy, a trap that can negate and destroy spell and trap cards if Joy's on thefield, or negate Special Summons if Terror's on the table.

The Dream Mirrors also offer powerful synergy with the new boss monster,but we'll talk about that in a bit.

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#8 - Borreload Dragon

Before we get there, Borreload Dragon managed to hold onto a place in theTop 10 coming off a slightly stronger than usual showing at YCSGuadalajara. No surprise here: Borreload's still one of the best Link-4monsters in the game, and its Structure Deck reprint's keeping itaccessible for players that didn't have it yet. If you're a tournamentplayer you probably need to own a copy, it's just played in so many decks.

#####CARDID=25798 #####

#7 - Knightmare Unicorn

The same sentiments apply to Knightmare Unicorn, another powerful LinkMonster that's played in a ton of top strategies this format. One of thebest Link-3's available today, Knightmare Unicorn combines a lot of thestrengths of its Knightmare cohorts at lower Link thresholds into oneversatile monster, and again, the spike in demand that we've seen over thepast few weeks is largely due to its lower price tag. Thanks to the MP19reprint it's gone from double digit values to about three bucks.

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#6 - Ikelos, the Dream Mirror Mara

Back onto Dream Mirrors, little Ikelos bounces through her Light and Darkversions to search Dream Mirror cards and Special Summon Dream Mirrors fromyour hand. That's integral to consistent play and key to unleashing thehigher Level Dream Mirrors that largely win you the game, making bothcopies of Ikelos likely three-ofs once the strategy's complete.

Both versions of Ikelos can use their tag-outs in the Main Phase and BattlePhase, making them more flexible than the big guys they work to Summon.Their Tribute effects also trigger the destruction ability of the new bossmonsterOneiros, the Dream Mirror Erlking, sadly a once per turn effect, and they can work as Fusion Material forOneiros as well. You bring Oneiros to the field withDream Mirror of Chaosat Spell Speed 2, and with Dream Mirror of Terror out you can banish yourFusion Materials from the graveyard, so that Fusion Summon's pretty easy topull off.

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#5 - Dream Mirror of Terror

Speaking of Dream Mirror of Terror, it outsold Dream Mirror of Joy,Borreload, and the Dark version of Ikelos by a handful of copies. Terrorlets your Light Dream Mirrors tag into their Dark counterparts, and it canoffer a 300 LP burn penalty every time your opponent Special Summons.

Both of the Dream Mirror Field Spells are going to be must-runs atthree-per-deck, especially since you're probably going to banish them soquickly, and the high sales numbers here just work to demonstrate that thisis legitimate player demand: both cards are still very affordable at lessthan a buck a pop, and there's not much speculative profit to be madethere.

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#4 - Nibiru, the Primal Being

Yes, that's how popular the Dream Mirror cards were this week: they outsoldNibiru.

Freakin' Nibiru. That happened.

#####CARDID=25902 #####

#3 - Ikelos, the Dream Mirror Sprite

The remaining two hits from Dream Mirrors this week were the two mostexpensive cards from the theme so far. A ton of players got in while thegetting was good, snagging Ikelos, the Dream Mirror Sprite for about $2.50before it spiked to its current price of eight dollars. Some new stock wasadded to the TCGplayer Marketplace today to fill the rising demand, butlittle to none of it was priced under $8 and by the looks of things Ikeloscould easily hop to $10 in the next day.

I think the player consensus is that this card is a must-run at three,anchoring the strategy with its search effect alongside the search power ofthe newDream Mirror Phantasms. That card only searches Dream Mirror monsters, but it frees up Ikelos tobat cleanup searching whatever else you need (since she can search "a DreamMirror card" without limitations).

Needless to say this is a huge card to watch in the coming days. The hypecould die down, but the Chaos ImpactSneak Peaks are only two weeksaway, so it might be too late for any big market corrections.

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#2 - Morpheus, the Dream Mirror Black Knight

Prices weren't as high for Morpheus, the Dream Mirror Black Knight, so eventhough this card might wind up as a two-of lots of players were stillgrabbing a full three copies. Again, the variation between Morpheus andIkelos was just a handful of cards; demand was very similar for both.Starting at about $1.25 before the Chaos Impactreveals, Morpheusis approaching the $5 mark at the time I'm writing this column.

Supply is similar to Ikelos – that is to say, there aren't a ton left inthe TCGplayer Marketplace – but since this card isn't quite as important toown three copies of we could see demand taper off a bit, leading to a bitof a dip in price.

Or we might not. You never know for sure.

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#1 - Predaplant Triphyoverutum

And finally, the new three-material Predaplant Fusion just managed to nab afew more unique purchases than the rest of the contenders in theMarketplace this week. Note that the total number of Triphyoverutumpurchased wasn't anywhere close to Morpheus, Ikelos and Nibiru; mostplayers buying it were only picking up the one copy they need to run itwith Super Polymerization. But moving forward, it's fair to expect thatsome of your opponents armed with Super Polymerization are going to be ableto rip three monsters off your field at once.

Put a pin in that, because it's important to know heading into tournamentsthis weekend, especially YCS Ft. Worth.

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Which cards fell just short of the Top 10? Morpheus, the Dream Mirror WhiteKnight came super close, falling just two points short of ousting MonsterReborn for the Number 10 spot. From there we saw Knightmare Cerberus andKnightmare Phoenix in Number 12 and Number Number 15, Gimmick Puppet BisqueDoll at Number 13, and Dark Ruler No More still relevant at Number 14.

That's it for this week, but if you're headed to the YCS this weekend goodluck! Stay tuned tothe Yugioh.TCGplayer Facebookand Twitter on Monday,where we'll look at the immediate market impact of YCS Ft. Worth.

We'll see you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer