The Duel Power release has finally arrived, and as many predictedthe impact is massive.

With a mix of fan-pleasing oldschool characters cards, long-awaited importsfrom the OCG and a ton of competitive reprints, Duel Power has allthe makings of a successful set. The slightly odd Wednesday launch date didnothing to slow demand as players snapped up sealed boxes and singlesalike, and though many hold out hope to buy sealed product at their localsthis weekend we're almost guaranteed to see sustained demand for singlesthrough the next several days.

Duel Powerlaunches with some complicated timing: on one hand it probably cannibalizedsome sales from The Infinity Chasers andSpeed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls, but on the other hand it's alsoperfectly positioned to get players what they need in time for WCQs andNational Championships. While the North American WCQ isn't until June 21st, Nationals kick off in Latin America in just a few weeks.Launching Duel Power now is going to help a ton of players getcaught up on competitive cards they were missing, and they can do it intime to qualify for the biggest upcoming events.

While our sales numbers for today's Top 10 started on Monday,Duel Power didn't officially launch until Wednesday. Did that makea difference to our final bestsellers list? Not one iota.Duel Power took every single spot in the Top 10 countdown thisweek, shoving aside long-time staples like Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf,Called by the Grave and Dinowrestler Pankratops. Demand forDuel Power was insane, with players knowing full well that severalcards could be more expensive by this time next week as sealed productdries up.

Most of the week's bestsellers were predictably high-demand reprints, butthere were some standouts from the new debuts. In fact, our Top 10 startswith one of those long-awaited introductions.

#10: Security Dragon

It took a long time to get here, but Security Dragon's still a hotcommodity despite its age. In the past the best Security Dragon combos usedstuff like Grinder Golem and Firewall Dragon to make massive boards forfree – cards that are all Forbidden in the TCG today. But it's still autility-driven Link 2 that troubleshoots problem monsters while working asa stepping stone to bigger plays, and its generic Link Materials still makeit worthwhile – enough to see it capture the Number 10 position.

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#9: Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries

Ghost Reaper's been seeing increasing play in recent Regionals andChampionships, with Salamangreats and Sky Strikers the two big targetsplayers are looking to stop. While Reaper took a bit of a hiatus in theglory days of Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, it's coming back with avengeance as players look for more ways to get a leg up on two of theformat's biggest strategies. It was kind of neglected for most of 2019 sofar, but it's no surprise to see players finally snagging their copies offthe reprint.

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#8: Galaxy Soldier

Galaxy Soldier's been a combo-enabling staple in Cyber Dragon and Machinecombo builds over the years, and that kept the originalWorld Superstars printing above the $10 mark even long after itwas revealed that Soldier would be reprinted – again – in Duel Power. It'sbeen popular in lots of successful Blue-Eyes White Dragon strategies too,and while none of those decks have been relevant in current competition,the Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge reprint is still more thansix bucks.

With only two reprints available and Duel Power democratizinganother rogue favorite, Galaxy Soldier took the Number 8 spot.

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#7: Qliphort Genius

Qliphort Genius has seen play in strategies like F.A.s. And until we getDouble Headed Anger Knuckle the Train duelists will have to settle forInfinitracks and this card for their Link needs.

(Maybe Beat Cop from the Underworld? There ARE alternatives.)

But regardless, Qliphort Genius was only available as a regular rare in thepast, and the enthusiasm for its first foil printing was huge. The rareversion often hugged the $2 mark in months gone by, so now that you canscoop an Ultra Rare for as little as a quarter Qliphort Genius is averified winner, at least for now.

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#6: Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion

It's been almost a year since Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion debuted inFlames of Destruction, and since then it's come to be appreciatedfor its specific uses in some of the biggest matchups going. This is itsfirst ever reprint in the TCG, and as of right now it's the second mostvaluable card in the set, leagues behind Infinite Impermanence and justbeating out Cyber Dragon Nachster and Evenly Matched.

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#5: Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit's in almost the opposite position, getting itssixth printing in under four years. But demand is still high. Ghost Ogre'sthe second most-played hand trap monster in current Regional Top Cuts: itoffers a ton of utility across the board, specific uses against big deckslike Sky Strikers, and an immediate 1-for-1 impact that cuts off youropponent's momentum AND rips a card away from them. It's fast, efficient,and extremely free as far as costs go.

With the 2016 Mega-Tin printing still commanding more than eightdollars and every other print at $10 or more, the Duel Powerversion makes Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit way more accessible at a $6price point. That's still a good chunk of change for the Number 5 position;with WCQ's coming up anyone who doesn't have their copy yet is seeing theirbest chance at a deal.

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#4: Lefty Driver

Lefty Driver and Righty Driver were both in big demand this week, but LeftyDriver got the nod due to obvious speculation spiking the numbers onRighty. Actual player demand for these cards was likely very similar:they're Level 3 Earth Machines offering smart card economy and lots ofpotential, though the real interest may revolve around the continued hopesand fears that someday, we'll finally see Crystron Needlefiber in the TCG.

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#3: Cyber Dragon Nachster

The highest-valued and highest-demand debut from Duel Power, CyberDragon Nachster occupies a point of convergence between fan service,nostalgia, and real competitive merit. Loading your graveyard, ramping uptoward big Summons and offering the "Cyber Dragon" name stamp, it's anawesome facilitator that helps build your combos. If you're pitching a realCyber Dragon for it you'll just bring it back instantly, and like LeftyDriver and Righty Driver it's compatible with Machine Duplication.

Which never hurts.

It's probably a three-of in every Cyber Dragon deck moving forward, and itworks with Invoked Mechaba, too. The twelve dollar price point isn'tsurprising, but the fact that Nachster sold so many copies to land atNumber 3 on the countdown is a bit more shocking.

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#2: Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

Ultra Rare Ash Blossoms for just a buck more than the commons fromStructure Deck: Soulburner? Apparently a hit!

Anyone who didn't get their Ash Blossoms from the Structure is getting themhere, and I imagine a lot of players might be dumping their commons andflipping the value into Ultras. At seven bucks it's very possible that thenew Ultra Ash Blossom could see some growth over the coming weeks, so itseems like lot of different factors drove it to the Number 2 spot.

What does that mean for tournament play? It's probably safe to assume thatany opponent might now have a playset of Ash Blossom. That's the kind ofsafe bet you can rely on when a card gets reprinted four times in one year.

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#1: Evenly Matched

And finally, Evenly Matched topped the salescharts for the week. The2018 Mega-Tin reprint did manage to drop Evenly Matched into the$20-$25 range, but that reprint's still hugging twenty dollars even today,while the Duel Power version is currently just eleven dollars.There was a weird period for a couple months were Evenly Matched was seeingvirtually no Top Cut Play, but that trend has reversed in recenttournaments and it's back to being all over the place.

Evenly Matched hasn't been this popular in quite a while, and it's neverbeen so affordable. That's a winning combination that drove tremendoussales, so expect to see more of it in your locals and Regionals.

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What else was big from the Duel Power launch week? The mostspeculated cards from the set were all nostalgia bombs, as Bond BetweenTeacher and Student, Dark Magical Circle, and the Dark Magician chartedhard. All three cards are super-cheap and could easily hit the $2-$4 markin a matter of months; that drew investors like moths to a flame.Linkuriboh, Dark Magician Girl' rel=" Dark Magician Girl">Toon Dark Magician Girl, Number 39: Utopia and Zaborg the MegaMonarch were all big picks for a very limited number of speculators aswell.

Looking just past the Top 10 proper we saw Nekroz of Valkyrus at Number 11,Beat Cop from the Underworld at Number 12, Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon atNumber 13, and Vision HERO Vyon at Number 14. That left The Winged Dragonof Ra - Sphere Mode to finish at Number 15, a card that's sure to seeanother spike in play as a result.

That's it for this week, but join us in another seven days to see how thebiggest hits from Duel Power hash out!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer