YCS Salt Lake City was a massive upset this weekend, as all seven PendulumMagician decks got blown out in the Top 16, leading to a Top 4 of threeTrue Dracos and one Dinosaur deck. In the end it was True Dracos versusTrue Dracos in the finals, and the tournament caused a stir in thesecondary market Sunday night.

At the same time, Extreme Force Special Edition arrived on Friday,instantly selling out in the TCGplayer Marketplace and unleashing massivedemand for the reprinted PSY-Framegear Gamma, as well as Galaxy-Eyes CipherBlade Dragon and Called by the Grave.

While True Dracos may have already reached peak demand heading into the YCSweekend – we saw tremendous sales for a number of True Draco cards in therun-up to that event – enthusiasm for Dinosaurs and the Special Editionpromos led the bestseller list from Friday to Monday morning, in theTCGplayer Marketplace.

So what'd the Top 10 look like? With no further ado, let's get right tothis weekend's countdown.

Number 10: Overtex Qoatlus

Ayinde Ross finished 8-2 in the Swiss Rounds at YCS Salt Lake City with a60-Card Dinosaur deck, enough to give him 10th Place headinginto the Top 32.From there he made it all the way to the Top 4 before he was knockedout by eventual runner-up Alessio Giordani. Overtex Qoatlus is the lynchpin of modern Dinosaur strategies, from60-Card builds to True King versions, Lightsworn variants, and ShaddollDino decks.

Overtex featured prominently in Ross' Top 4 Feature Match, and his stellarshowing in the YCS skyrocketed demand for it on Sunday night, lifting it tothe Number 10 position.

#####CARDID= 22911#####

Number 9: Proxy Dragon

Proxy Dragon remains a must-own, and while demand has fallen over time withplayers having lots of time to get their copies, it's still a big sellerweek to week. While Proxy Dragon may not feature in most builds of TrueDracos as well as Pendulum Magicians in recent events, it's an importantcard to numerous other decks that are still topping tournaments.

#####CARDID= 22117#####

Number 8: PSY-Frame Driver

The reprint of PSY-Framegear Gamma inExtreme Force Special Edition proved to be hugely popular, but touse it, a number of players who didn't have their copies beforehand neededPSY-Frame Driver. That generated a big surge of interest in the card thisweekend, pushing Driver to Number 8 on an upward Price Trend that landed itat the $6 mark.

With PSY-Frame Driver and PSY-Framegear Gamma in more players' hands youcan expect to see more than just Gamma on tournament tables; expect to seePSY-Framegear Epsilon more often as well, making competition that muchtougher for Trickstars.

#####CARDID= 19004#####

Number 7: Underclock Taker

Just like Proxy Dragon, Underclock Taker's a must-own Link Monster thatfeatures in a ton of different strategies. Both cards are wildly affordablebut Underclock takes the cake as one of the lowest cost staples of theformat, and its relative newness means a greater number of players whodon't own it yet, and thus greater demand.

#####CARDID= 22914#####

Number 6: Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon

Previously available only as a super-scarce SHONEN JUMP subscriber promo,Number 6: Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon adds more disruptive power toplays that largely already existed with other Galaxy-Eyes Xyz, on a morethan respectable set of legs with 3200 ATK, backed by a self-replacingeffect that revives Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon.

Since Cipher Blade Dragon once commanded more than $15, and oftenapproached buyout status here on TCGplayer, the reprint was clearlywelcome.

#####CARDID= 23176#####

Number 5: Pot of Desires

Pot of Desires is still the benchmark for bestselling cards week to week;it spends so much time as the Number 1 card that if a card beats it, weknow the demand is clearly very high and we should be paying attention forpossible tournament trends. This week, a whopping four cards managed tooutsell the catch-all "draw 2" spell.

Number 4: Effect Veiler

The first was Effect Veiler, still popular on its own, and as a budgetreplacement for Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Ash Blossom was back up to$64 in its lowest available listing as of this writing, up nearly ten bucksfrom where it was last week. With Ash Blossom showing no signs of slowingdown, Effect Veiler's the next best option for players looking to flesh outtheir hand trap arsenal.


Number 3: The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode

The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode was one of the most influential cardsat YCS Salt Lake City, and has seen widespread Side Deck play all formatlong. It's the perfect choice for some of the format's biggest matchups,and demand spiked once again over the weekend.

Still available for less than four bucks, now's the time to pick up yourcopies if you don't have them already; it's unlikely that they'll get anymore affordable as the WCQ's get closer.

Number 2: PSY-Framegear Gamma

Available for a third of the price of the High-Speed Ridersoriginal, the reprint of PSY-Framegear Gamma was a huge boon to budgetduelists. Countering everything from hand traps to boss monsters, Gammaturns your opponent's plans against them and then follows up by fieldingSynchro Materials for PSY-Framelord Omega. Demand for Omega was strong as aresult, as well as the aforementioned PSY-Frame Driver and PSY-FramegearEpsilon.

Expect to see Gamma and everything related to it a lot more frequently inthe coming weeks. But as fantastic as PSY-Framegear Gamma is, it wasoutshone by one card over the weekend…


Number 1: Called by the Grave

Surprising no one, Called by the Grave absolutely dominated the TCGplayerMarketplace this weekend. With an average Market Price and currentavailable price hovering at the cusp of eight dollars, Called by the Graveis worth almost as much as the MSRP of a sealedExtreme Force Special Edition all on its own.


Packing a versatile effect that dominates the mid-game and late game bycompromising some of the best monster abilities in any strategy, it alsochains to revival effects to beat theme-stamped cards and strong genericmaterial like Monster Reborn. It's effectively one part graveyarddisruption and two parts flexible counter, making it the most talked-aboutcard of the week.

All that hype landed Called by the Grave in the Number 1 spot from Fridayon forward, and while there's still quite a few copies in the Marketplaceright now, it's still on an upward Price Trend.

That's it for now, but we'll be back on Friday with another look at thefallout from YCS Salt Lake City. With deck lists slated for posting in theDeck Archive starting tomorrow, we're going to see a lot of informationthat's going to shape new trends over the course of the week.

We'll see you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer