Regionals are back! The UDS and YCS competitions are on the horizon!Legendary Duelist: Magical Heroarrives next week, and we're three weeks removedfrom Ignition Assault. On top of all that, a new F&L List could drop at any moment – heck,it might have arrived by the time you read this!


What did that all add up to in the secondary market this week?

A couple trending cards from the Master Rule 5 hype returned to claim spotsin the Top 10, and a big staple pick took a surprise downturn in demand,freeing up space on our best-sellers list. At the same time, recentcompetitive trends were in full effect as competition continued in some ofthe biggest dueling centers in North Americaover the weekend. How did it all pan out? Let's jump right into the countdown so you cansee.

The following cards were the Top 10 best-sellers by number of orders in theTCGplayer Marketplace, from Monday to Friday morning.

#10 - Cosmic Cyclone

Sky Strikers, Orcusts, and Striker Orcusts just keep getting more popular.Meanwhile the rogue decks beating them do it with trap-heavy backrow, orkey Field Spells like The Hidden City and SPYRAL Resort. The decks thatdon't present targets for Cosmic Cyclone are few and far between right now,and the number of cards you'd rather banish than send to the graveyard isso high that it's making Twin Twisters and Heavy Storm Duster a toughersell every day.

Cosmic Cyclone was way down last week, but with Regionals back in actionand all eyes on big tournaments in February, duelists knuckled down to gettheir copies over the last few days. It's one of the safest investments youcan make right now, and offers incredible bang for your buck.


#9 - Tornado Dragon

Up from Number 12, Tornado Dragon benefited from the Master Rule updatehype and was quickly recognized as one of the top Rank 4's with Xyz set tomake a comeback. And while stuff like Abyss Dweller is certainly morepowerful, Dweller's been a guiding force in current competition for months;lots of players already have their copies. That's not the case for TornadoDragon, a card that newer players have just never had a reason to careabout.

Until now. With a backrow-hating effect that draws immediate comparison toKnightmare Phoenix, there's no wonder why Tornado Dragon's such a standout.That Spell Speed 2 effect timing's invaluable, 2100 ATK commands respectand it's incredibly easy to summon. With a Duel Devastatorreprintthat's knocked it down to about a buck after shipping, the appeal is easilyunderstood.


#8 - Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju

In the era of Nibiru a lot of decks end on a field with one key controlmonster, and Gameciel's a reliable way to address singular threats againsta field of any size. While Lava Golem and The Winged Dragon of Ra - SphereMode offer more potential value, they don't work against smaller fields andthey have arguably bigger drawbacks than the brief donation of a weakKaiju. Gameciel's spent weeks bouncing in and out of the Top 10 as aresult.

That said, I think the push back into the Top 10 this week could be partlyowed to higher awareness of Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess. More and moredecks are finding ways to end on Apollousa these days, and looking forwardto April it seems destined to become even more popular. It's up five bucksright now at the $85 mark, and Gameciel's one of the best counters to ittoday.


#7 - Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy

Still a lock at Number 7, same as it was last week, Number 38: HopeHarbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy has surprising legs in the wake of theMaster Rule 5 announcement. Number 97: Draglubion was nowhere near thebest-sellers list this week, but expectations for more rogue strategiesappear to have kept Hope Harbinger a hot pick.


#6 - Nibiru, the Primal Being

If you hate losing to combo decks you're either running Nibiru yourself, oryou're relying on its presence to frighten your opponent into making weakerplays. Maybe you're playing like you don't have it when you do! Maybeyou're turning dice every time your opponent makes a Special Summon eventhough you don't. Either way, Nibiru, the Primal Being is making life alittle bit tougher for your competition just by existing.

For players wondering just how likely it is that any given opponent mighthave Nibiru, the Deck Archive and the raw sales numbers here in MarketWatch are two great barometers for Nibiru's current popularity. And rightnow? That literal piece of burning rock is metaphorically on fire.

Watch out for it, and play smart.


#5 - Effect Veiler

Number 5 last week and Number 5 again, Effect Veiler almost seems poised atthe verge of its very own McConaissance, returning to add a little morenegation to rogue decks like Subterrors, and standing in for more expensivehand traps as a budget pick. There's no two ways about it: InfiniteImpermanence is the superior card in today's metagames. But with only onereprint Impermanence is still hugging the 50 dollar mark, and for a lot ofcompetitors it just makes more sense to make do with Veiler.

It's not often that we see a straight 1-to-1 budget option for an expensivecompetitive card in Yu-Gi-Oh. That kind of card design exists in a lot ofother games, but has just never been part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! pictureespecially in the modern era of themes witih must-run cards. Effect Veilerstands out as an easy buy for new and casual players, swiftly upgraded whenthose competitors are ready to level up. That's made it an especially hotpick right now, when the threat of the F&L List is making biggerpurchases more risky.


#4 - Solemn Strike

We've seenthree Altergeist decks Top 8so far fromthe latest round of Regionals, and all three decks played triple Solemn Strike. Top Cut Salamangreatplayers are starting to adopt it as well, finding great results thanks toStrike's ability to cut off key plays at just the right moment. If you'rerunning an invested backrow Solemn Strike's a big candidate, offeringstrong negation against the format's most important match-ups.

There's not much to say – it's powerful, easy to play, and it just works.It's probaby fair to say that Solemn Strike is one of the factors keepingSalamangreats and Altergeists competitive.


#3 - Saryuja Skull Dread

Previously clocking in at Number 8, Saryuja Skull Dread still sees littleto no competitive play in the top decks, and continues to sell likehotcakes anyways. There's literally nothing that this topped in this week,at least that I've seen so far. But regardless, Saryuja has a lot of cachetand I think to many players it just feels like Yu-Gi-Oh! – it's a giantbehemoth with old school monster design, big stats and a bunch of cooleffects. And sometimes topping tournaments just isn't what counts.


#2 - Super Polymerization

Up from number 3 last week, demand for Super Polymerization refuses to falleven under the pressure of an incoming F&L List that could easily knockit to Limited or Semi-Limited status. Every week we see new cards and newtrends that get a boost from Super Poly, and that factor, combined with itscurrent strength in existing tournaments, has kept players buying it up intwos and threes.

It's a bit of a Gamble, but Super Polymerization's still really affordablefor its power level, and if it survives the next F&L List it feels likeit could be in the clear for most of 2020. That said, watch for it to comeunder fire again some time in April, when the Master Rule update changeshow the card fundamentally works.


#1 - Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

While Called by the Grave tied Ash Blossom for the Number 1 spot last week,demand for Called by the Grave took a rare plunge that sent it spiraling toNumber 15 – a stunning decline for one of the game's most consistenttournament picks. Was that a fluke, or did the dueling world finally reachmax capacity for Called by the Grave? We won't know until we see morenumbers next week.

Meanwhile demand for Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring was still incrediblyhigh, keeping it as the single best-selling and most-ordered card in theTCGplayer Marketplace. Looking at Regional Top 8 lists from the pastweekend – be sure tocheck them out if you've been sleeping on the Deck Archive– Ash Blossom saw a bit of a Rebound, so it's no surprise that it stayed sohot on secondary.


Just outside the Top 10 proper, Dark Ruler No More sat at Number 11 despiteits recent successes. Monster Reborn came in at Number 12, and AbyssDweller held tight at Number 13, still riding momentum from the Master Ruleupdate. There Can Be Only One was solid at Number 14 as Strikers and TrueDracos both remain strong, and it all left Called by the Grave at thatNumber 15 spot.

That's it for this week, but if you're headed to a Regional this weekend wewish you the best of luck! Will we see a new F&L List before the day isout? Stick with us here on TCGplayer as we all hold our breath, and getready forMagical Heronext week.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer