Welcome back! This morning we were all surprised with the rollout of thenew F&L List for next week, but for now we have one moreMonday-to-Friday sales period to examine.

These sales predate the reveal of the new Advanced Format by a few hours,as well as the official retail release of Extreme Force. With thatin mind, it serves as a snapshot of player expectations for the new set, asthey existed before the F&L List slanted community consensuses: itshows us how big the final-hour hype was for Pendulum Magicians, withHeavymetalfoes Electrumite hours away; the strong enthusiasm for F.A.'s,which will likely become even stronger under the new F&L List; and aresurgence of interest in key cards fromStructure Deck: Wave of Light.

By Monday we'll definitely see an entirely different Top 10, packed withEXFO cards and twisted in new directions by the Format changes. But fornow, here are the Top 10 bestselling cards of the week – the final week ofthe current format, and the last Top 10 of the Circuit Break era.

#10: Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath

Two cards that underperformed off the release of Wave of Lightmade the Top 10 this time around, starting with the new boss monster. Easyto Special Summon with both its effect and new support cards, the latestmember of the Parshath family packs a strong 2800 ATK and a search effectthat can grab more Parshath cards, or better yet, a specific Counter Trapfrom your deck.

With Solemn Judgment back in the game, there's one more reason to playCounter Fairies. Can they be competitive? That still seems like a longshot, but there's certainly more reason to try and make the deck work inthe new format.

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#9: Norito the Moral Leader

Hot off its massive price spike over the weekend, Norito the Moral Leaderis one of the leading cards that players were planning to work intopost-EXFO Pendulum Magicians. Now, with Double Iris Magician andPerformapal Skullcrobat Joker both Forbidden, those ambitious new additionsmay take a backseat to basic adaptation and a scramble for survival.

While Pendulum Magicians were heading into Extreme Force with morehype than any other deck going, its position in upcoming tournaments is nowa bit more up in the air. SPYRALs only took one hit on the new List, thoughit was a big one, and Trickstars took no direct shots.

Speculators that bought into Norito the past week may have reason to wince.

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#8: F.A. Pit Stop

Even with Monster Reborn back and Limited in tournament play, F.A. Pit Stopis arguably a superior alternative; effectively a mashup of the classicrevival spell and Upstart Goblin. F.A. Pit Stop's an Upstart with a freeMonster Reborn built in at worst, and a massively powerful Pot of Greedalternative at best.

Since players are now finding that F.A.'s have easy Turn 1 combos forPSY-Framelord Omega, F.A. Pit Stop is reusable too, making it even deadlierthan some expected.

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#7: Pot of Desires

Demonstrating the fevered pitch of last minute sales before the arrival ofExtreme Force, Pot of Desires was knocked all the way down toNumber 7 this week. While that might not surprise newcomers, regularreaders know that Pot of Desires rarely leaves the Number 1 or Number 2spots in our Top 10, and that's been consistent since it was reprinted inthe 2017 Mega Packs.

A lot of people were placing a lot of bets this week as the hours tickeddown to EXFO.

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#6: F.A. Turbo Charger

Back on the F.A. side of things, F.A. Turbo Charger spiked in demand onceagain. Despite being a Level 6 that's tougher to Normal Summon, it's easilySpecial Summoned with the new F.A. Test Run. Whether those types of morecostly shenanigans will be supportable in what's emerging as amega-efficient strategy is up in the air, but with the low price point,lots of players were playing catchup to cover their bases moving forward.

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#5: Eva

A deeply dedicated card due to the narrow nature of both the stuff itsearches and the cards it banishes, Eva can search a surprisingly widerange of monsters: some of the best include Consecrated Light, FluffalWings, The Agent of Mystery – Earth, and all three of the main decknegation Herald cards (like Herald of Orange Light). The latter being whatit was likely designed for.

Why it jumped all the way to Number 5 this week, I'm not sure. It's noteasy to use, and I haven't seen anyone discussing any killer apps for itthe past while. If you have theories yourself, shout 'em out down in theComments.

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#4: F.A. Off-Road Grand Prix

Back at the same Number 4 spot it occupied a week ago, F.A. Off-Road GrandPrix once again outpaced F.A. Circuit Grand Prix, likely due to thediscovery and discussion of Level-boosted combos that take place in theMain Phase (where Off-Road's Level manipulation happens). While thosecombos are fantastic, the necessity of Off-Road Grand Prix remains aquestion, since F.A. City Grand Prix boosts your F.A. monsters in both theMain and Battle Phases.

What's interesting is that the difference in demand between F.A. Off-RoadGrand Prix and F.A. Circuit Grand Prix may be an indicator of just howcombo-centric players are expecting the F.A. deck to be. We could very wellsee a version of the deck that just cares about combos, and disregardsLevel boosts in the Battle Phase entirely.

…Or, everybody already bought all their Circuit Grand Prix cards. Tough totell.

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#3: F.A. Whip Crosser

Leading the heat, F.A. Whip Crosser has emerged week to week as thebestselling F.A. monster of the bunch, cutting off a bunch of the game'sbest hand traps from the Graveyard and in doing so, keeping them from beingused whatsoever.

Will the Forbidden status of Maxx "C" have a notable impact on WhipCrosser's popularity? Probably not, as other hand traps are still worthshutting down and there are still very few F.A. monsters to play anyways.For now, like Off-Road Grand Prix, the demand for Whip Crosser demonstratesplayer impressions of the F.A. theme.

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#2: PSY-Frame Driver

With PSY-Framegear Gamma and PSY-Framegear Epsilon slowly getting even morepopular in competition, PSY-Frame Driver saw a ton of sales and was nearlybought out entirely. That set it on a massive price spike and kicked it toan average Market Price of nearly $5. That's settled down a bit since, asNear Mint copies are still available for $3. But with Trickstars gettingoff nearly scot-free on the new F&L List, demand may remain exceedinglyhigh, even as a card you only play a single copy of.

Supply in the TCGplayer Marketplace has recovered somewhat, but most copiesare still at that $5 price point – rough for a non-foil Rare. But with noreprinted version, there's really only one way to get your PSY-Frame Driverif you didn't have it yet, and it may go from an attractive option to acompetitive must by the time YCS Atlanta arrives.

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#1: Chronograph Sorcerer

Finally, the hype for Heavymetalfoes Electrumite drove hundreds uponhundreds of sales for Chronograph Sorcerer this week, as competitors lookedto grab their playsets and speculators looked to make a fast few bucks,betting hard on Pendulum Magicians. Right now, on Friday afternoon, it'simpossible to tell what impact the Forbiddings of Double Iris Magician andPerformapal Skullcrobat Joker will have on Chronograph, but it certainlycan't be good.

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That's it for this week, but we'll be back on Monday to see the earlyfrontrunners from Extreme Force, and the impact of the new F&LList on the TCGplayer Marketplace. There's lots of healthy debate going onnow in both player circles and collector communities, so it's bound to bean interesting few days.

We'll see you next week!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer