Welcome to a special Monday edition of Market Watch, where we're looking atthe immediate impact of Friday's new F&L List.

The arrival of the new List on Friday was a pretty big surprise, droppingafter hours on the East Coast just as most of us started to prep for theweekend. But the moment the news dropped the buyouts began, as vendors andspeculators placed their bets on big investments and players of all levelssought to snag what they needed for new strategies.

The result was an incredible amount of action in just one weekend here inthe TCGplayer Marketplace, with lots of speculative buys, tons of playersmigrating between different decks, and plenty of overlap between the two.

While the bulk of the weekend's bestsellers were the result of newstrategies and cards that were freed from the F&L List's tight grip,some of the biggest movers and shakers were actually cards many players hadbet against: cards that some believed to be on the chopping block, butmanaged to dodge the List this time around.

Case in point? Our first big card of the weekend and our Number 10bestseller, kicking off the countdown.

#10: Summon Sorceress

The heavy supply of Summon Sorceress reprints in the Marketplace kept itfrom seeing any notable price spike over the weekend, but the sheer volumeof copies sold was tremendous. Summon Sorceress was considered a targetleading into the new F&L for its status as a key lynchpin card in combodecks – a player-identified target for Konami R&D, and a type ofstrategy that was indeed hit very hard this time around.

But Summon Sorceress is also hailed by many as a versatile enabler for anumber of rogue decks, and perhaps that was part of the reason why itsurvived the List unscathed. Alternatively perhaps R&D believed theycould strike a balance by excising more specific problem cards in both theMain Deck and Extra Deck. But whatever the reason, Sorceress is still withus, and that confirmation made it an instant hit the last three days.

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#9: Phantom Knights' Fog Blade

Fog Blade was already carrying a ton of heat heading into the weekend afterit was played last week in Number 86: Heroic Champion – Rhongomyniad decksin part to counter the rise of Herald of the Abyss. Since those decksalready play Phantom Knight engines it was easy to tech a Fog Blade,reviving The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche from the graveyard to beatthe resolution of Herald by disposing of Bardiche instead of Rhongo. Thatinstantly won Fog Blade some attention.

Now, with Rhongo gone Fog Blade could feature in new builds of BurningAbyss. The deck needs some rethinking with Fairy Tail – Snow banhammered,but the theme itself is intact. While some believed Dante, Traveler of theBurning Abyss would see a hit on this List the entire deck survived, andwithCherubini, Black Angel of the Burning Abyssassumedly arriving in our version of Dark Neostorm Dante's stockis still looking up.

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#8: Dinowrestler Pankratops

Pankratops was huge before the new F&L List reinforced theprioritization of value-driven decks over long-play combo strategies, andyou could argue that the new List makes it even better. While Pankratops isan incredibly flexible and powerful card, it also doesn't contribute tocombos on its own; a hidden cost that kept it out of a number of strategieslast format. Now that some of those decks are utterly dismissed fromcompetition, you can expect to see even more Pankratops in tournament play.That translated to renewed demand.

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#7: El Shaddoll Winda

The long-awaited return of Shaddoll Construct' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=El Shaddoll Construct">El Shaddoll Construct to tournament playbolstered interest in Shaddolls across the board, which largely meanssplashed engines. Historically speaking, decks that splash Shaddollsgenerally run El Shaddoll Winda and Shaddoll Construct' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=El Shaddoll Construct">El Shaddoll Construct as their two keyFusion Monsters combined with Shaddoll Fusions and a slim lineup of MainDecked Shaddoll monsters to feed them, so it's no surprise to see interestin Winda literally soaring to new heights.

With an effect that locks down whatever Special Summon combo decks are left– which is still a considerable number of decks – Winda's play value couldturn out to be very high. But at a super low price point off its re-releasein Shadows in Valhalla, it was an easy pickup for countless duelists.

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#6: Called by the Grave

With Magical Mid-Breaker Field gone, Called by the Grave is arguably evenmore important than it was before. The new F&L List does almost nothingto hamper hand traps and it removes Mid-Breaker Field's insurance policyagainst them. That led to such incredible demand that Called by the Graveremained a Top 10 standout, even in a week with a ridiculous amount ofsecondary market action.

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#5: Outer Entity Azathot

Just like how Number 86: Heroic Champion – Rhongomyniad replaced FirewallDragon combos when Firewall was Forbidden, a lot of players are expectingOuter Entity Azathot to become the new payoff for Dark Warrior style combodecks. The trick is to use The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Launch toupgrade a Dark Xyz like Evilswarm Thanatos or Number 80: Rhapsody inBerserk on your opponent's turn, locking your opponent under Azathot'smonster suppression ability and potentially popping a card with The PhantomKnights of Rusty Bardiche's effect in the process.

Some other strategies can make similar plays for Azathot too: I've seenoptions ranging from SPYRALs to the new Time Thiefs. Will Azathot prove tobe the NEXT big thing in Turn 1 setups? It may not be powerful enough toreally hold the line. But we'll have to see how it plays out, and in themean time a ton of players bought in hard getting their copies.

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#4: Shaddoll Fusion

Shaddoll Fusion, once again amazing in lots of different decks with ElShaddoll Construct back. Once Stratos was reintroduced to the AdvancedFormat Construct was the NEXT most-demanded card, so it's no surpriseplayers reacted to it so strongly.

#####CARDID= 23846 #####

#3: Lady Debug

Lady Debug has shown two big spikes of interest recently as a three-ofstaple for Salamangreats, and it ranked highly in the Top 10 despite it's$6-$7 price tag. But it's not that surprising; we keep getting more andmore hints that Konami's going to push Salamangreats as a tournament-leveldeck, the latest being the reveal of Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf as just aregular Rare in our version of SAST.

Sunlight Wolf was a Super Rare / Secret Rare in the OCG, so this smellslike a situation similar to the easily-accessible release of True KingLithosagym, the Disaster (where KDE broke with their Ultra Rare True Kingpattern to make Lithosagym easier to get, pushing theDinosmasher's Fury Structure Deck as a byproduct).

With Structure Deck Soulburner releasing in just two weeks itdoesn't feel like a coincidence, and a ton of players are already planningto pick up that Structure for Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring anyways.Nothing on the new F&L List hurt Salamangreats and all the pieces seemto be coming together to set the deck up for success.

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#2: Interrupted Kaiju Slumber

Never reprinted since its first release in Breakers of Shadow,Interrupted Kaiju Slumber sold an insane number of copies this weekenddespite hugging the eight dollar mark. Kelly's going to be writing anentire article on what that means for YCS Chicago later this week, but fornow we can suffice to say that Kaiju will be making a huge return intournaments.

So many players picked up copies this weekend that you'll want to be askingyourself if your opponent might be bringing it in heading into Game 2 atyour NEXT tournament. Beware.

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#1: Eradicator Epidemic Virus

And finally, could Eradicator Epidemic Virus shape the tournament scene inthe new format? With multiple printings available for less than a dollarit's difficult to tell how much of the interest here was driven solely byprice point, but the fact remains that several decks – including Orcustsand Thunder Dragons (if they want it badly enough) – could wind up playingEEV moving forward. Again, it's another card you'll want to play around ifyour strategy might be vulnerable to it.

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Looking further down past the Top 10 proper we see Sky Strikers, Inzektors,and Phantom Knights a big focus in the Marketplace. Sky Striker Mobilize -Engage! is still narly 50 dollars, but it almost broke the Top 10 at Number11; expect Sky Strikers to continue at full force.

From there Inzektor Hornet clocked in at Number 14, leaving The PhantomKnights of Silent Boots, The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche, and ThePhantom Knights of Ancient Cloak to take Number 12, Number 13, and Number15 respectively. Again, prepare to see Dark Warrior variants, Burning Abyssvariants, and splashed Phantom Knight engines in a variety of themes movingforward.

Beyond that we saw massive vendor speculation on Shurit, Strategist ofNekroz, The Monarchs Stormforth, Polymerization, SPYRAL Super Agent, andNumber 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy. Shurit was the single mostspeculated card on TCGplayer this weekend amidst talk of a possible Nekrozcomeback. Nekroz of Brionac saw a huge price spike over the weekend jumpingfrom 24 dollars to 55, so there's clearly interest in the theme for seriousplay.

That's it for today, but join us this week for more perspectives on theF&L List and its impact, as well as another Market Watch on Fridaywhere we'll look at more developments in the secondary market.

See you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer