The new Legendary Duelists release dropped on Friday, and today weget our first look at the biggest cards from the set, as we see the Top 10bestsellers from Friday to Monday.

At the same time we saw big hubbub about Qliphorts getting new support inthe OCG's upcomingLINK VRAINS Pack, slated to release in Japan on November 25th. That kicked offsome demand for Qliphorts, while the dominant cards in the TCGplayerMarketplace continued to be the new material and biggest reprints from the2017 Mega-Tins and Mega Pack.

With no further ado, let's dive right in and look at the Top 10 bestsellersfrom the weekend!

#10: Back to the Front

One of the three highest-selling cards from Code of the Duelist inthe first weeks of the set's run, Back to the Front fell from grace when itbecame readily apparent that absolutely no one had any use for a betterCall Of The Haunted.

That situation hasn't changed much in the weeks that followed, but demandfor the card surged once again, to the point that it beat out a ton of newmaterial from Legendary Duelists.

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#9: Qliphort Stealth

Not only did Qliphort Stealth come in at Number 9 for the weekend in thewake of fresh expectations for new Qliphort support, but Qliphort Monolithcrossed the finish line at Number 11 and Qliphort Carrier was Number 12.

That doesn't mean much for now, but it does demonstrate that big interestin the theme. If and when we get new cards for Qli's here in the TCG, youcan expect the new support to arrive to a ready audience.

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#8: Drowning Mirror Force

We saw some recent enthusiasm for Drowning Mirror Force in Market Watchcolumns, and it's surged once again thanks to its Mega Packreprint, dropping it from the double digits to about a buck-fifty. It'sactually on a neutral or upwards price trend at the time of this writing,though that could easily change as the more sellers see the demand and listmore copies. It's probably not a high priority card for a lot of sellerslisting incomplete stock right now, but higher sales will change thatpretty quickly.

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#7: Cyberdark Inferno

Next up, the first of the well-received cards fromLegendary Duelists! Not much made an impact from the new set, butCyberdarks were the big exception; the new cards do a pretty great job ofsolving some of the theme's longstanding problems, as Doug explained in hisAhead Of The Curve article this week.

The new Cyberdark Field Spell protects your cards from destruction andtargeting, rearranges your board and hand to make sure you have the rightcards equipped in the right places, and threatens a free search if youropponent destroys it. It's very obviously worth playing, and exists toshore up old problems while helping you leverage the new cards better.

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#6: Full Force Virus

Back from last week's Top 10, Full Force Virus came into vogue with therising enthusiasm for Cyberdarks, since it's possible to activate in thatstrategy. Is it better than alternatives like Dimensional Barrier, SolemnStrike, and Lost Wind? That remains to be seen, and trying to play FFVcould be gilding the lily or just plain reaching too far since it requires big plays to resolve. But at less thana buck a pop thanks to its reprint, it's not exactly a pricy card to tryout for yourself, and that made it a popular buy.

Beyond that, FFV also saw big success in Johnny Nguyen's deck from the Tulsa Regional Qualifier this weekend, where Nguyen took 1st Place in the final standings with - wait for it - Kozmos. Was that a factor? Quite possibly. We'll have to see what impact if any Nguyen's latest amazing feat has on competition.#####CARDID= 22345#####

#5: Cyberdark Claw

The new Cyberdark monsters are equippable Dragons that can be pitchedstraight from your hand to search cards essential to the Cyberdarkstrategy. They are, in a word, nutty. Dumping them to the yard gets you acard you wanted anyways, thins your deck, and then places a 1600 ATK Dragonin your graveyard to combo with your Machine-type Cyberdarks. Each also hasan effect that kicks in when it's equipped and hits the yard, and thenanother effect that does something in DamageCalculation.

Cyberdark Claw searches Cyberdark Impact! or Cyberdark Inferno when youchuck it from your hand, and when it moves from the field to the yard as anequip you can get back a Cyberdark monster from your graveyard and add itto your hand. Including Cyberdark Claw. Which is the kind of thing cardslike this normally don't let you do, especially if the card is good.

Finally, when Cyberdark Claw's equipped to a monster that battles, you canload your graveyard with a monster from your Extra Deck. That means you canpop something with Elder Entity N'tss or put a Fusion or Polymerizationspell on layaway with Predaplant Chimerafflesia. The sheer range of the twonew Cyberdark Dragon-types is what makes them so impressive, and when youbreak it all down you can see why they're so popular right out of thegates.

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#4: Cyberdark Cannon

Cyberdark Cannon is effectively more of the same, with an even bettersearch effect that grabs you a Cyberdark Machine from your deck when youpitch it, a free draw when it hits the graveyard as an equip, and a freeFoolish Burial when the monster it's equipped to battles. That could befodder for your Cyberdark Fusion plays, or it could be anything else; anymonster is fair game.

The sheer amount of deck thinning this deck now leverages deserves a nod.You're searching a ton of cards turn to turn, and you're sending about asmany to your graveyard in the process. That means better access to bigstandard power cards than many other strategies, and more ease in gettingto key themed cards even if you're not searching them.

The only cards that beat out the Cyberdarks in sales this weekend are theusual suspects.

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#3: Decode Talker

At this point it's getting kind of surprising that people still need DecodeTalkers, but here we are. Supply's actually starting to dry up, and thecard's approaching $5 some days depending on supply. If a big surge ofsupply doesn't rush in to fill demand, we can probably expect to see DecodeTalker continue climbing.

Suddenly it's going to be in demand for speculation purposes, which couldput it in an entirely new league.

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#2: Proxy Dragon

Will Proxy Dragon go the same way? For now it's still on a flat Price Trendwith a steady Market Value of $1.50 the past few days, and supply is stillfive pages deep. But the drying up of Decode Talkers is a bit concerning,and Proxy Dragon's about as important to the future of competition. At$1.50 a pop it still has some definite upside.

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#1: Pot of Desires

And finally, Pot of Desires wound up on top yet again. Unsurprisingly thesupply in the TCGplayer Marketplace is similar to that of Proxy Dragon –meaning there's still tons of them available – but the demand just isn'tslowing. So far that hasn't increased its price, but we'll see how thatplays out as the fall season kicks up and players on hiatus from the summerlull return to competition.

There's not much to say about Pot of Desires that we haven't said already.It's a must-run in most of the current top decks, and it stands a goodchance of keeping that status in whatever new Advanced Format we eventuallysee. At $1.50 it's a must-buy if you don't have your play set yet – one ofthe most powerful cards of recent memory, available for a ridiculously lowprice.

There's a reason this thing used to be north of eighty bucks.

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And that's it for the weekend! Was this all Legendary Duelists hasto offer? We'll have a better answer to that question – and a better ideaof how long the release's legs will be – when we see the next set ofnumbers on Friday. We also may see some responses to the release of theYugi's Collector Box, since that launches Friday as a swiftfollowup.

Join us then, for our next Market Watch.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer