Welcome back to our second Market Watch of the week!

On Monday we took a look at the biggest winners in the secondary market hotoff the big reveal of the new F&L List. Eradicator Epidemic Virus andInterrupted Kaiju Slumber led the pack as big answers to Sky Strikers in aformat where that deck received no direct hits on the List.

Lady Debug, Outer Entity Azathot and Phantom Knights were huge as key cardsfor Salamangreats and recovering combo decks respectively, while ShaddollFusion and El Shaddoll Winda returned to the Top 10 bestsellers list.Meanwhile Summon Sorceress, Dinowrestler Pankratops, and Called by theGrave continued to be incredibly popular.

But four days later the scene is entirely changed, as we find ourselves inthat rare situation where presale demand for a new release dominates theTop 10 even before the official launch of the set. Savage Strikeplaced nine cards into the Top 10 from Monday to Friday, sweepingeverything from Number 9 on up. New cards for Salamangreats, Rituals, andThunder Dragons all made the cut, but the Time Thief theme was the biggestsurprise: all six Time Thief cards from SAST made the Top 10, selling likehotcakes all week long once they were available for presale.

By the time the weekend is out and YCS Chicago is over, we may have somevery different market influences. But for now, here are your Top 10bestselling cards.

#10: Outer Entity Azathot

The one card to make the Top 10 that wasn't from Savage Strike,Outer Entity Azathot continued to generate a ton of interest through theweek after taking the Number 5 slot over the weekend. If you missed thatMarket Watch discussion and haven't seen the news yourself, a lot ofplayers are expecting Azathot to replace Number 86: Heroic Champion –Rhongomyniad and Topologic Gumblar Dragon as the biggest payoff for bigcombo decks like Goukis and Dark Warriors.

Azathot might not look impressive on its own, but combined with The PhantomKnights of Rusty Bardiche and The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Launch youcreate a situation where you a) make Azathot on your opponent's turn, sinceMagic Launch is a Quick-Play Spell b) trigger Azathot's monster suppressioneffect, and c) destroy a card of your choice with Rusty Bardiche's effect,popping whatever you want.

Will it prove viable? That's up in the air, but we'll almost certainly seeit at Chicago this weekend.

#####CARDID= 23807#####

#9: Time Thief Hack

With effects that protect and buff your Xyz Monsters, Time Thief Hack canalso turn anything in your Xyz toolbox into a direct attacker. That workswith almost any Xyz Monster you might have, but it's especially good withTime Thief Redoer since it automatically grabs an opposing card as an XyzMaterial, its Standby Phase delay almost ensures it'll make a direct shot,and its minimum 2700 ATK makes it a venerable attacker. Figure in the easysearch power of Time Thief Winder and you've got a recipe for success.

#####CARDID= 24899#####

#8: Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf

There may have been no happier moment in the run-up to the release ofSavage Strike than the reveal of Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf as aregular Rare. A three-of for most if not all Salamangreat builds, its lowrarity sends the message that Konami wants players to be able to play thedeck, likely in part because they want to sell copies ofStructure Deck Soulburner and deliver real value in return forthat purchase.

Salamangreats are in a great position to be accessible and incrediblysuccessful in tournaments; the demand for Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf showsus that players are already catching on to the theme's power level, andmakes it easy to predict competitive status.

#####CARDID= 24861#####

#7: Time Thief Flyback

Back on the Time Thief side, Time Thief Flyback arms Time Thief Redoer soyou can load your graveyard, deprive your opponent of key cards, and abuseRedoer's powerful abilities to draw cards, spin face-ups, and hide asneeded with effects that can easily add up to simple +1's over a coupleturns. But more than that, Flyback promises more Time Thief action alongsimilar lines, and it'll become far more powerful as we see more Time ThiefXyz released.

#####CARDID= 24900#####

#6: Time Thief Bezel Ship

Similar to Flyback, Time Thief Bezel Ship helps you make the most of newand upcoming Time Thief Xyz Monsters, this time offering some potentialdamage as well as an insurance policy that makes successive Xyz Summonspossible, along with a litany of combo plays in general. It's great fodderfor your graveyard leading into flexible plays that will let a Time Thiefduelist make the most of their toolbox, and hey have we even mentioned thatevery card for the exciting new theme is a Common? Crazy stuff.

#####CARDID= 24896#####

#5: Time Thief Winder

Time Thief Winder's going to draw a lot of comparisons to Elemental HEROStratos, but there's a lot more going on. While their stats are similar –Winder ends up getting the long end of the DEF stick – the Time Thiefsearcher can fetch monsters as well as spell and trap cards; a big upgradefrom Stratos' monster-only search. And while Winder can't destroy backrowthe way Stratos does, it also comes packing its own Special Summon effectfor building bigger combo plays, which is probably where this deck wants tobe.

It's an awesome card that does everything Time Thief players want to do,it's a definite three-of, and it's no surprise to see it at Number 5 forthe week.

#####CARDID= 24895#####

#4: Impcantation Chalislime

Both this and Impcantation Inception are pretty crazy cards even by thehigh standards of Ritual support over the past few years. With an abilitythat gives you and immediate +1 fielding an Impcantation and thentriggering its Special Summon effect the card economy is strong from theget-go. Its penalty is nominal, and its ability to capitalize on dud copiesof Inception for free destruction is nothing short of impressive.

The fact that Inception leads into easy +2 plays from the graveyard afterthe fact just makes these cards even more attractive, to the point that wemight finally start seeing the much-loved Impcantations putting in somework in tournaments. Good Ritual Support always sells well even if itultimately goes nowhere, so it's no surprise to see Chalislime doing sowell.

#####CARDID= 24844#####

#3: Time Thief Regulator

Want a free +1 that can become a +2 or better, instantly placing monsterson the field for a free Rank 4? You got it. Want a free Special Summon asinsurance against the destruction of that Xyz Monster? Time ThiefRegulator's got that too. It's an awesome combo-starter that plays into allof this deck's strengths, and it's no accident that the art vaguelyresembles my all-time favorite, Rescue Cat. That's what this is: it'sRescue Cat for Time Thiefs, and that's a big deal.

#####CARDID= 24897#####

#2: Aloof Lupine

The talk about Thunder Dragons being dead off the new F&L List made nosense to me. Take away two copies of Gold Sarcophagus and you've still gotthree more copies of Aloof Lupine. I'm pretty sure R&D just couldn'tallow Thunder Dragons to have six copies of Sarc, so I guess four will haveto do instead.

Needless to say, the market reacted accordingly.

#####CARDID= 24842#####

#1: Time Thief Redoer

And finally the big boss of the Time Thief theme was the Number 1bestseller of the week, showing just how hot the Time Thiefs were. Snaggingrandom cards out of your opponent's deck that they might, you know, want toplay, it packs a respectable base ATK and you can make it for free and thensome courtesy of Time Thief Regulator. Factor in three deadly Quick Effectsthat draw you free cards, harass your opponent's plays, and can let itskedaddle out of harm's way in a pinch, and you get a really great Rank 4Xyz.

…And it isn't just for Time Thiefs. Since Time Thief Redoer's entirely selfsufficient and demands no specific Xyz Materials you can put it intoanything that makes Rank 4's, and that's already getting the attention ofLunalight players amongst others. This thing's a beast that's easy toplayand rewards combos, sure, but it also encourages player interaction;it's kind of everything you could want right now, at least on aphilosophical level.

#####CARDID= 24898#####

What else was big this week? Red Rose Dragon, Spiral Flame Strike andLunalight Emerald Bird all saw big speculation selling tons of copies tovery narrow groups of buyers; those buyers are clearly stocking up inanticipation of future trends. The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots andImpcantation Inception were huge under similar terms as well, as the marketcontinues to bet on Phantom Knights and Ritual Summoning.

Beyond that we saw Numbers 11 to 15 go to Subterror Guru, SalamangreatViolet Chimera, Guardragon Pisty, Orcust Knightmare, and Fusion of Firerespectively. Subterrors went berserk in the Marketplace when SubterrorGuru was revealed to be in our version of Savage Strike, and itcame pretty close to a Top 10 finish. Subterrors, Salamangreats,Guardragons and Orcusts could all see play over the coming weeks, sothey're all worth keeping an eye on.

That's it for this week's Market Watch, but we'll be back in another sevendays to see the fallout of YCS Chicago! Whoever survives the competitionand the insane weather is sure to influence the secondary market in bigways, so be sure to check back for all the details.

Thanks for reading!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer