The OCG F&L List for July was revealed this week, but the biggest influence in the secondary market was Toon Chaos , fast becoming the surprise hit of the year.

While the hubbub about Toon Chaos was muted, actual demand for the release has proven to be massive now that the set's launched. With surprisingly good Toon support, some promising Chaos cards that are combo deck-ready and several topnotch reprints, TOCH is a verified hit. The new Collector's Rare variants are especially hot, over-delivering with stunning foil tech that rivals some of the coolest OCG rarities; the kind of stuff we as TCG players have only been able to drool over in past years.

With 15 different Collector's Rares only two are worth less than $100, with Chaos Valkyria (CR) at a Market Price of $95 as of this writing, and Chaos Daedalus (CR) at just under $70. Meanwhile the biggest pulls – stuff like Stardust Dragon (CR) and Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning (CR) are well over the $200 mark. You make back the price of your box with almost any Collector's Rare hit, and I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see a trend like The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack where stores just start cracking all of their product for singles.

In the meantime, here's what this week's best sellers looked like.


#10 - PSY-Framegear Gamma

Shutting down extremely common cards like Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, and then punishing your opponent with a free PSY-Frame Driver for PSY-Framelord Omega, PSY-Framegear Gamma's effectively a must-own for any serious tournament player. Its clear field restriction means you can't run it everywhere, but historically speaking it's been a huge card that makes and breaks tournament performances.


Previously the cheapest version of PSY-Framegear Gamma, the Extreme Force Super Rare, was about five dollars at its lowest. That meant a playset was $15 to start, plus a couple bucks for PSY-Frame Driver and PSY-Framelord Omega; not super expensive, but the kind of price that made it a non-priority for a lot of budget duelists. Now the whole suite's five or six bucks thanks to Toon Chaos, and Gamma became a huge seller late in the week.

On the flipside, PSY-Framegear Gamma (CR) is one of the set's biggest hits, clocking a Market Price of $250. Yowza.


#9 - Pot of Desires

One of the most flexible, splashable generic support cards in the game, Pot of Desires has always been a topic of debate, while at the same time being one of the top selling cards of the past decade. It dominated Market Watches for months at a time coming off its 2017 Mega-Tin reprint, and even a reappearance in Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters failed to knock it under the $4 mark. The Toon Chaos printing is just over a dollar right now, so it's an easy pick for anyone who didn't own their copies yet.


And yeah, Pot of Desires (CR) is straight fire, at just under a cool $150.


#8 - Loptr, Shadow of the Generaider Bosses

Leon spotlighted Loptr as undervalued earlier this week, and while that generated notable demand, it still didn't spike the card's price. With an effect that searches some of the decks most important cards, especially Mardel, Generaider Boss of Light, Loptr's an obvious three-of in any Generaider deck. And as an Ultra Rare currently going for less than a buck-fifty, the growth potential's not hard to see.


Buyers responded accordingly this week, with an average buy quantity of slightly more than three copies. Most players would probably be buying 2 to 3 tops, so that indicates investors took note too. Loptr, Shadow of the Generaider Bosses's definitely worth keeping an eye on, as it could explode if Generaiders see some success in the future.


#7 - Chaos Valkyria

A simple Level 4 with an easy Special Summon requirement, Chaos Valkyria has combo potential as both material on the field, and with an effect that loads your graveyard. This is a really cheap, really splashable card that can function as a quick combo extender, and it's easy to see how it could wind up in any combo-driven deck running Light and Dark monsters in the future. This one's just a Super Rare, so it'll probably be pretty affordable moving forward, but its sheer utility moved a lot of copies (in quantities that suggested player interest, not speculation).



#6 - Micro Coder

Previously only available as a pack-in promo with the physical copy of Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution, the Toon Chaos reprint plunged Micro Coder's value from north of five dollars to well under a buck. As a flexible piece of combo-enabling Cyberse support, Micro Coder joins a growing legion of options for the rapid fire monster type. I don't think there's a killer application for it yet, but it's seen use in everything from Mathmechs to Salamangreats as a tech option, and at 65 cents it just doesn't seem like it'll ever be more affordable.



#5 - Archnemeses Protos

Chaos Space – appearing later on this list – and Chaos Valkyria have both sparked a lot of interest in Thunder Dragons and Dragon Link decks, and that's generated interest in the Nemeses cards. Protos is especially sweet calling Earth to shut down Adamancipators, often at no real opportunity cost to its controller. Up until yesterday Nemeses Corridor was actually a Top 10 best-seller for the week, and since it's favored by many for its Thunder type we can derive that the bulk of the interest here was likely driven by Thunder Dragons.



#4 - Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys

The only card that offers the sheer draw power of Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys might be Saryuja Skull Dread, which is fitting because they often work together in the same combos. This card is still just three bucks despite being an Ultra Rare, and it's a must-have for anybody who might want to play combo decks in the future.


Synchros have seen a big renaissance since the introduction of Master Rule 5, a trend that's only going to become more pronounced once tournaments are back, and Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys's going to become a more prominent card as more players come to understand its use.


#3 - Archnemeses Eschatos

Similar to Archnemeses Protos, Archnemeses Eschatos has the advantage of being a Dragon instead of a Wyrm. The "Wyrm" bucket's becoming increasingly apparent as the place Dragons go when R&D doesn't want them to work with the huge number of Dragon support cards, so I'm not sure how Eschatos wound up here. But the fact that it's a Dragon makes it searchable with The Melody of Awakening Dragon, instantly making it a better card.


This is a Special Summoned 3000 ATK Tribe-Infecting Virus that locks out the monster type it purges from the field, and if you're old enough to remember Tribe-Infecting Virus, well, you probably already have your copies of Eschatos. This card is really, really good, and it's going to pop up in a lot of different strategies over the coming years.


#2 - Chaos Space

This card is bonkers, and even as a Super Rare it's well above five dollars as of this writing. Load your graveyard, search whatever amazing card you need, and recycle banished stuff to give your combo deck more longevity? Sure. Why not. How could this cause problems.


Chaos Space is going to wind up Limited at some point, possibly sooner than later.


#1 - Parallel eXceed

And finally, everybody still loves Parallel eXceed. Salamangreats are becoming a hotter and hotter prospect for tournaments, especially as a budget option. We're also seeing lots of players exploring other Cyberse themes like Marincess and Mathmechs in the off season, giving this card both competitive potential and casual appeal. It's still one of the best cards in Eternity Code, and it's still like, 50 cents, because somebody at Konami was merciful and made it a common. The eventual foil printing of this card is destined to be a hit.


What else was big this week? Code Generator took the Number 11 spot, while Masked HERO Acid came in at Number 12. Most of the Masked HERO reprints in Toon Chaos were all pretty expensive previously – Masked HERO Acid's original printing is still $12 – so the super cheap reprints are a hit all around. Toon Harpie Lady took the Number 13 spot, while Eternity Code finished things out with Animadorned Archosaur and Linkross at #14 and #15. Linkross dropped to $15 this week when the card was revealed to be banned in the OCG's upcoming F&L List.

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-Jason Grabher-Meyer