The first Regional weekend of the Extreme Force season is over,and as results pour into theDeck Archivefrom places like Kansas, Ecuador, Pennsylvania, Australia, and Texas, we'relooking at the biggest cards of the weekend in today's Market Watch!

The new Advanced Format was already starting to shape sales trends onSunday, but that wasn't the only cool thing going on in the TCGPlayerMarketplace. Eagle-eyed TCGplayers may have noticed the arrival of photolistings, a new feature that lets sellers provide exact pictures of thecards they're selling through TCGplayer.

Why is that a big deal? Well it's awesome for seeing the condition of acard before you buy it – really useful if you want a Lightly Played card,but you want to know what "Lightly Played" means to the seller you'rebuying from. It's awesome to see precise details on big prize cards andolder, really rare promo cards too.

But the photo listing tool opens the door for so much more. If you clickthrough into the Marketplace and hit the Listings With Photos button underListing Types, you can see some of the cool stuff sellers are doing withphoto listings. At any given time you might find signed cards fromYu-Gi-Oh! voice actors; card alters from community artists; professionallygraded cards; or – wait for it – non-English cards!

That's right – there's finally an easy way to pick up all the French,German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese singles you need to take your deckto the next level. Finally.

We'll be highlighting some of the coolest photo listings later this week,and you should keep an eye out for some special deals. But for now, let'sget back to our regularly scheduled programming and find out which tencards dominated the Marketplace in the wake of the first new formatRegionals!

#10: Mythical Beast Master Cerberus

Despite its sellout and price spikelast week, Mythical Beast Master Cerberus sold even more copies over the weekend!While we've yet to see a big performance from it in Regionals, the suite ofMaster Cerberus and Mythical Beast Jackal Kingput in work at the last ARGCS, and that made an impact as Master Cerberus stabilized at eighteen dollarsfor the weekend.


#9: F.A. Auto Navigator

The F.A. theme lost a few slots in the Top 10, but they're still a hotticket and their key Tuner is still one of the hottest cards in the game.Launching a ton of amazing plays that deliver big results for very fewcards, F.A. Auto Navigator's a remarkable card that's way more powerfulthan similar Summon enablers of the past since it doesn't get banished offits revival effect. We've yet to see a Top Cut F.A. deck from Regionals,but the deck's tremendously promising and we're still not far into theweek.


#8: Chronograph Sorcerer

Seemingly a must-run in Pendulum Magicians moving forward, ChronographSorcerer helps you field Materials for Heavymetalfoes Electrumite withoutusing your Pendulum Summon or Normal Summon, which is one of the mostimportant goals for Pendulum Magicians moving forward. Still available forunder a buck as of this writing, it's an easy get for anyone looking to getahead of a possible price spike… or just play Magicians and win games.


#7: F.A. City Grand Prix

The last of the two F.A. cards in the Top 10 this weekend, F.A. City GrandPrix dropped to Number 7 from Number 3 on Friday. It's an absolute must-runin F.A.'s since it delivers the Main Phase Level boosts you need to makeall of the deck's best Synchro plays, while keeping your F.A.'s at higherATK in the Battle Phase as well.

But you probably already knew that, because F.A. City Grand Prix's one ofthe most talked-about cards from EXFO. It's a fantastic card and we may seeit in Top Cut action at YCS Atlanta this weekend.


#6: Double Evolution Pill

Overtex Qoatlus has been one of the biggest cards fromExtreme Force since the set launched, a bit of a surprise sleeperhit that's blowing upnow that it's already topping Regional Qualifiers. While Overtex's five-monster Special Summon is a bit difficult toachieve, it's incredibly easy to unleash with Double Evolution Pill, andthe Top Cut build used it to search Double Evo to then make OTK's withUltimate Conductor Tyranno.

It's especially good if you've got Shaddoll Fusion to load up yourgraveyard in advance. Cool stuff.


#5: Duelittle Chimera

Metalfoes are back in Top 8 action, in part thanks to Duelittle Chimera!The Fire equivalent of Missus Radiant and Mistar Boy,Aaron McInnes played it to the Top 8 in Texas this weekend in a slickRescue Draco Metalfoes strategy. It's a definite deck-to-watch in the run-up to the YCS this week, andChimera is clutch in extending plays.


#4: Pot of Desires

With the 2018 competitive season kicking off in earnest, Pot of Desires isback in the Top 10. Not only is it a generally powerful card, itfeatured heavilyin several Card of DemiseTrue Draco variantswe've seen from the latest Regionals. There's not much to say – we all knewPot of Desires was going to be back in the Top 10 some time, and whileEXFO's top cards remain in high demand, the return of Regionals and astring of upcoming YCS tournaments has fed demand once again.

#3: Qliphort Genius

We talked on Friday about the use of Qliphort Genius in F.A.'s, which lacka native downward Link Monster but have enough Machines hanging around tomake Genius a snap. Qliphort Genius was only atNumber 7 in our Top 10 last week, but now it's up to Number 3 – a surprising trend right before Atlanta.Will F.A.'s have a presence at the YCS?

It's starting to look like a question of increasing merit given the waydemand is pivoting to newly-recognized competitive cards for the strategy.


#2: Overtex Qoatlus

Back at Number 2 after sticking the same spot in the countdown on Friday,Overtex Qoatlus saw massive demand this weekend, and played a starring rolein fast, high-impact combos inthat Shaddoll Dinosaur deck from Kansas. Was that deck a one-off fluke? It seems solid, but we'll have to see howit stacks up against the consistency and power level of other decks as theformat develops.

Regardless, the deck's success seems to have continued to feed demand forthe control-oriented Overtex, searching Double Evolution Pill to supportUltimate Conductor Tyranno and serving as an alternative boss monsteritself.


#1: Underclock Taker

And finally, we've only seen Underclock Taker played in one Regional Top 8deck we've seen so far, but the week is still young. YCS Atlanta willclearly be the make-or-break proving ground for the latest generic Link,though it's kind of surprising to not see it in more decks from the earlypool of results.

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Beyond the Top 10, a few F.A. cards still hung in there with F.A. Test Runand F.A. Whip Crosser taking Number 11 and Number 15 respectively. SupremeKing Gate Zero clocked in at Number 12, with more and more players becomingaware of the full power of the Supreme King variants of Pendulum Magicians,while Vendread Charge and Torrential Tribute finished at 13 and 14.

At this point the format looks more wide open than it usually does in asunrise period, making YCS Atlanta an especially tough read. Keep your eyeson the Deck Archive this week as more Top Cut lists arrive, and we'll beback on Friday with one more Market Watch before the YCS.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer