Welcome to our second Market Watch in the wake of the release ofFlames of Destruction.


Seven Regional Qualifiers were played in North America last weekend, and a huge number of cards from the new set appeared in Top 8 builds. While surprisingly few Top Cut deck lists were made available online, we saw several Altergeist builds takingTop 8 finishes right out of the gates. Knightmares put in some notable showings as well, featuring in a Top 8 Trickstar deck and a near-miss Gouki build that took 11th Place in Minneapolis.

Aside from big themed successes, we also saw a range of new cards adopted as tech choices in a variety of strategies: Monster Reborn Reborn appearedin 60-Card builds to mixed results; Red Reboot locked in wins; InfiniteImpermanence became a go-to hand trap alternative; and Waking the Dragonwas surprisingly successful as a counter to the True Draco matchup.

What impact did those results have on the TCGplayer Marketplace this week?Let's find out, as we present to you the Top 10 bestselling cards fromMonday to Friday.

#10: Gouki Octostretch

Probably the most important of the Gouki cards fromFlames of Destruction, Gouki Octostretch is invaluable largely forits Level: as a Level 1, you can Special Summon it from your deck withIsolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights' ability with just one Equip Spell.That opens up key plays for the theme using just one Equip Spell, typicallyDivine Sword – Phoenix Blade.

The Gouki deck uses two or sometimes even three copies since you need multiples for your core combos, and that drove Gouki Octostretch into theTop 10 this week.


#9: Knightmare Mermaid

Knightmares found success in at least two different strategies this week,with Knightmare Mermaid featuring in Josh Dugas' Gouki build. He played it for synergies with Firewall Dragon, and to bring out Knightmare Corruptor Iblee, currently one of the hottest money cards fromFLOD.


#8: Sekka's Light

I haven't personally seen any Top Cut success from Sekka's Light yet –shout it out in the comments if you've seen it topping – but as a Pot ofDesires alternative it's attracted a lot of discussion for its potential inmonster-heavy decks. With some of the leading strategies in competitiontoday leaning so heavily on massive monster lineups, it's easy to see whySekka's Light might seem viable.

It's currently on a downward Price Trend that's left it at a Market Priceof 70 cents, making it an easy pickup for anyone interested in trying itout. While it may not be proven viable yet, it's definitely a big card towatch for in the coming weeks.


#7: F.A. Dawn Dragster

Down from Number 4 over the weekend, F.A. Dawn Dragster continues to garnerpraise as both a highlight of the F.A. theme and a strong new genericSynchro Monster, splashable in all sorts of Tuner-friendly strategies.F.A.'s didn't have any logged successes last weekend as far as I've seen,but with eleven Regional Qualifiers over the next two days we might seesome breakout F.A. showings over the course of the weekend.


#6: Knightmare Cerberus

Knightmares were proven viable almost as soon asFlames of Destruction dropped, appearing in Top Cut builds ofAltergeists and Trickstars at a bare minimum. We haven't really had anything quite like Knightmares before: as a splashable family of LinkMonsters the closest we've come is probably Ningirsu the World ChaliceWarrior and Ib the World Chalice Priestess, but that's more of a duo than an entire splashable theme.

Add in the unique style of the Knightmares' effects and their fringeability to make the Extra Link mechanic relevant, and the latest Link tribereally stands out. You definitely want to know what these cards do and howthey could be played in current strategies; the Knightmares seem destinedto pop up in all sorts of places this WCQ season.


#5: Knightmare Phoenix

While Knightmare Mermaid seems optional in the Knightmare lineups we'reseeing so far, the only Knightmare currently more affordable than Cerberusfrom what we might refer to as the theme's core is Knightmare Phoenix; itoutsold Cerberus by a narrow margin this week. Both cards have similar LinkMarkers and roles in the suite, so it's very likely we'll continue to seethem sticking close together in future Top 10's.


#4: Raidraptor – Ultimate Falcon

Ultimate Falcon sold in droves this week, appearing in several Top 8Regional Side Deck alongside Waking the Dragon. Players likeTristan BridgesandJordan Ankerwere playing Waking the Dragon as an answer to the blind backrowdestruction of Demise True Draco decks, using it to field Ultimate Falconas a big threat that's essentially impossible for True Draco players toanswer. Waking the Dragon itself ended up even higher in the Top 10 as aresult.


#3: Red Reboot

Bridges and Anker both sided Red Reboot as well, locking down trap-heavy decks to make sure their win condition turns went as planned. Expect to see it in a lot of different strategies moving forward; it's an incredibly strong card that cleaves through opposing defenses in ways that simply weren't possible in the past.


#2: Waking the Dragon

With all the hubbub surrounding Waking the Dragon as an answer to True Dracos, it climbed all the way to Number 2 this week. As a Short Print common it's on an upward Price Trend and is already pushing the $2 mark. Asmore players learn about its efficacy, more use this weekend could easily drive it higher.

#1: Called by the Grave

And finally, the bestselling card of the week was once again Called by theGrave.

Even as Infinite Impermanence steals table share from hand trap monsters, hand trap usage is seemingly up from where it was even just six weeks ago, and that's made Called by the Grave – now vastly more affordable than its preview printing – a must-own for duelists of all budgets. Available for as little as 75 cents, it's way more accessible than it was as a $4 foil.


Greatfly nearly made the Top 10 coming in at Number 11. From there the Gouki enthusiasm continued with Gouki Suprex clocking in at Number 12 and Gouki Bearhug at Number 13. I would not be surprised if Goukis made a fewTop 8's this weekend as player interest is clearly there.

F.A Dark Dragster fell to Number 14, and Knightmares rounded things out with Knightmare Goblin at Number 15. Knightmares will very clearly be part of competition moving forward, and lots of players are interested in seeing where they can play them.

That's it for this week, but join us on Monday when we examine the first impact of not one, not two, but ELEVEN Regional Qualifiers in North America this weekend.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer