The numbers are in, and with the Flames of Destruction launchweekend now in the record books, we have our first Top 10 bestseller list.

Last week saw record breaking presales on FLOD singles, as the new release took over half the Top 10 bestseller listbefore the cards could even ship. TrickstarMandrake, Red Reboot, Monster Reborn Reborn, F.A. Dark Dragster, and F.A.Dawn Dragster all made the cut. Called by the Grave was the Number 2bestseller as well, combining both presales of the FLOD common and thepreview Super Rare from Extreme Force Special Edition.

This time around four of those cards stuck around in the Top 10, while sixnew entries joined the fray. The result was a mix of splashable genericsupport largely geared toward disrupting the game in some new ways, as wellas a fistful of high-potential themed support – some of the most hypedcards from Flames of Destruction.

Let's get right into the countdown, starting with one of the mosttalked-about cards from the set.

#10: Altergeist Multifaker

For true believers, Altergeist Multifaker is the herald of a newcompetitive era for the Altergeist theme. And it's not tough to see why: aflexible search card that immediately brings whatever Altergeist you choosestraight to the field, its ability triggers no matter how it's SpecialSummoned, and it kicks off big plays that can head in a number of differentdirections.

It's the kind of lynchpin card tournament successes are built on, but it'sstill kind of surprising to see so many copies flowing through theTCGplayer Marketplace at its price point: with an average Market Price ofmore than $15, Multifaker's the priciest Ultra Rare in the set, and it'srare to see such a valuable pick on the Top 10 bestseller list. A lot ofplayers are clearly putting their money where their mouth is, so expect tosee Altergeists in tournaments sometime soon if it hasn't happened already.

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#9: Link Bound

Link Bound's an interesting card to see here. Effectively a -1 of cardeconomy, it has very little utility in the early game, but does work torecycle important combo-driven Links later on. Combined with potentiallypowerful draw filtering that lets you trade cards you don't need for cardsyou do, it has some promise, though perhaps only in dedicated LinkSummoning decks – stuff like World Chalice.

The problem is that Link Bound doesn't do much early on, and doesn'tdirectly contribute to the combos those Link spam decks are usually builtaround. Will Link Bound see competitive use? I wouldn't bet on itsefficacy, but the sales patterns suggest that some players will try to makeit work.

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#8: F.A. Dark Dragster

Down from Number 5 last week, F.A. Dark Dragster continued to be one of thehottest cards from Flames of Destruction as expectations forcombo-centric F.A. decks run high. Dark Dragster's an easy Special Summonthat adds more damage and powerful, problem-solving spot removal tovirtually any standard F.A. field, making it an incredible extender thatlayers onto existing plays established in Extreme Force.

It's simple, effective, and creates win scenarios in two different ways.The appeal is clear, and with a full week of strong sales I'd expect to seeF.A.'s appearing in Regionals.

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#7: Knightmare Cerberus

Knightmares stole a lot of the F.A. thunder this weekend with high salesall around, and the more approachable monsters selling like hotcakes. Likemost of the Knightmare Links, Knightmare Cerberus fills a unique role basedon both its abilities and its Link Markers. The demand for the theme maysurpass a lot of players' expectations, so we'll have to see if it makes abreakout showing in Regionals.

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#6: Waking the Dragon

Waking the Dragon looks like a joke at first glance, but when you considerits potential in the True Draco matchup it at least becomes… a… funny…joke?

There's some real potential here, since True Dracos are such a big part ofcompetition right now and stand a good chance to blindly destroy yourbackrow. Drop a conventional answer like Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons andyou can instantly turn the tables, or you can go big and really meme outwith something like Raidraptor – Ultimate Falcon. As long as you'rechoosing a card that's immune to followup removal you stand a good chanceof wrecking face.

Waking the Dragon's a Short Print, and it's sitting on an upward PriceTrend at a value of more than $2.50. While it might not prove viable inserious tournaments, we've seen Short Print cards hit double digits beforewhen they managed to become competitive, so it makes sense that a lot ofplayers are trying to get ahead on a possible trend – one that could becomepretty pricy if it ever manifests.

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#5: Knightmare Phoenix

Knightmare Phoenix sold even better than Knightmare Cerberus, filling avery similar role with the mirror image of Cerberus' Link Markers. Evenmore accessible with a slightly lower price, it's another hot card thatsuggests Knightmares could see tournament play. The theme's worked prettywell with Goukis in the OCG, so it's definitely something to keep an eyeout for in your tournaments. If you don't know what the Knightmare cards doyou yet, it's time to study up and get familiar with them, just in case.

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#4: F.A. Dawn Dragster

Slipping one spot from Number 3 last week, F.A. Dawn Dragster generatedlots of discussion the past ten days not just for its role in F.A. decks,but for its strength as a generic Level 7 Synchro. Armed with solid ATK anda really powerful negation ability, the appeal here is no mystery. F.A.'sare in a good position to make a mark right now, and a new F&L Listcould make them even more powerful. Beyond that, F.A. Dawn Dragster's justan appealing catch-all for any deck running Synchros, and Level 7 hasalways been one of the easiest Levels of Synchros to make.

Available for as little as 10 cents in the TCGplayer Marketplace as of thiswriting, it's an easy add to any bigger order you want to make, and as aregular Rare it occupies an important place for players who skipped onpacks or only bought a few and didn't assemble a playset.

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#3: Red Reboot

Red Reboot clocked in at Number 9 last week, but it spiked to Number 3 overthe weekend as the power of its game-ending lockdown effect started to drawmore attention. Yes, it's a -2 of card economy; it costs you a card toactivate it, and it gives your opponent a free card from their deck. Itsearches that card in fact, which is surely a worst case scenario againstany deck running compatible trap cards. And yes, it costs you half yourLife Points.

But none of that matters if you win the turn you play it, which is verylikely since it stops every trap card your opponent might have. With salesnumbers like this, it's almost guaranteed that we'll see Red Reboot incompetition. Now it's just a question of how popular it will become, andwhat impact it will make on the game as a whole.

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#2: Sekka's Light

New spins on Pot of Greed are always popular if they're anywhere nearplayable, and while you have to build your deck around Sekka's Light to useit, that's definitely not impossible. On one hand, playing no other spellcards is rough. On the other, you're trading all your spells for not one,but three copies of Pot of Greed. What is that worth, exactly? We'redefinitely going to find out over the next few weekends of Regionals.

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#1: Called by the Grave

And finally, the biggest card of the weekend was Called by the Grave. Oneof the most popular cards of the year so far thanks to its preview inExtreme Force Special Edition, Called by the Grave was expected tobe a tremendous hit after it became a staple overseas in Asia's OCG. Butwith Maxx "C" Forbidden in our TCG territories, and hand traps trendingdown from last format as a whole, Called by the Grave seemed to stall out.

It appeared in several tournament-topping Side and Main Decks, but it neverreached anything near staple status.

Now we might be getting a greater understanding of why that was: inaddition to lower utility, the $4-$5 price tag on Called by the Graveevidently kept a lot of players from exploring it. Now available for lessthan 50 cents as a common, demand for Called by the Grave skyrocketed overthe weekend to make it the bestselling card in the game. That's going totranslate to a lot more table time,so keep an eye on the deck archiveto see where that goes.

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Looking beyond the Top 10, we got a glimpse of big interest in three themesin particular. First up, Madolche Fresh Sistart almost broke the Top 10 andcame in at Number 11. Gouki Octostretch – a staple of Gouki decks in theOCG – chased Sistart at Number 12.

From there it was all Elementsabers all the time: Elementsaber Makani,Elementsaber Molehu, and Palace of the Elemental Lords ranked Number 13,Number 14, and Number 15 respectively. None of these themes seem likeinstant hits right now, but a new F&L List could easily make one or allof them into tournament contenders

That's it for now, but we'll be back on Friday with another look at all theaction in the TCGplayer Marketplace! What do you think? Will Knightmaresstart appearing at top tables? Do F.A.'s have what it takes to contest thebest strategies of the format? Let us know what you expect to see in theTop 10 on Friday, right down in the comments now.

We'll check back later this week!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer