We saw lots of big shakeups in the Top 10 this week, as Genesis Impact arrives today, and online events created a huge rush for Drytron cards.

The ninth Luxury Championship Series was held this past weekend, leading to a showdown between Luke Coogan and Jesse Kotton. The Finals pitted Coogan's Virtual World deck against Kotton's Drytrons, and Coogan took the win in Game 3. Both players were running innovative tech choices to take their strategies to the next level, and those cards all wound up on the best-seller charts for the week.

The biggest takeaway was that Drytron's massively viable, leading to a rush on presales; in the end, a whopping 6 cards from the Top 10 made the cut solely because of Drytron. We were definitely starting to see a shift in perspective on Genesis Impact over the last two weeks, but Kotton's performance really broke the floodgates. Pak Pamornsut made the Top 16 too, piloting a different build of Drytron with Megaliths, and our own Hanko Chow wrote an in-depth guide to Drytrons just two days ago, right here on Infinite.

So what'd the Top 10 look like in the wake of Genesis Impact and LCS 9? Let's take a peek.

#10 Drytron Zeta Aldhibah

Drytron Zeta Aldhibah came in at Number 10, seemingly a must-run at 3-per-deck in most Drytron builds. There are five Level 1 Main Deck monsters in the Drytron theme, and they all have a tribute-to-self-summon effect, as well as 2000 ATK to fuel your Ritual Summons. They each have a unique ability as well, that triggers when they're Special Summoned with their effect; while you'll run at least one copy of each just to get different names in the mix to balance once-per-turn restrictions, those bonus effects determine which ones are more important.

Zeta's one of the more important of the Drytron minions, since its effect searches you a Ritual Spell. The fact that this was outsold by at least one less important Drytron cards may be testament to the newness of the strategy.

#9 Borrelsword Dragon (Alternate Art)

Still hanging onto a spot in the Top 10, Borrelsword Dragon (Alternate Art) remains one of the most popular cards from Maximum Gold, and continued to sell in big numbers this week. Again, we're far from the heyday of Borrelsword Dragon (Alternate Art) in tournaments, but it's still a strong card that can end games, and that new art is pretty snazzy.

#8 Drytron Delta Altais

Back on the Drytron side of the Top 10, Drytron Delta Altais provides an extra draw when you already have a Ritual Spell and Ritual Monster ready to go. This was a 2-of for both Kotton and Pamornsut, but again, it's surprising to see it outpacing Drytron Zeta Aldhibah. I think a lot of players just grabbed 3 copies since it's dirt cheap and they wanted to cover all their bases.

#7 Drytron Fafnir

Searching Drytron Nova and Meteonis Drytron, Drytron Fafnir a pretty incredible spell card that helps guarantee your Ritual Summons, and manipulates Levels to mess with combos. This is another 3-of and it just jumped from a Market Price of 35 cents to $3+ shipped, so everybody who got in early might be giving themselves a pat on the back over the coming days.

#6 Harpie's Feather Duster

Harpie's Feather Duster is still amazing, and better yet it's still an amazing deal at 5 bucks.

#5 Drytron Nova

Now this is where stuff gets crazy. Drytron Nova was 18 to 20 dollars for the past week and a half, but on Wednesday it spiked to $26, and as of this writing you can't find it for less than $40.

At the $20+ price point it sold like hotcakes all week long to reach the Number 5 spot. Again, if you got in early you've gotta be feeling pretty good. Drytron Nova might see a bit of a price dip today as we shift from presales to full release, but I can't imagine this card ending anywhere south of 30 dollars for the weekend.

#4 Drytron Alpha Thuban

And finally, Drytron Alpha Thuban one of the two Main Deck Drytron monsters that's played in threes, and that put it at the top of the Drytron must-have list for the week. Alpha pairs with Drytron Zeta Aldhibah's effect, searching a Ritual Monster from your deck with its unique ability. It's also a Super Rare while the other Level 1 Drytrons are all Rares, and that might have made it that much more appealing.

#3 Chaofeng, Phantom of the Yang Zing

This card made a breakout appearance at the Luxury Championship, featuring in the 1st Place and Top 4 decks piloted by Luke Coogan and Daniel Heffernan. Chaofeng, Phantom of the Yang Zing creates numerous plays that can salvage relatively weak hands, effectively letting you trade your activation of Virtual World Gate - Chuche to search a Tuner from your deck. As a Level 9 you can revive it with Cloudcastle too, making for some smooth plays into True King of All Calamities.

Chaofeng, Phantom of the Yang Zing lets a lot of weak hands that would normally go nowhere, make Calamities instead. It doesn't seem to contribute much if anything to stronger lines of play, but it covers the deck's weaker draws and ups the Virtual World strategy's consistency overall. That's bigger than it might seem, and we saw how good it can be in Game 1 of the LCS 9 Finals, where Coogan played it to take the first game. The moment he did, players were rushing to buy their copies and we saw Chaofeng, Phantom of the Yang Zing spike to $15.

#2 PSY-Framegear Gamma

Nine players in the Top 16 of the LCS mained or sided PSY-Framegear Gamma, which is about in line with the play it's been seeing over the last few months. If you're a frequent reader it's no surprise to see PSY-Framegear Gamma this high up in the Top 10, as it's been a format staple and a huge seller since its reprint in Toon Chaos.

#1 Cyber Angel Natasha

Cyber Angel Natasha

The single best-selling card of the week, and it wasn't even close, was another breakout tech pick from LCS 9, Cyber Angel Natasha. Jesse Kotton played this card to a Runner-Up finish in Drytrons, instantly spiking demand and making Cyber Angel Natasha the most popular card of the week. It fits seamlessly with Drytrons and Cyber Angel Benten, and it offers a ton of effects both aggressive and defensive.

On the defensive side, Cyber Angel Natasha Life Point gain is a nice bonus. But the real attraction are its other effects, negating attacks, and even better, returning to the field from the graveyard to steal an opposing monster. What's cool is that the return-and-take-a-monster effect works aggressively too: it doesn't matter how Natasha gets to the graveyard, so it's fine to send it there yourself, banish a Cyber Angel Benten, revive Cyber Angel Natasha and clear a monster that was in your way.

That level of utility made Cyber Angel Natasha the hottest card of the week, and it's now sitting at 3 to 4 bucks. It's going to be really interesting to see what happens in the secondary market this weekend, as Genesis Impact's release plays out.