Hidden Summoners released one week ago, YCS Pasadena's in the record books,and it's Friday night with no word on a new F&L List.

YCS Pasadena saw sustained success for the top decks of the format, as wellas some strong showings from Dino Thunder Dragons and Cyber Dragons alike.But neither strategy managed to make much of an impact on the secondarymarket, and with Konami still hush-hush about updates to the AdvancedFormat the chief push-factor on the secondary market this week wasHidden Summoners.

While the Mayakashi were hands down hailed as the most competitive theme ofthe release it was Prank-Kids that captured the hearts and wallets ofTCGplayers in the run-up to Black Friday, taking a surprising seven slotsin our Top 10 Countdown. The rest of the bestsellers list was a mix of foilreprints, and while the Super Rare Thunder Dragon came out swinging overthe last weekend it practically disappeared off the radar in favor ofRitual support and the set's two big floodgates.

There's not much to say beyond that, so let's dive right into our FridayTop 10.

#10: Prank-Kids Place

The Prank-Kids theme is all about Fusion Summoning and Link Summoning,always requiring at least two Prank-Kids monsters. When you use them asMaterials you get to claim an effect and then replace them more Prank-Kidsfrom your hand or Deck, so getting to those early Prank-Kids is clutch.

That's where Prank-Kids Place comes in: activate it and like some of thebest Field Spells, it lets you Reinforcement of the Army for a Prank-Kidsmonster of your choice. That ensures you get to the base Materials you needmore consistently, and helps you see the right ones for the effects youwant. Add in some stat-buffs and it's a pretty solid Field Spell that isn'tterribly surprising to see at Number 10… as long as you made the call thatPrank-Kids would become so popular.

#9: Prank-Kids Pranks

Prank-Kids Pranks is a Continuous Spell that lets you pitch a Prank-Kidscard from your hand – a monster, spell, or trap, your choice – to SpecialSummon a Prank-Kids Token. That helps you field the two Prank-Kids minimumthat all the Link Monsters require, plus in the End Phase of each turn youcan cycle back three Prank-Kids cards from your graveyard to your deck fora free draw.

Activating Pranks may be akin to an initial -1 of card economy, but fromthere it effectively nets you a free Fusion Material or Link Material everyturn, and ensures that you never run out of monsters or Summoning power. It's very likely a must-run.

#8: Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

Taking a short break from your regularly scheduled Prank-Kids, Manju of theTen Thousand Hands is one of the most important pieces of Ritual support ofall time; a 14 year-old card that still hangs with the best of them, actingas free Tribute for a Ritual Summon, a free hand-fixing search effect, and1400 damage in a pinch. It's been printed eight times so far, but only everappeared as a foil card once, in 2015's The Secret Forces. Nowit's back and foiled up once again, and it's proven to be predictably huge.

#7:Prank-Kids Pandemonium

The must-run Fusion spell that pulls the Prank-Kids strategy together, Prank-Kids Pandemonium is searchable in the theme, counts as a "Prank-Kids"card for other effects, and operates at Spell Speed 2 to help you sneak inattacks. Part of the appeal of the Prank-Kids strategy is the deck'srelatively simple game plan, and Pandemonium fits the bill as a fast,damage-oriented Fusion Spell that's low on frills and big on speed.

#6: Prank-Kids Rocket Ride

Speaking of Fusions, Prank-Kids Rocket Ride was the most popular of thePrank-Kids purple fare this week. An optional direct attacker that canbreak back into two Prank-Kids to set up effects and let you swap betweenplays, it's a great little finisher and helps the deck adapt over thecourse of the game. It's simple, pretty effective, and can finish out aduel when you might run out of steam otherwise.

#5: Prank-Kids Dropsies

The last three Prank-Kids cards in the Top 10 this week are theall-important Main Deck monsters. While each of these cards have differentstats and bonus effects, all three give you the option to Special Summonanother Prank-Kid from your hand or deck when they're used as Fusion orLink Materials for theme-stamped monsters, effectively making all of yourMaterials free. Prank-Kids Dropsies is the middle-of-the-road monster, notbig on attack or defense, and it gains you 1000 LP when you use it asMaterial.

#4: Prank-Kids Lampsies

The most aggro member of the Prank-Kids strategy, Prank-Kids Lampsies has1500 ATK and a bonus effect that burns your opponent for 500 damage. Thatmight not seem like a lot of Attack Points, but the Prank-Kids can swarmand overwhelm your opponent with a few fast attacks at surprising speed,and 2000 damage total can be game-ending when the little fists startflying.

#3: Prank-Kids Fansies

Finally the last Prank-Kid of the family packs 2000 DEF and an effect thatcan load more Prank-Kids cards to the graveyard for free, including thegraveyard-live trap card Prank-Kids Plan. All three of the Main Deckmonsters are tremendously important to this strategy, so it makes sensethat they all sold in similar numbers, winding up in similar spots on ourTop 10 countdown.

Realistically almost everyone who was picking up Prank-Kids this weeksnagged playsets of all three of these Little Dudes, and they were outpacedonly by…

#2: Gozen Match

…Awesome foil upgrades of the set's two big floodgates. Gozen Match andRivalry of Warlords are similar cards at a glance but often see play indifferent places: this format we've seen Gozen Match in Top Cut decks likeCyber Dragons, Trickstars, and as a runner-up pick in True Dracos. It'susually not quite as popular as Rivalry, it certainly isn't in currentcompetition, and that was reflected in its Number 2 status.

#1: Rivalry of Warlords

Popular in two of the biggest decks of the format, Rivalry of Warlords iscommonly played in Altergeists and Thunder Dragons, punishing Link spamdecks that are spread thin across an Extra Deck with a wide range ofmonster types. While both cards have declined into the $3 range, demand wasmassive for the first-ever foil printings of both Continuous Traps. For nowthe supply was there to sate trap-hungry players, but both are definitelyworth keeping an eye on over the coming weeks.

Looking beyond the Top 10, Prank-Kids Plan, Prank-Kids Bow-Wow-Bark, andPrank-Kids Weather Washer finished at Number 11, Number 14, and Number 15respectively. The Prank-Kids love ran deep. Yuki-Onna, the Ice Mayakashiand Disciple of Nephthys came in at Numbers 12 and 13.

On the speculative side of things, a small group of buyers stocked up onthe Hidden Summoners reprint of Preparation of Rites, as well asthe Shadows in Vallhalla reprint of Mermail Abyssmegalo.

Will the Hidden Summoners enthusiasm last through the weekend? Howwill the market react as it continues to hold its breath for a new AdvancedFormat, one week removed from the last YCS of the year? And will we see anew F&L List drop right after this is posted?

We'll have those answers and more next week, but for now stay tuned, andfor those of you in the United States have a Happy Thanksgiving!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer