Welcome back to another Friday Market Watch!

…And another week of domination in the TCGplayer Marketplace for PendulumMagicians. While 60-Card decks rallied a bit last weekend, not much reallychanged the balance of the current Big 3 decks : SPYRAL still leads in mosttournaments, with Trickstars scoring some upsets and Pendulum Magicians asolid contender.

That said, every week where we don't see an F&L List seems to lend moremomentum to Pendulum Magicians, asHeavymetalfoes Electrumitedraws closer and players start to consider the very real possibility thatwe may not see a new Advanced Format until well after the release ofExtreme Force. Cheap to invest in, Pendulum Magicians are becoming both astrong bet for both the final days of this format, AND the early days ofthe next one, and that's definitely feeding demand.

Nobody wants to place their chips on SPYRALs at this point if the haven'talready; the deck's either going to get checked in the coming weeks, orruined entirely. Trickstars are pretty easy to build and are unlikely tosee major hits, if any adjustments at all, but the cost of entry is threeTrickstar Reincarnations, currently clocking in at $20 each. Not a king'sransom, but far more expensive than anything in the Pendulum Magician MainDeck. Even the two biggest must-plays in the Magician Extra Deck - TornadoDragon and PSY-Framelord Omega – pale by comparison, and lots of duelistsalready own those cards since they're so splashable.

So where did that leave us this week? Well, it left us with a Top 10 in theTCGplayer Marketplace with at least seven cards that were directly placedthere by Pendulum Magicians.

#10: Anti-Spell Fragrance

Want to beat Pendulums? Flip this thing.

That's a bit of a simplification, but Anti-Spell Fragrance is a greatfloodgate against basically all three of the top strategies right now. Andwhile that also makes it tricky to play in those decks, it IS doable,and offbeat rogues like Burning Abyss that happen to be less affectedby itare currently riding it to victory on several notable occasions.


#9: Black Fang Magician

Yup, it's Black Fang Magician, alright. We recently talked about the factthat the demand for Black Fang seems to have an inconsistent relationshipto its actual place in the deck: some weeks it ranks below the majority ofthe Pendulum Magician deck's three-ofs, while other weeks it surges pastthem. That's weird for a card that's often just a two-of, and I suggestedpreviously that it could indicate the difference between a week wheredemand for Magicians was guided by speculators (who may be attracted toBlack Fang for its lower price point and better growth potential) or byactual players (who would need it, but wouldn't need as many copies as say,Double Iris Magician or Wisdom-Eye Magician).

If that theory holds any water then this week's Top 10 might suggest higherplayer demand for Pendulum Magician cards, since it sat below a whoppingfive other cards the deck plays more copies of.

#8: Double Iris Magician

Double Iris Magician is one of them, a staple must at three-per-deck thatsearches other staples, makes OTK's, and serves as a valuable Scale in apinch. There's not much to say here: it does everything, and it even has arespectable ATK to boot.


#7: Wavering Eyes

While Wavering Eyes fell out of fashion during the SPYRAL takeover, youonly need to look as far aslast week's ARGCSorthe Regional Qualifier in Guadalajarato see the Rebound. Wavering Eyes was sided by all of the Top 16 PendulumMagician players at the Circuit Series, while it was a Main Deck pick forboth Top 8 Pendulum duelists in Mexico.

As more players start playing Pendulum Magicians, Wavering Eyes becomes abetter card for the mirror match, and even for Side Decking in otherstrategies. After laying dormant for weeks the continued success in boththe TCG and OCG, combined with the high expectations for the deck movingforward, has bolstered the demand for Wavering accordingly.


#6: Abyss Actor – Curtain Raiser

Speaking of Pendulum Magicians in the OCG, Abyss Actor – Curtain Raiserstill isn't a successful card here in the Americas and Europe, but itcontinues to be a common pick in Asian Magician builds. That once againpopped it into the Top 10, as players try to prepare for whatever directionthe deck might take over the next month, and speculators try to cash in.


#5: Proxy Dragon

Proxy Dragon's been a regular sight in our most recent Market Watches, andfor good reason: it's one of the most useful Link Monsters in the game, andthere's nothing coming to steal its place as the best Link 2 generic Leftand Right Arrow monster in the game.

…Sorry, did I say "best"? I meant "only" Link 2 generic Left and RightArrow monster in the game. While Ib the World Chalice Priestess sees a goodamount of play and Binary Sorceress… exists… neither of them have the sheerflexibility of Proxy Dragon, since you can't Summon either of them withmatching Tokens.

If you don't own Proxy Dragon, you probably need to get on that.


#4: Oracle of Zefra

If you missed it,Zefras are BLOWING UP in the OCG right now, and combined with some recent success with Set Rotation in TCGtournaments, demand for Oracle of Zefra exploded this week.

There are fewer copies of the Super Rare printing on TCGplayer than youmight think, and the Secret Rare looks pretty vulnerable to buyouts giventhe current listed stock; there's a lot of perceived opportunity here forspeculators, and a lot of pressure for players to own their copies shouldZefras do well here in the TCG.


#3: Pot of Desires

Pot of Desires at Number 3?! Now you KNOW Magicians are taking over.

#2: Purple Poison Magician

Yup, Purple Poison Magician beat out Pot of Desires, the bestselling cardof the year in 2017 as well as… well, most of 2018 until now, too. Amust-run at three, Purple Poison's a useful low Scale that's just a stapleof the Pendulum Magician strategy.


#1: Astrograph Sorcerer

And finally, Astrograph Sorcerer outsold everything else this week. Whileits competitive viability has been in question for a very long time,Sorcerer was mainedin fourofthe fiveTop Cut listswe sawthis week, from Guadalajara and Las Vegas. The only Top Cut finisher who didn't runit wasGaron Williams at the ARGCS, who opted for a second Oafdragon Magician and a full package of threeMist Valley Apex Avian instead.

Walter Jule topped with two Apex Avians as well, so keep an eye on that card moving forward.


And that was it for this week! Out of more than a thousand active Yu-Gi-Oh!sellers in the TCGplayer Marketplace, these ten cards were the most soldfrom Monday to Friday, and with sustained success in the OCG, continuedplay in the TCG, and a much-hyped support card coming inExtreme Force, there's really nothing to slow the PendulumMagician trend.

At this point the sheer number of people who seem to be preparing to switchfor the next format may start becoming a factor in determining the look ofthat format, similar to what we suspect we may have seen with Dinosaurslast time around.

When will we SEE the new F&L List? That's anybody's guess, but we'll bebringing you twice-weekly Market Watches while we wait for it, includinganother installment on Monday.

See you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer