On Monday we sawthe first market response to the reveal of the new Master Rule updateheaded our way in April: Junk Speeder and Dimensional Barrier hurtled tothe top of the sales charts, and Bahamut Shark came in at Number 9. And fora few days those were the only new trends we saw on the secondary market.

But THAT changed. And quick!

Five days later the majority of the Top 10 best-selling cards in theTCGplayer Marketplace are clearly influenced by the new Master Rulerevisions. With Link Summoning no longer necessary for Xyz, Synchro andFusion Summons, the doors blew open with everybody and their mother lookingto grab the most powerful Extra Deck cards (and stuff to stop them).

Junk Speeder was still leading the pack in that category through the week.With Link Summons no longer a necessity, Junk Speeder's restriction toSynchro Summons only is less of a problem. Dimensional Barrier remained ahuge pick too, as players expect to see fewer Link Summons and more of everything else, making Barrier a stronger prospect.

But beyond that there was a wealth of high-impact Synchros and Xyz that sold in incredible numbers, some of which are general utility cards while others are combo-driven powerhouses. Both may suggest the directions players are going to be trying to go once April rolls around… or what they're thinking of doing now, give or take a couple new Forbidden &Limited Lists. And while the format will certainly change at least once between now and April 1st, knowing what everyone's buying into is probably going to be useful information.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the Top 10 best-selling cards this week from Monday to Friday.

#10 - Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

Planning to play Synchros? You probably want to own this card. Crystal WingSynchro Dragon's just great in a vacuum, but it's also a lynchpin of a lot of trending concepts right now. Interested in D/D/Ds? You need this card.Want to try Wind Witches? You need this card. Keen on Ultimaya Tzolkin? You need this card.

Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon's one of the best once-per-turn negation bodies in the game, in large part for the engines that surround it. It's almost surprising that it didn't rank higher on this list, even as a one-of for every deck playing it.


#9 - Called by the Grave

Called by the Grave is invincible. Almost nothing knocks it out of the Top10, and when it does disappear for a week due to a new release it's always back a few days later. I'd have to run the numbers but I think at this point it might have bested Pot of Duality in its prime.

Like winning? Hate getting hand trapped? Nothing in Master Rule 5 keeps hand traps in check, so Called by the Grave's still a must-own.


#8 - Abyss Dweller

If you've been playing competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! over the last few months you've probably noticed a dividing line in the format, splitting decks that can reliably abuse Abyss Dweller from decks that can't. Rank 4 strategies have seen a rogue resurgence almost entirely because Dweller's so powerful in any format guided by Orcusts, let alone its utility in other match-ups.And it's arguably the reason Salamangreats are still viable.

Now fast forward to April 1st where you can freely make AbyssDweller and other Special Summons from the Extra Deck without Links, and suddenly all the Rank 4 decks that weren't good at Link Summoning are atleast worth a look. That's partly because Abyss Dweller's awesome, giving non-Link decks a bit of a leg up on some of the top Link strategies.

If Rank 4 decks are a hot prospect – and they are – Abyss Dweller's going to be at the top of the discussion surrounding those strategies. That took it straight to Number 8 as one of this week's hottest cards.


#7 - Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy

In the past we've seen lots of success from decks that could cheat HopeHarbringer into play, with the most recent being Guardragons back inAugust. Forbidding Guardragon Agarpain put a kybosh on all of that, but the new Master Rule update brings similar plays back into the fold thanks to a card we'll discuss in a moment.


#6 - Saryuja Skull Dread

Despite the lower emphasis on Link Monsters come April, Saryuja SkullDread's still immensely popular and may even see more play as a versatile enabler under the April Master Rule. It almost seems silly to recap why this card's so good, but with big stats, easy Link Materials, draw filtering, a shockingly useful Special Summon ability and fantastic LinkArrows, Saryuja's still basically everything you could want out of a LinkMonster.

Even with fewer Links seeing play, you've gotta believe that Saryuja will make the leap to the new Master Rule version pretty cleanly. And as we've been saying for weeks, the Duel Devestator reprint just makes it all that much easier to buy in.

#####CARDID= 26209#####

#5 - Number 97: Draglubion

This is where stuff gets interesting, and I'll be totally honest in sayingI don't even know all the crazy stuff it can do. Summoning Number 38: HopeHarbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy for free is the first obvious answer, asreflected by Hope Harbringer reaching Number 7 in our Top 10. But where togo from there? How about Number 100: Numeron Dragon? Or Number 71: RebarianShark? Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon, or my favorite NumberC107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon… there's just a ton of potential here, and with Links no longer in the way the gloves are off.

Draglubion was $4.50 two days ago, but it's already climbing to the $7mark. With only one printing inBattles of Legend: Hero's Revenge, and limited supply on the secondary market, it could easily see a bigger price spike.

#####CARDID= 25454#####

#4 - Dark Ruler No More

Fewer summoning restrictions means more big boards with negation effects, and that's set to make Dark Ruler No More even more useful. This card's been on the rise for weeks now, but I expect it to see significantly more play in April. There's going to be a window of time between April 1st and the release of a new F&L List created to curb new brokenness in the Master Rule 5 era, and Ruler No More's going to be ridiculously important in that period.

#####CARDID= 25903#####

#3 - Nibiru, the Primal Being

More Special Summons means more chances to use Nibiru. Again, like DarkRuler No More this is a card that's seen rising play and equal demand over the last month or so, but the prospect of the Master Rule revision just makes it that much more important. There's going to be some huge, huge first turn plays happening with the Extra Deck being easier to use, so get your Nibirus now if you've been sleeping on them.

We probably won't see a reprint before April, and it's already pushing ten bucks. It's going to get even more expensive, mark my words.

#####CARDID= 25902#####

#2 - Junk Speeder

In the land where Links are no longer necessary, the Synchro god is king!

…Maybe? Maybe.

Junk Speeder was designed as a gateway to the high-investment high-powerSynchro Monsters of the late 5Ds era, and there are definitely some players that are interested in running it to make crazy plays. And you could definitely argue that any Synchron spam deck is going to get there in one form or another, even without absurd monsters in the mix, as long as you can ignore Links and beat Nibiru. Master Rule 5 addresses the first problem, while Junk Speeder addresses the second. By letting you get toCrystal Wing Synchro Dragon earlier than before, Junk Doppel decks can now fend off the one card that can turn instant win combos into minced meat.

There's a lot of nutsy stuff going on with Junk Speeder in video demos and theory crafting right now, but I really think the buffed access to CrystalWing is what matters most. Combo-heavy Synchro decks are largely recognized as inconsistent glass cannons full of bricks. But by aiming for more reasonable plays and consistently dodging Nibiru with Crystal Wing, Synchrospam strategies become a lot more sound. This week we were definitely seeing players and speculators buy up Junk Speeders for both realistic and less-than-realistic reasons, but regardless of what the expectations are,Junk Speeder solves a major problem that blows the door wide open forSynchros on a fundamental level.

#####CARDID= 23925#####

#1 - Dimensional Barrier

…And if you don't want to deal with those Synchro shenanigans, well,Dimensional Barrier's your man. While Junk Speeder outsold Barrier over the weekend, Barrier pulled ahead over the course of the week from Monday toFriday. Lots of players are newer to the game and didn't grab this card the first few times around, and they're wisely stocking up now. DimensionalBarrier was huge in the Pendulum era and there's certainly good reason to think it could reach those heights again.

It's really affordable for now, so don't get caught without it.

#####CARDID= 26231#####

What else was big this week? Mudragon of the Swamp almost made the Top 10at Number 11, while Borrelsword Dragon was still strong at 12. Ash Blossom& Joyous Spring and Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju clocked in atNumbers 13 and 14 as players continued to value broad spectrum counters, and Bahamut Shark was still popular at Number 15.

That's it for this week, but stick with us on our socials for some cool discussions through the weekend and we'll be back with another Market Update comeMonday. We'll see you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer