YCS Pasadena was a big eventfor the rebounding Sky Striker strategy, but demand forMystic Fighters singles dominated the TCGplayer Marketplace thisweek!

Dragonmaids were by far the hottest of the three new themes fromMystic Fighters pre-sales, but Mathmechs and Generaiders pummeledthem from Monday to Friday, including the Black Friday promo period thatstarted Thursday. Dragonmaids only placed one card into the Top 10, failingto get any other cards into the Top 20; Dragonmaid Lorpar came in at Number21.

Meanwhile Mathmechs captured the Number 1 spot and Generaiders took Number2, with each theme capturing a total of four slots in the Top 10. Whileit's been speculated that Mathmechs could be the most competitive new themefrom Mystic Fighters, with talk of some serious playtesting going on behindclosed doors, the love for Generaiders is more of a surprise. It's adifficult trend to judge, since most of the Generaider cards serve theircore theme while also acting as boss monsters for individual monster types.That said, the most popular cards seemed to lean more towards the fullGeneraider deck.

That's food for thought, but for now let's dive right into the Top 10 andsee how it all shook out.

#10 - Mathmech Sigma

I've seen lots of different ways to build Mathmechs, from conventionalon-theme builds to wacky stuff with Malefics and beyond. But Mathmech Sigmaat three is a perpetual staple. And really why wouldn't it be: Sigma doeseverything you could want it to do, acting as a Tuner or a non-Tuner atLevel 4; Special Summoning itself to help you assemble plays; dodging itsown drawback when used as Xyz Material; and even grifting extra value whenyou discard it for stuff like Cynet Mining.

Mathmech Sigma takes "free" to a whole new level even by Yu-Gi-Oh!standards, and it's an absolute must-run for Mathmechs. It's almostsurprising to see it so low in the Top 10.

#####CARDID=26480 #####

#9 - House Dragonmaid

The anchoring boss monster of the Dragonmaid theme, House Dragonmaid wasthe lone Dragonmaid holdout being bought up by the barreful this week.While Dragonmaids may not come out of the gates swinging, House is a mustfor the strategy and a Secret Rare in a special booster, which areroutinely under-printed to the point that cards like these can gain valueover time. At less than a buck a pop, buying House Dragonmaid probablymakes sense for anyone even considering giving the theme a try, as well ascollectors and speculators alike.

If Dragonmaids ever do anything in competition it probably won't happenwithout this card, and it's tough to imagine House Dragonmaid getting muchcheaper than it already is.

#####CARDID=26501 #####

#8 - Jormungandr, Generaider Boss of Eternity

The first Generaider on the list, Jormungandr's a massive beatstick for adedicated Generaider deck, or anything that can pump out Rank 9 Xyz (likesay, decks running World Legacy Monstrosity via Ib the World ChaliceJusticiar). I've definitely seen Generaider decks that don't playJormungandr – it's got stiff competition like True King of All Calamities,Infinitrack Earth Slicer and even Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir. But itcan win games those cards can't and it's usually played in multiples. Italso combos with theme-stamped support like Generaider Boss Bite to becomemore impressive.

Like House Dragonmaid it's unlikely Jormungandr will get much lower thanits current 25 cent price tag, so it was an easy buy for TCGplayer shoppersthis week.

#7 - Balancer Lord

There may be four named Mathmech cards in the Top 10 this week, butBalancer Lord's a frequent guest star for the theme that might as wellcount as the fifth. Another flexible Level 4 that offers more summoningpower, it works with all the Cyberse support that Mathmechs favor and itsLevel makes it fodder for cards like Primathmech Alembertian, GeomathmechMagma and the big Level 12 Geomathmech Final Sigma, all of which see tabletime.

Note that Balancer Lord was the only reprint to make the Top 10 this week,with the next most popular reissue being Lonefire Blossom at Number 12.That was almost certainly thanks to Mardel, Generaider Boss of Light, whichcame in at Number 13.


#6 - Mathmech Equation

A once-per-turn Monster Reborn for Mathmechs that feeds your combos andoffers an extra 1000 damage in a pinch, Mathmech Equation's a must-play at2 or 3 per deck in almost every Mathmech build going. Mathmechs have someawesome targets to bring back with Equation, so combined with its low pricetag the demand here is no mystery.

#5 - Hela, Generaider Boss of Doom

Hela nearly made the Top 10 last week, and her potential in Zombie buildsas well as dedicated Generaiders made her a growing fan favorite ever sinceMystic Fighters released. Special Summoning's a big priority forGeneraiders. That's in part for the same blanket reasons Special Summoningis always important, but also because it helps trigger the search effect ofMardel, Generaider Boss of Light. Generaider players will run stuff likeMonstrosity, Boss Stage, Reborn and more to abuse that effect and makeLevel 9 plays, and Hela's an important piece of that puzzle.

#4 - Nidhogg, Generaider Boss of Ice

Stacking up negations wins games, and if you can keep your opponent off thefield – or at least playing around your cards instead of doing what theywant – you're usually in a good position. Bringing out Nidhogg for free offGeneraider Boss Stage can really throw a monkey wrench into your opponent'splans, and that makes it an essential part of the Generaider toolbox. Its2100 ATK makes it a bit more of a threat than some of its compatriots too,so it helps protect your bigger, more important monsters while also helpingthem close out the game.

#3 - Geomathmech Magma

Back on the Mathmech side of things, Geomathmech Magma's the first of thetheme's two Synchro bosses, picking off smaller monsters to eliminatebigger problems and threatening your opponent's backrow. If it getsdestroyed you just get a free search, so it's a really nice beater you canforce your opponent to deal with when you're baiting out responses, or whenyou just can't put together anything else.

#2 - Generaider Boss Stage

The Generaider Field Spell is almost entirely reactive, breaking with thegeneral design ethics of playable fields; it doesn't replace itself whenit's played and it doesn't offer immediate value in a vacuum. There areways you can force both of its effects – Jormungandr and Wonder Xyz are mypersonal favorites – but a lot of its value simply lies in its ability todeter your opponent's searches. Letting you resolve the effects of BossStage can be disastrous, so your opponent has to answer it immediately orput in the work to play around it.

That's brutal, especially since neither option is always possible. Thiscard wins a lot of Game 1s.

#1 - Geomathmech Final Sigma

Finally, the Level 12 powerhouse of the Mathmech family was the singlebest-selling card on TCGplayer this week! Don't let looks deceive you,Mathmechs are really good at Synchro Summoning this thing despite its sheersize, and from there it's open season: Mathmech Addition, MathmechDivision, Mathmech Multiplicati and others all serve to tilt battles inyour favor, so Final Sigma can deal as much damage as possible. MathmechBillionblade Nayuta helps as well, and if anything ever destroys FinalSigma you'll just search out Mathmech Equation and bring it back with evenmore Attack Points.

Called by the Grave and general backrow removal help you make wins withFinal Sigma, but don't forget Diplexer Chimera, too; it's anotherCyberse-type, and its ability can lock your opponent's backrow long enoughto make a win. This theme has a lot of focus, and we'll have to wait andsee if that ends up being a weakness or a strength.

We've already mentioned a few of the cards that skirted the Top 10 thisweek, but let's take a minute for a recap. Mathmech Addition came in atNumber 11, while Lonefire Blossom and Mardel, Generaider Boss of Lightreached Number 12 and Number 13 together. Mathmech Nabla clocked in atNumber 14, and Dovelgus, Generaider Boss of Iron finished at Number 15.

I'm really interested to see how these numbers pan out over time. YCS Milanis this weekend, the final YCS of 2019, and next week could be influencedby new results from that event. Or, Mystic Fighters could prove tohave major legs and some of these cards could remain bestsellers for awhile. We could even see both happen, if one of the new themes manages aPrank-Kids style upset.

Join us again next week to see where the market winds up, and for now enjoythe last few hours of TCGplayer's Black Friday sale!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer