The 2018 Mega-Tins and Mega Packs are here! And we've gotyour first look at the bestselling cards from the release, as playerspicked up all the cards they were missing from the past year of core sets.

As we noted on Friday, this year's Mega Packs are a littledifferent: the addition of more Secret Rares to the set makes it tougher toopen any one specific Secret Rare, making it a bit trickier to open whatyou want but also protecting the value of bigger pulls by some smallmargin. Behind the scenes, there's also a wide observation that there seemto be two "tiers" of rarity amongst the Secret Rares, again making some ofthe set's bigger pulls more valuable…But also tougher to find if you'rejust buying single Tins.

The result of those mini rarity spikes – if we can call them that – hasn'tbeen overly dramatic. Evenly Matched is up a couple bucks from Friday,witha Market Price of almost $25. Borreload Dragon's about $21, and SaryujaSkull Dread's $14. From there everything else in the set is ten dollars orless, from Firewall Dragon and Heavymetalfoes Electrumite to theMekk-Knights, Topologic Bomber Dragon, and Inspector Boarder.

Right now only seven cards in the release are over five bucks, representinga healthy compromise between budget accessibility and the chance to "makeyour money back" on a Tin purchase. It's an interesting balancing act, anddespite the outcry from players about card scarcity, it seems to've workedout pretty well for both Tin and singles purchasers.

So where did that all land the secondary market? Surprisingly the set'smost valuable cards did exceedingly well over the weekend, with seven ofthe set's ten most valuable cards climbing to the Top 10 as measured bysheer number of sales. Two of the remaining chase cards clocked in atNumber 13 and Number 14, representing the kind of focused demand onhigh-value cards that's usually exceedingly rare, but which seemsincreasingly common lately given the recent high sales of Ash Blossom &Joyous Spring.

Let's dive into the Top 10 so you can see what I'm talking about.

#10: Borreload Dragon

The second biggest money pull in the set, Borreload Dragon sold anastounding number of copies as players clambered for the opportunity tosnag one of the format's must-own staple Links for around 20 bucks.Borreload Dragon's been a powerhouse ever since it debuted, dishing out bigdamage and troubleshooting opposing monsters…Including your opponent's ownBorreload Dragon, historically speaking.

It's no surprise to see Borreload Dragon as one of the most-wanted cards inthe set, but it is surprising to see such strongsales numbers backing it. Clearly a lot of competitors are looking to uptheir game this season, entering the higher echelons of organized play.

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#9: Dragonic Diagram

Already reprinted just two months ago inBattles of Legend: Relentless Revenge, Dragonic Diagram's moreaffordable than ever before. Combined with the recent reemergence of TrueDracos in tournament Top Cuts, as well as the long-lasting fandom for TrueKing Dinosaur decks, the result was a demand for Dragonic Diagram thatdefied expectations. Don't be alarmed if True Dracos start to become evenmore common in your local tournaments.

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#8: Evenly Matched

Another high-value shocker, Evenly Matched – the most expensive card in the2018 Mega Pack by far – was one of the biggest sellers of theweekend. With rumors starting early of a short printing, it seems as ifmany duelists simply decided to spare themselves the sealed product huntand go straight for the secondary market.

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#7: Spellbook of Knowledge

The most valuable Ultra Rare in the release, Spellbook of Knowledgecontinues to be a strong draw engine that sits on the competitive fringe,often serving rogue decks and Invoked variants alike. With all of theenthusiasm for the Invoked theme coming off key reprints fromShadows in Valhalla and the release of Aleister the Invoker ofMadness, it's no surprise to see Knowledge garnering such attention.

Again, availability is a big factor here: the Code of the Duelistoriginal was $12 or more before the Mega Pack reprint wasconfirmed, while the new printing is hugging four dollars. For aspecialized draw engine that's powerful, but can't be played in manystrategies, that $4 price point is far more suitable than twelve bucks.

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#6: Heavymetalfoes Electrumite

It wouldn't be a surprise to see Heavymetalfoes Electrumite Limited toone-per-deck on any new F&L List we might see this month, since themajority of the Pendulum strategy's most powerful – and time-consuming –combos require multiple copies to work. But Pendulums haven't done muchover the last two to three months, and at seven dollars apiece it's notfoolish to bet on this card.

Not only are there players looking to take up Pendulums right now,Heavymetalfoes Electrumite could easily gain value if the deck survives theF&L List. I don't know if the high level of interest in the card willtranslate into tournament table share, but there' s a mix of factors herethat drove demand, without reeking entirely of speculators.

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#5: Mekk-Knight Blue Sky

Printed in the easier of the two reported Secret Rare tiers in theMega Packs, the Mekk-Knights were some of the most popular cardsfrom the release.

A lot of the cards in the higher rarity tier are effectively one-ofs,limiting their player demand - think Link Monsters – while the starMekk-Knights are generally played in twos and threes. So even thoughMekk-Knight Blue Sky's a little easier to find on a per-case basis thansome of the other big cards, that just led to more demand, since playerswanted up to three copies for play purposes. Mekk-Knights are a commoncomplement to Trickstars and Invoked, and now that they're so much moreaffordable we'll see a lot of players trying them out.

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#4: Inspector Boarder

Bolstered by a star appearance at the World Championship this year,Inspector Boarder dropped from nine to ten dollars in its originalprinting, to the four dollar mark in its reprint. Shutting down a number ofbig combo-driven decks this format, it was underrated for months but hasnow become far more common in tournament play. Expect that trend tocontinue now that it's so much more accessible.

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#3: Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall

Back on the Mekk-Knight side of things, Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall'soften played in higher numbers than its chief companion Mekk-Knight BlueSky, and often outnumbers Mekk-Knight Indigo Eclipse and Mekk-Knight RedMoon 3:1 in competitive builds. It would be surprising if it didn't outpaceBlue Sky by at least some margin. The fact that both of these cards sold sostrongly over the weekend is testament to the set design that placed themin the lower of the two Secret Rare tiers.

#####CARDID= 22895#####

#2: Heavy Storm Duster

Meanwhile Heavy Storm Duster's the most popular Super Rare in the set, withits numbers in Regional Top 8 decks seemingly climbing every week. Droppingfrom $1.50 to less than 50 cents, demand was once again spurred on by easeof access. While Twin Twisters remains the most played backrow removal cardin tournaments today, Heavy Storm Duster offers a level of card economythat Twin Twisters rarely offers, giving an advantage to strategies that gofirst and leaving you with more in-hand cards to assemble your combos.

While Heavy Storm Duster wasn't painful to get before, the recent awarenessof the card arrives at the right time to push sales of the even moreaffordable reprint version.

#####CARDID= 22057#####

#1: Hey, Trunade!

Speaking of storms, Hey, Trunade! turned out to be the bestselling card ofthe weekend, dropping from around eight dollars to two thanks to theMega Packs. Arriving in Extreme Force with a ton of hypethat never panned out into competitive results, it was expensive from theget-go and never really dropped to a price that most players couldrationalize.

Fast forward to now and suddenly tons of competitors were interested inpicking up their copies. As one of the set's rarer pulls, Hey, Trunade!could see growth over time if the next F&L List does something to pushit into more competitive builds. But for now, it's a solid alternative tocurrent standards at an approachable price point, and that was enough tosell more copies than anything else this weekend.

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Looking beyond the Top 10, Mythical Beast Master Cerberus almost made thecountdown proper at Number 11. Altergeist Meluseek came in at Number 12,Saryuja Skull Dread and Firewall Dragon took 13 and 14 as we mentionedearlier, and the fifteenth bestselling card of the weekend was Ningirsu theWorld Chalice Warrior.

The biggest speculative hits targeted by more narrow groups of buyers wereDemise, King of Armageddon and End of the World, Altergeist Marionetter,Rescue Ferret, and pretty much all of the Mega-Tin promo cards.Fresh Tin promos are always a big target for vendors and investors, andwith so many having glimmers of potential this time around – as well assome overseas fan demand – the volume of promos sold was astounding.

Will these trends hold through another round of Regionals? Join us nextweek to find out, and keep an eye on the front page as we await the arrivalof a new F&L List. We'll be here with our commentary and early thoughtsthe day it finally drops.

We'll see you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer