Last week we saw a return to normalcy in the TCGplayer Marketplace, as thecasual trends of the weekend prior evened off into competitive mainstays.Those competitive trends largely continued through this past weekend, witha few small changes that may indicate last minute trends before the WCQ.

While the Sky Striker Link Monsters held strong last week in the Top 10,they dropped into the Top 15 range over the weekend – it feels likeeveryone who wanted to go Sky Strikers already has their copies. That leftroom for a few more competitive cards, with all signs pointing to continuedinterest in the Sky Striker engine.

Whether that means Sky Striker Trickstars, or a mix of that deck plus otherSky Striker variants like Goukis and SPYRALs, was impossible to tell offsales trends alone, though the continued demand for Scapegoat – relativelyunique to Trickstars this format – probably suggests a heavy interest inthat theme. The reality is that we've yet to see anything more decisivesuggesting themed trends since YCS Secaucus, so if there's a new SkyStriker variant lurking in the shadows, it's well concealed under thedemand for other cards.

A couple more fringe trends from last week continued on with differentcards, too: while Mirror Force and Allure of Darkness both made the Top 10in our last instalment, both fell from the bestseller list and werereplaced by associated cards. No surprise there, as cyclical demand oftencreates those kinds of rotations.

Meanwhile the rest of the Top 10 was occupied by a couple of fringe picksfor the Sky Striker engine. We'll talk about those in a moment, but firstlet's kick off our countdown at Number 10.

#10: Drowning Mirror Force

Last week Mirror Force took the Number 9 spot, with a fresh reprint inDark Saviors. We've seen Top 10 demand for Mirror Force andDrowning Mirror Force before, and this week the watery variant took over inthe marketplace. As we said last week, it's tough to tell if the upcomingMirror Force Launchermight have something to do with the increased demand, or if it's justregular reprint hype.

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#9: Toon Table of Contents

The Pegasus classic has bounced on and off the Top 10 list ever since itsrecent reprint, likely in part for its fan favorite status, as well as itsperceived use as a graveyard filler for Sky Strikers. At last checknobody's topped with Toon Table in recent tournaments, but that might havechanged in recent WCQ's. We'll have a better idea as we add more Top Cutlists to the deck archive tonight.

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#8: Foolish Burial Goods

A divisive pick in pure Sky Strikers, Foolish Burial Goods helps load thegraveyard for a wealth of effects, and can cycle itself with MetalfoesFusion. It hasn't appeared in many of the Sky Striker builds we've seentopping, butTitto MaretandManav Dawarboth mained two copies each, taking Top 8 and 2nd Placerespectively at YCS Secaucus.Other exampleshave followed suit since.

And upswing in demand for Foolish Burial Goods could suggest an uptick ofinterest in pure Sky Strikers. While Sky Striker Ace – Raye was miles fromthe top of the salescharts this weekend, it's very possible a number ofplayers picked up the deck core in previous weeks and are only nowmigrating to Foolish Burial Goods. Expect to see more pure Sky Strikers inupcoming tournaments.

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#7: Armageddon Knight

Allure of Darkness plummeted from Number 3 straight off the bestseller listthis weekend, but demand surged again for Armageddon Knight, anotherDark-forward reprint from Dark Saviors. Does that mean moreinterest in Dark Goukis? The Destrudo engine? Or just buying patternsebbing and flowing? We don't have much to go on, but it's probably worthnoting that previous surges of interest in Armageddon Knight didn't seem tomatch up to any Top 8 appearances before or after the spike of demand.

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#6: Knightmare Phoenix

Up from Number 8, the splashable Knightmare Phoenix just keeps getting morepopular. As we mentioned last week, Knightmare Phoenix is starting tobecome a bigger priority for players from all walks of Link life, thanks toits flexible removal effect and its ability to cycle your worst card foranother draw. It's a really fantastic card with a ton of utility; its risein the ranks is pretty easy to understand.

But hold on. There's a surprise coming up.

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#5: Pot of Desires

Before we get to that, hey! It's Pot of Desires! Has the ubiquitous "Draw2" spell regained its place as a perennial Top 10 bestseller? It might be alittle too early to make that call, but it has been back in strong sellingpositions for the last couple Market Watches. Pot of Desires was thebestselling card of 2017, and remained in the Top 10 for weeks well into2018.

As we often see in developed formats, lots of players often try to run itin established decks that aren't playing it yet once a strategy is "solved"with a consensus build, so it might start cropping up in places you haven'tseen it before. For now, we've seen it played as an optional card in pureSky Strikers and Sky Striker Trickstars, in quantities ranging from threecopies to zero. By the time the WCQ rolls around it's probably going to bemore of a factor in those decks.

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#4: Knightmare Cerberus

Yes, this weekend was one of the few times Knightmare Cerberus actuallyoutsold Knightmare Phoenix. But that's not as surprising as it looks; thenumbers were incredibly close, and Cerberus beat out Phoenix by just a fewcopies. Interest in Knightmares remains as strong as you'd probably guess,with Sky Strikers, Sky Striker Trickstars, and Sky Striker Goukis allrunning some form of Knightmare engine.

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#3: Scapegoat

Whether it's the Sky Striker variant or the pure version, Trickstars arehot, and almost every build is playing triple Scapegoat. Phantom Skyblastervariants are the exception, but so far we've seen very few successful takeson that deck, while Sky Striker Trickstars remains the biggest deck of theformat. There's no mystery as to why Scapegoat is so huge right now,especially with the Dark Saviors reprint making it so easy tofind.

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#2: Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones

Called by the Grave and Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones keep trading offbetween the Number 1 and Number 2 spots, and this weekend it was HornetDrones back in 2nd place. If you missed the discussion lastweek, we've started to see some successful duelists piloting Sky Strikerengines with Hornet Drones alone – no Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage! – andthat might be one of the factors keeping Hornet Drones so popular.

Or, just the fact that it's a lynchpin card in like, every deck right now.That's a pretty good reason for a card to sell a lot of copies.

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#1: Called by the Grave

Meanwhile if you had any doubt as to whether you'd need to prepare forCalled by the Grave in upcoming tournaments, pound another nail into thatcoffin because Called by the Grave sold by the bushel once again. Acatch-all answer to hand traps and a wealth of other threats, it's anincredible answer that allows a skilled player the opportunity to outplaytheir opponent, which is clutch at such a competitive time of year.

If you're not maining Called by the Grave yet, there's a good chance you'residing it. If you aren't doing that you might be caught out by players whoare.

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What was hot outside of the Top 10? Sky Striker Ace – Kagari and SkyStriker Ace – Shizuku took the Number 11 and Number 14 spots, with Kagarinarrowly missing the Number 10 spot. Return of the Dragon Lords actuallyclaimed Number 12, a bit of a surprise, while Mirror Force slipped toNumber 13. And Red Reboot was a big pick once again, at Number 15 – anothercard that's bound to see big play at the WCQ.

That's it for our look at the weekend's sales, but the WCQ is still nearlytwo weeks off, and we'll be back on Friday with more observations and abrand new Top 10. We'll see you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer