Welcome back! On Monday we saw the first big sellers from Maximum Crisis, as we looked at the biggest cards from the set's first weekend of tournament legality.

As expected, Maximum Crisis took every slot in the Top 10. Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio and Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra were the bestselling cards of the weekend, already topping tournaments as a Rank 3 engine that rolls in a search for cards like Instant Fusion and Brilliant Fusion. They were followed by Unending Nightmare, which emerged as the biggest new Side Deck pick in the game. From there, Subterror Fiendess and Subterror Final Battle took the Number 4 and Number 5 spots.

True King of All Calamities took Number 6, Set Rotation took Number 8, and the rest of the Top 10 were less relevant to competition: Sylvan Princessprite at Number 7, Prologue of the Destruction Swordsman at Number 9, and Magician's Right Hand at Number 10.

Normally in the wake of a new core set, we'd see the new release dominate the Top 10 for a couple weeks; it usually takes a while for older cards to break back into the Top 10. But this time around that didn't happen; with YCS Pittsburgh this weekend and the WCQ season heating up, we saw huge demand for a few big competitive cards from older sets this week. And while cards like True King of All Calamities and Set Rotation had middle-of-the-list placements over the weekend, the competitive cream rose to the top as of Monday.

Meanwhile a new crop of casual cards made the Top 10 as well. With the stage set, let's show you the ten bestselling cards in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week!

#10: Duelist Alliance

A new entry to the Top 10, Duelist Alliance was nowhere to be found on the sales charts over the weekend. But interest in the niche Secret Rare picked up over the week, which seems fair for a card that can search everything from Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer and Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer to Pendulum Call and Pendulum Hole.

A flexible uncosted search card that grabs a bunch of powerful stuff, and currently costs about four bucks? The demand here's easy to see, even if there's no immediate competitive application. We won't see Maximum Crisis reprints for a while, so speculation on Duelist Alliance makes a lot of sense.

#####CARDID= 21686 #####

#9: Magic Deflector

Magic Deflector stops a ton of relevant cards in the post-MACR environment, shutting down longtime standbys like Twin Twisters and Cosmic Cyclone, the latter of which is seeing a renaissance for its utility against True Draco Continuous cards. But at the same time, Magic Deflector can work against those True Draco Continuous Spells, as well as Field Spells, and perhaps most importantly Set Rotation. The latter can win games as early as Turn 1 in matchups where both players are attempting to play Dragonic Diagram, and all those factors combined surged Deflector into the Number 9 spot.

Magic Deflector's already begun topping Regional Qualifiers in several examples we saw last weekend, and with big names like Calvin Tahan playing copies to rogue 1st Place finishes, it's quickly garnering a ton of attention.

#####CARDID= 17779 #####

#8: Supreme King Gate Infinity

Searchable with Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm, Supreme King Gate Infinity and Supreme King Gate Zero unlock a range of Pendulum Summoning capabilities that basically didn't exist prior to Maximum Crisis. All three cards were nowhere near the Top 20 on Monday, but Infinity took Number 8 over the course of the week, and Supreme King Gate Zero clocked in at Number 22.

That wider range of Pendulum Summons is going to open up some really cool plays for combo-driven decks, and make a lot of powerful old cards more viable, so some momentary demand makes sense. Both cards are dirt cheap right now and hold a lot of promise, at least for some fun shenanigans.

#####CARDID= 21641 #####

#7: B.E.S. Big Core MK-3

I don't think anyone really anticipated more Big Core support in Maximum Crisis, but we got some, and as a 1900 DEF Cyber Dragon that can act as Rank 8 Xyz fodder or turn to attack mode a turn later to leverage its 2700 ATK, I guess Big Core MK-3' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=B.E.S. Big Core MK-3">B.E.S. Big Core MK-3 has some appeal? I'm surprised to see it rank so highly in the Top 10, but maybe there was some hype this week I missed.

It is, at the very least, the first good card for this strategy ever? Whether that's worth something to you depends on your perspective, but a lot of people picked up copies of MK-3, so there's more enthusiasm than I would've predicted.

#####CARDID= 21655 #####

#6: Fairy Tail - Luna

Fairy Tail – Luna's kind of amazing and I think the fact that it needs to be Normal Summoned in most strategies is the only thing keeping it from getting more attention.

Searching a "Fairy Tail" or "Familiar-Possessed" monster for free is pretty great, especially since one Luna can search another. Its Compulsory Evacuation Device effect is going to vary in worth depending on what you're bouncing; if you're taking out an Extra Deck monster your opponent only runs one copy of – which is generally most of them save the core Xyz in a Zoodiac engine, or True King of All Calamities – it's making an instant free plus with its search, and threatening another with its disruption, effectively at the cost of your Normal Summon. If you're using it to try and bounce something your opponent has more than one copy of, you could wind up accomplishing effectively nothing or even helping your opponent by yarding something with graveyard utility.

Right now, Normal Summons are tremendously important. That keeps Luna from being a breakout star. But the card definitely has some potential, and seeing it at Number 6 suggests players are confident they can find ways to use it. Definitely a candidate for a sleeper hit some time down the line.

#####CARDID= 21661 #####

#5: True King Lithosagym, the Disaster

I recently said that when older cards started breaking back into the Market Watch Top 10, True King Lithosagym, the Disaster would obviously lead the pack. Surprisingly that wasn't the case! While the True King Dinosaur lynchpin almost took the top non-MACR seat in this Top 10, it was actually beaten out by another card…

#####CARDID= 21162 #####

#4: Windwitch - Ice Bell

Yes, Windwitch - Ice Bell managed to unhorse the former reigning champion of Market Watch. The Windwitch engine has seen a lot of logged tournament play in the OCG lately, in a variety of True Draco variants, with more and more players leaning toward a version of the deck with Spellbooks. You can see what that deck looks like over here on the Organization's latest OCG deck list roundup.

The new Spellbook of Galdrabok from Code of the Duelist has made the Windwitches more viable, and speculation based on that card was probably what led to massive sales for Windwitch - Ice Bell this week.

#####CARDID= 21150 #####

#3: True King of All Calamities

Back on the Maximum Crisis side of things, True King of All Calamities is up from Number 6 this week, as more players come to appreciate its power in True King Dinosaur decks, as well as anything else that can run True Kings and Denglong, First of the Yang Zing. With a killer control effect, an ability that makes all your True Kings better, and a massive 3000 ATK, the appeal here isn't tough to see.

Still available for less than a dollar, True King of All Calamities is likely to continue as a top-selling card through the YCS Pittsburgh weekend. If it emerges as a crushingly powerful force at the YCS, expect that low price point to see a bit of a spike.

#####CARDID= 21669 #####

#2: Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio

Down from Number 1 last weekend, Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio still sold by the bushel over the last four days, combining Rank 3 access on the level of Tour Guide From the Underworld and Speedroid Terrortop with unprecedented search power for Instant Fusion and Brilliant Fusion. Make a Rank 3, combo with graveyard-driven discards, and search a power spell for free?

It's obviously powerful, and when you add the consistency of Lonefire Blossom it may be one of the best cards of the year.

#####CARDID= 21632 #####

#1: Set Rotation

But Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio lost out to Set Rotation! The enemy of your enemy is your friend, and in this case, the trump card to your opponent's trump card is the… trumpiest card… of… all?

Something like that.

But the point is, Set Rotation beats Dragonic Diagram by sticking your opponent with Gateway to Chaos or Oracle of Zefra, and if you can manage to do that in any matchup that pits your Dragonic Diagram against your opponent's, you'll probably win. It's cheap, effective, and it's so good it drove Magic Deflector into the Top 10, so yeah. Even if you're not playing Dragonic Diagram yourself, it's still awesome for decks like Kozmos and ABC-Dragon Buster.

Championships will be won and lost due to Set Rotation, probably as soon as this Sunday.

#####CARDID= 21687 #####

What else was big this week? Waterfall of Dragon Souls came in at Number 11, which is kind of surprising for a card most players have disregarded as an inferior Dragonic Diagram. Will it see tournament play? It's unlikely, but possible.

Subterrors remained a point of interest with Subterror Final Battle clocking in at Number 12 and Subterror Fiendess not far behind at Number 15. Meanwhile True King's Return wasn't difficult to place at Number 14, fast becoming a three-of in several True Draco variants, while Phantasm Spiral Dragon at lucky Number 13 was significantly more surprising.

This weekend we'll see how everything hashes out in Maximum Crisis' first big tournament outing at YCS Pittsburgh, and we'll see the fallout from that tournament on Monday, in our next Market Watch. We'll see you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer