As we count down the hours to YCS Pasadena, the biggest news of the weekwas the future OCG release of new Link Monsters fromLink VRAINS Pack 2.

Cards likePlatinum Gadget,Great General of the Six Samurai, andMagical Musketeer Maxgenerated lots of discussion this week, and for two very different reasons.On one hand they're all really freakin' good: each card demonstrates animmediate tie-in to its theme, serving core objectives and playing tocentral strengths for fan-favorite archetypes.

But at the same time the checks and balances on those cards are differentas well: more and more of the new Link Monsters are demanding LinkMaterials name-stamped to their respective themes, with the most flexiblestill requiring specific monster types. The goal appears to be to createunique monsters for specific decks, as opposed to unleashing the nextIsolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights. Doug did a great video on theentire concept just today,so do yourself a favor and check that out if you missed it.

Combined with a common clause that keeps players from immediately using thenew signature Links for Link Climbing into bigger Summons, the general gistis that these cards are better for their specific themes and better forgame balance as a whole; they can't be splashed into other strategies andthen abused for massive combo strings of the type that have become soproblematic. That's got players looking forward to a brighter future ofcard design, just as much as they're looking forward to the new cardsthemselves.

And boy, are people looking forward to them. Last week's enthusiasm for newcards and top reprints from the Zombie Horde Structure Deckremained, as did high demand for generic tournament staples. But the sheerpopularity and potential ofMagical Musketeer Max– a card that we literally may not see for years here in TCG territories –drove demand for everything Magical Musket over the last couple days.Demand was so strong that even though word is just getting around about thenew Musketeer Link, more than one Magical Musketeer wound up rocketingstraight to the Top 10.

By Monday we'll have a whole new set of tournament influences from theweekend's YCS, and we might even have word on a new Advanced Format – thecurrent format's only guaranteed for three more days. But for now, here areyour Top 10 bestselling cards from TCGplayer this week.

#10: Glow-Up Bloom

Continuing from its established popularity last week, Glow-Up Bloom was oneof three new Zombie cards to stick a spot in the Top 10 off the release ofZombie Horde. Searching out heavy hitters new and old and thenthreatening to drop them straight to the field, Glow-Up Bloom's atremendously fun card that can do some tremendously threatening things.

As someone who once considered dressing up as Il Blud for Halloween, itwarms my cold undead heart.

#####CARDID= 24481#####

#9: Magical Musketeer Caspar

With an ability that's big on card economy and tight on precision, MagicalMusketeer Caspar's always been a centerpiece for Magical Musket decks.Rewarding aggression with a free plus where you get to choose theproblem-solving card you search is always powerful, and Caspar makesMagical Musketeers flexible and adaptable almost singlehandedly.

The real story here is the sheer level of investment from such a broadgroup of players: at a Market Price of about twelve dollars, it's rare tosee anything as valuable as Caspar outselling the thousands of moreaffordable cards Yu-Gi-Oh! has to offer. There are clearly some MagicalMusket fans who mean business, and a lot of collectors looking to stayahead of the action.

#####CARDID= 22712#####

#8: Shared Ride

One of the most played cards of the current format, Shared Ride wasreprinted in Zombie Horde and now easily found for about $1.25.It's an absolute must-own for the Sky Striker match-up, but it's usefulagainst all sorts of decks and it's no surprise to see it mained or sidedany time you sit down at a tournament table. With such a high power levelat such a reasonable price, the demand is easy to understand.

#####CARDID= 17157#####

#7: Mezuki

Inarguably one of the greatest Zombie cards of all time, Mezuki's also astar player for any build of the new Mayakashi theme,debuting today in Hidden Summoners. Offering a free Special Summon with minimal restrictions, and creatingbig synergy with cards that can recycle it from the removed zone, Mezuki'san all-time classic that's weathered the test of time to remain a Zombiestaple.

#####CARDID= 15817#####

#6: Doomking Balerdroch

A massive Zombie beatstick that works really well as a payoff for Glow-UpBloom, Doomking Balerdroch is a terror to deal with given its ability toreturn to the field again and again. Turning your own Zombie ability intofree banishing power, and negating opposing monsters and dishing out evenmore banishes when you control Zombie World, it's a worthy boss monsterthat could become relevant to tournaments in some future format. It's adefinite card-to-watch, and at 75 cents a pop on the TCGplayer Marketplaceit makes lots of sense to pick up now, before it might take off underdifferent competitive conditions.

#####CARDID= 24479#####

#5: Magical Musketeer Starfire

The lower price tag on Magical Musketeer Starfire likely accounts for thefact that it sold even more copies than Caspar, but at a Market Price ofsix bucks it's not like Magical Musketeer Starfire is cheap. Again, it'sstrong testament to the level of faith players have inMagical Musketeer Max, and what it represents for the future of the always-a-bridesmaid MagicalMusket theme.

It's a deck we've always wanted to be good, and now that it might beseriously competitive everybody and their grandmother seems willing to buyin.

#####CARDID= 22715#####

#4: Foolish Burial

One of the most powerful combo-driving infrastructure cards of all time,Foolish Burial is simple and effective graveyard setup at its finest,allowing players to take a brief minus to set up the a chance at massiveplusses and beyond. I can't Recall a year after its release where FoolishBurial wasn't played, and that puts it into a rare echelon amongstYu-Gi-Oh's most useful cards. Now that it's fresh off another reprint andincredibly affordable, lots of newer players who haven't necessarily had achance to play it yet will be picking them up.

Combined with the selling power of a number of top decks – we saw it justthis weekend topping Regionals in everything from Goukis to SPYRALs andDino Thunder Dragons – demand is huge and supply is deep. Foolish Burial'sa fitting entry at Number 4.

#####CARDID= 12975#####

#3: Necroworld Banshee

The final hit from Zombie Horde, Necroworld Banshee's an enablerfor the all-important Zombie World Field Spell, getting you to it and thenprotecting it from destruction. Not since Toon World has a specific themebeen so dependent on its Field, and Necroworld Banshee keeps everythingconsistent as you spread your undead plague and take advantage of youropponent's compromised monsters.

As a marquee Structure Deck Super Rare, the Banshee won't be 75 centsforever.

#####CARDID= 24480#####

#2: Called by the Grave

Finally the Top 2 bestselling cards of the week were both big, splashabletournament staples played in just about everything. Called by the Grave hasbecome the undisputed bestselling card of the year for its ablity to fendoff hand traps, but specific uses in match-ups like Sky Strikers andThunder Dragons have just made it even more powerful in the current format.

Despite its Semi-Limited status demand has only risen over time, and Calledby the Grave may very well become one of the most iconic spells the gamehas ever seen.

#####CARDID= 23527#####

#1: Dinowrestler Pankratops

The only thing that could outsell Called by the Grave this week was ourreigning, defending, undisputed champion of Market Watch these days,Dinowrestler Pankratops. While impressions of the card were mixed comingout of YCS Niagara, players continued siding it and now it's gettingglowing reviews all over the place. It even made Main Deck breakthroughsthis week in the new Dino Thunder Dragon builds, several of which took bigTop 8's.

#####CARDID= 24359#####

That's it for the Top 10 this week, but looking just beyond the biggestcards there was lots of demand along similar lines. Terraforming, ShiranuiSolitaire, and Zombie World all saw spikes coming off the release ofZombie Horde, and slipping into the debutof Mayakashi. MeanwhileImpcantation Penciplume benefitted from Hidden Summoners as well,and Anti-Spell Fragrance continued to be top seller thanks to its latestreprint.

The most speculated card of the week was Gateway of the Six, obviously owedto the incredible potential it has withGreat General of the Six Samurai. Boasting an effect that suddenly makes Gateway incredibly consistent, theGreat General worked wonders for Six Sam hype for the past three days andthat had a direct impact on collector and vendor expectations.

We'll be back next week, so if you're going to YCS Pasadena tomorrow bestof luck, and try not to get FTK'd!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer