It's a big week for Yu-Gi-Oh!

YCS action returns to California this weekend in Pasadena. Hundreds ofYu-Gi-Oh! Day events will be held all across North and South America. Andtoday marks the official street date of the latest special booster,Mystic Fighters.

Last week we saw the secondary market swerved by the reveal of a lot ofawesome Link Monsters from the OCG's upcoming LINK VRAINS Pack 3.That spiked demand for stuff like Tenyis and Dragon Buster DestructionSword, as players and speculators looked to get ahead of the curve. We nowknow that we may see some of those cards here in the TCG in a reprintrelease arriving in March, called Duel Overload. But withcompetition ramping up into the weekend and Mystic Fighters pre-sales infull swing here on TCGplayer, the market shifted toward competitive staplesand new hits.

The pre-sale period for any release is never guaranteed to put new cardsinto the Top 10; sometimes new cards make it onto the best-seller listearly, and sometimes they don't. That's not just a function of thedesirability of a given card: some releases appear for sale late into theweek, giving them an automatic handicap in the Monday to Friday salesperiod, and sometimes there just aren't enough of them being offered forpreorder. That said, we already saw one card from Mystic Fightershit the best-seller charts, and it might not surprise you that the biggesthit out of the gates was Dragonmaids by a mile.

Is there anything we can glean from this week's Top 10 that could be usefulin tournaments this weekend? A few cards that are played most commonly in,or because of Sky Strikers saw stronger sales after recent dips in demand.It's no secret that this format hasn't been great to Sky Strikers, but someplayers are trying new concepts in a bid to revitalize the strategy.

So let's see what was big in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week.

#10 - Cosmic Cyclone

A staple of the best-seller charts over the last months, Cosmic Cyclonedipped out of the Top 10 last week in a drop to Number 12. Whether that wasa function of lowered interest in Sky Strikers combined with marketsaturation, leaving Cosmic Cyclone weak during the push for cards relatedto LVP3 is up in the air. Did it lose ground last week to alternatives likeTwin Twisters and Heavy Storm Duster? We can't really tell. But it's backnow, still the reigning Champion of backrow destruction this format.

#####CARDID=26226 #####

#9 - Parlor Dragonmaid

Yes, Dragonmaids appear to be a hit, and the most affordable of the humanform Dragonmaid cards predictably sold the most copies. Parlor Dragonmaid'sprecise search-and-send ability lets you build combos in ways that make herirreplaceable, and while there are lots of different ways to build theDragonmaid strategy you'll almost always see three copies of Parlor as astaple.

Laundry Dragonmaid's actually more affordable, at least for now, but manybuilds play her as a one-of or ignore her altogether. That left Parlor asthe number one hit from the release so far.

#####CARDID=26499 #####

#8 - There Can Be Only One

As interest in Sky Strikers dwindled, There Can Be Only One faded from theTop 10. We haven't seen it selling this well for three weeks. But now thatwe're seeingTrue Draco Sky Strikersand even creative stuff likethis Dark Sky Striker build, There Can Be Only One Rebounded.

That might also reflect interest in straight True Dracos, a deck thatsometimes runs There Can Be Only One as well, but historically it takes ahigher level of interest to move the needle on a card to this degree. Areplayers gaining interest in True Dracos too? Maybe; it's definitely hit acouple Top Cuts this format. But we're probably looking at a surge for SkyStrikers, which is interesting because it turns YCS Pasadena into amake-or-break event.

If Strikers continue to do relatively poorly at YCS Pasadena, prepare tosee that deck – and There Can Be Only One – disappear from Regionals andChampionships.

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#7 - Artifact Lancea

This card was a Side Deck staple last format, but it's taken a bit of atumble in current competition. Artifact Lancea's still really popular: outof the last 40 Regional Top Cut lists we've archived here on TCGplayer, 24of them sided at least one copy of Lancea (with most running three). But itused to have a much higher rate of play in previous formats.

That's interesting because while Artifact Lancea saw more play earlier inthe year, it only broke into the Top 10 very rarely. The number of playerspicking up copies this week was a surprise, even for a card that sees somuch use, so expect to see more of it moving forward.

#####CARDID=26216 #####

#6 - Mind Control

Mind Control's gone from being mirror match tech in Orcusts and Strikers toboth a Main Deck and Side Deck pick in almost everything out there, andthat's kept it one of the hottest cards of the format. TCGplayer affiliateand Yugitube favorite Cimoooooooo brought up a great pointin one of his latest videos: that because Mind Control is such an old card, it doesn't have aonce-per-turn clause limiting you when you draw multiple copies. And that'strue. It's also an effect that you can often benefit from resolving inmultiples too, playing through opposing negations and clearing the pathstraight to your opponent's Life Points.

Mind Control's a powerful, uncomplicated card that's really easy to play.That's made it a consistent best-seller this format, and something any deckcan at least consider running.

#####CARDID=26221 #####

#5 - Dinowrestler Pankratops

He's back! Dinowrestler Pankratops was a perennial best-seller when it wasfirst released, but as the shape of competition changed it fell out offashion. Now, with a handful of relevant floodgates and more backrow cardsin general, it's starting to see a return to play. The DuelDevastatorUltra Rare was less than 25 cents for weeks, but nowit's hit the $1 mark due to mounting demand. If you haven't flexed yourcopies for a while definitely consider what they could do for you, and beprepared to see them on the other side of the table over the coming weeks.

#####CARDID=26219 #####

#4 - Saryuja Skull Dread

Pendulums, SPYRALs and Thunder Dragons all have on-record tops with SaryujaSkull Dread over the last two weeks, and that Duel Devastator price tag of $2 or less just can't be denied. This is one of the best LinkMonsters ever printed, it's a must-own for competitive players, and thoughit's not as common as it once was it still anchors a number of mainstreamsuccessful decks, plus many rogue picks.

Is it on the chopping block for Limited status come January? It's startingto look more and more as if it won't be, so take that for what it's worthin the long term.

#####CARDID=26209 #####

#3 - Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

One of the few cases where the DUDE reprint is actually a bit moreexpensive than some of the other copies, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring isgaining more and more table share as we begin to see "go-second" strategiesoccupying more seats. It still has the highest utility across a wide rangeof competitive match-ups, so while it may not have the sheer impact of afew other options it wins out for being such a safe pick. It's difficult tofind a deck that doesn't struggle when you block a search, a Special Summonfrom the deck or the sending of a card to the graveyard, and that's keptAsh Blossom wildly powerful.

#####CARDID=26186 #####

#2 - Called by the Grave

I mean, you've gotta beat Ash Blossom somehow, right?

#####CARDID=26227 #####

#1 - Super Polymerization

And finally, maybe you'd like to stop everything else. Take note: SuperPolymerization is starting to creep up in price, with the DUDE Ultra Rarenow costing six bucks. If this thing somehow makes it through the newF&L List at three-per-deck come January, expect the speculators to gowild to the tune of an immediate price spike.

#####CARDID=26223 #####

Looking at Mystic Fighters, the Top 5 most ordered cards from the releaseso far are Parlor Dragonmaid first, followed by Dragonmaid Hospitality,Laundry Dragonmaid, Dragonmaid Welcome and Dragonmaid Ernus. You have todrop all the way down to the Number 10 spot to hit anything that's not aDragonmaid, landing on Primathmech Laplacian.

That's it for this week, but we'll be back on Monday with a look at the fallout from YCS Pasadena! Thanks for reading, good luck if you're headed to the YCS, and have a great weekend.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer