Welcome to another Friday Market Watch!

As the days ticked down to the first-ever 3-versus-3 Team YCS in Atlantathis weekend,news broke about the latest F&L List in OCG territory. Plus we saw some revealsfrom the GAMA Trade Show in Reno Nevadacourtesy of Konami's own displays, and new informationabout cards that might appear in April's Duel Power release.

At the same time we also saw some big market impacts from the re-release ofSavage Strike cards thanks toSavage Strike Special Edition, bringing us a couple of hot promocards and some much-needed supply of the set's biggest hits. What did thatdo to the secondary market?

Let's jump right in and find out.

#10: Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights

I'm not sure why Isolde spiked in demand this week. On one hand we've gotsome incoming Warrior cards that could work with Isolde. Sure. On the otherhand, Isolde survived the OCG's new F&L List, which… might?... suggest…that it won't get hit here in April? Seems like a stretch, since the OCGLists seem to be taking more and more cues from the TCG these days, butyeah.

Right now we're in a situation where Dark Warrior combo-based decks, andnow Danger! combo decks, just continue to see play no matter what end-fieldpayoff monsters get Forbidden. You take away Firewall Dragon, they just runNumber 86: Heroic Champion – Rhongomyniad and Topologic Gumblar Dragon. Youkill those, and players runs The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche, OuterEntity Azathot, and D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga. At some point you'vegotta start looking at the deeper infrastructure causing those problems,and while a lot of combo decks are relying on Dangers instead of Isoldenow, I think it's an inherently broken card that will always represent athreat to gameplay.

But hey, April's a long ways away and who knows when we'll actually see anew F&L List, if Isolde even winds up on it (ever). For now it's animmensely powerful card at the lowest point of its pendulum-like swing, andlots of players saw opportunities in it this week. That was enough to putit at Number 10.

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#9: White Rose Dragon

Despite having very little real potential for competition, I think WhiteRose Dragon's easily one of the most anticipated Special Edition promos ofall time with Konami taking a new approach to how they fill those slots inthe SE release. Sure, yes, this card probably would've made more of animpact if it debuted in Sisters of the Rose instead. That's true.But at the same time that doesn't really negate the coolness factor or mostplayers' enthusiasm for the card, both of which were big factors in gettingit to Number 9 for the week.

White Rose Dragon is a really neat fandom-driven cards tied to one of themost popular characters across all eras of Yu-Gi-Oh. The fact that it'sactually pretty good, especially by the standard of fan fodder cards, justmakes it all that more appealing. It's super fun, it's awesome to seeKonami trying out different things with Special Editions, and the appeal ispretty clear.

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#8: Yuki-Musume, the Ice Mayakashi

Slightly more surprising than White Rose Dragon's reception, Yuki-Musumemanaged to outsell it to take the Number 8 spot. This was a very closerun-off, so don't get the impression that Yuki-Musume just smashed on WhiteRose Dragon and run off with its lunch or anything; both cards were neckand neck. But the strong numbers for Yuki-Musume – a card that doesn't havethe fandom factor backing it – suggests players are still interested in theMayakashi theme, even though it largely flopped out of the gates in theTCG.

Interesting to consider.

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#7: Lady Debug

As predicted last week, some of the Salamangreat support cards slipped a couple spots over thepast few days simply due to a satisfied demand. At some point a lot of theplayers who wanted to migrate to Salamangreats are just finished doing so,and by now those players all have their copies of Lady Debug. Despite sometalk from YCS Dusseldorf on forward about Salamangreat Foxy and FlameBufferlo being better Special Summons, Lady Debug's still remained athree-of in almost every Top Cut build we've seen, and that's kept demandsignificant.

At this point the fact that so many Salamangreat cards are still in suchdemand is kind of remarkable; lots of players are still picking up thestrategy, and that means you should expect to continue to see Salamangreatsoccupying more table share at your tournaments.

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#6: Salamangreat Violet Chimera

Event hough Lady Debug fell from Number 4 to Number 7 in a week's time,Salamangreat Violet Chimera actually gained a spot, jumping from Number 7to Number 6. That's knid of surprising on one hand, since Salamangreatsonly run one Chimera to the usual three Lady Debug. But at the same time itmay just be a function of Chimera's lower price point, as well as the factthat some players didn't run Chimera and Fusion of Fire in early builds.

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#5: Summon Sorceress

Summon Sorceress was nowhere to be found in our recent Market Watch Top10's, but she vaulted back into the countdown and soared all the way toNumber 5 this week. Like Isolde it's kind of tough to know exactly why. Inthis case Summon Sorceress is already Forbidden in the OCG and potentiallyan easier mark in the TCG as a result, so the spike in demand's a bit of amystery. Danger! combo decks have outpaced Isolde and Sorceress in mostmetagames, but maybe this is players hedging their bets against thepossibility of Dangers taking a hit in April while Isolde and Sorceresssurvive?

It's a bit of a tricky trend, but it's one to keep an eye on movingforward.

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#4: Called by the Grave

Up from Number 5 last week, demand for Called by the Grave has remainedsteady while the number of Salamangreat cards continues to slowly slide.Hand traps are huge this format – as you were probably well aware – andCalled by the Grave is still the best answer for most strategies. It'splayed in so many decks that it's a definite must-own card at three foranybody competing in tournaments, and that's kept it in high demand eversince it was released.

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#3: Fusion of Fire

Just like Salamangreat Violet Chimera, Fusion of Fire saw bigger demandthis week than last week, up from Number 6 to Number 3. Chimera continuesto shift to an absolute standard for all Salamangreat builds, with andwithout the Artifact engine, and that's made it a big standout in thesecondary market.

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#2: Flame Bufferlo

Flame Bufferlo's still huge in Artifact Salamangreats, but it just couldn'tcompete with Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf off the release of theSavage Strike Special Edition.

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#1: Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf

The release of the SAST Special Edition dropped Sunlight Wolf dramatically,spiking supply and cutting the price of the card in half. It's now sittingat about five bucks, and that must've brought it into striking distance fora lot of budget players because it sold like absolute hotcakes this week.With Sunlight Wolf's price down the deck's even more affordable, and giventhe renewed interest I think it's safe to expect a new wave of budgetplayers taking up Salamangreats in a lot of locals and Regionals.

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Looking past the Top 10, Summon Limit was still strong at Number 11, andinterest in combo-driven decks pushed Orcust Knightmare and World LegacyGuardragon to Number 12 and Number 15 respectively. That left DinowrestlerPankratops at Number 13 and Effect Veiler at Number 14, still two of themost popular Side Deck cards in the game today.

We saw some notable speculation too, with a very slim number of buyerssnapping up tons of Update Jammers. Mythical Beast Bashilisk got the sametreatment as Pendulum Magicians remain relevant and the SpellcasterStructure Deck gets closer and closer, and the recent niche success ofNekroz moved huge numbers of Shurit, Strategist of then Nekroz and NekrozMirror. Nekroz are nowhere near the F&L List discussion right now, butthe dekc's really quite good and could see major action if the nextAdvanced Format clears away all the biggest players.

That's it for this week, but be sure to check back in a few days when westart to log the results from YCS Atlanta!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer