Welcome back to Market Watch! Today we see the official release of the2018 Mega-Tins and with them, the 2018 Mega Pack, one ofthe biggest releases in every dueling year.

Reprinting lots of Secret Rare chase cards, from Borreload Dragon, SaryujaSkull Dread, and Firewall Dragon to Evenly Matched and the Mekk-Knights,the 2018 Mega Pack gives duelists a fresh chance at a ton ofhighly competitive cards. That said, the value of the set's biggest SecretRares are cushioned by a larger Secret Rare lineup than in previous years,making the chance to pull any one specific Secret Rare a bit tougher, aswell as what appears to be two slightly different rarity tiers at theSecret Rare level.

How will that impact the secondary market? It'll likely mean slightlysmaller price dips than in previous years: meaning a better chance to makeyour money back on a tin purchase, but a bit of a tougher time opening thecards you want, or finding a deal if you're going the singles route. So farthe effects seem minimal, with only three cards winding up over the $10mark: Saryuja Skull Dread at $14 as of this writing; Borreload Dragon at$17; and Evenly Matched at $24. But with cards officially going on salejust today, we'll have to wait until Monday's Market Watch to see howeverything shakes out.

In the mean time we have one last look at a pre-Mega-Tinsmarketplace… save for one early hit. The promo cards found in everyMega-Tin were confidently spoiled earlier in the week, which ledto more pre-sales, which landed the hottest of those promos way up in theTop 10 bestseller list by sheer volume of sales. We'll get to that in alittle while – it was pretty high up there.

Aside from those cards we saw a repeat of a lot of recent trends: RitualSummoning support was back topping the sales charts, similar to howPre-Preparation of Rites in years past; splashable staples that crosscompetitive boundaries did well, including another huge showing from therising Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring; and the Invoked engine once againtook four spots in the Top 10.

With those trends in mind, let's get right into the countdown.

#10: Pot of Desires

Always a competitive card, Pot of Desires was the bestselling card of lastyear and that bled into big sales through the run-up to WCQs here in 2018.After sliding from the top of the salescharts it's been back repeatedlyover the past weeks, and this week was no exception. We haven't seen areprint of Pot of Desires in a year, and that's kept it at a firm $3.50.

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#9: Impcantation Candoll

Back in the Top 10, the Impcantations continue to exist as proof of thebuying power of casual and creative duelists. As we mentioned before,Pre-Preparation of Rites is the only card to even approach Pot of Desiresin the field of continuous weeks in the Top 10, and now that RitualMonsters have a fresh shot in the arm lending them more power, players haveresponded the same way yet again. Rituals are an iconic part of oldschoolYu-Gi-Oh, and tons of buyers always come out of the woodwork when there'snew, well designed Ritual support.

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#8: Impcantation Talismandra

And that's important to recognize: Impcantation Candoll and ImpcantationTalismandra are quite well designed, bringing nominal risk to Ritualstrategies and offering card advantage, deck thinning, and repeatability toalmost any Ritual strategy. Of those three angles the last one is probablythe most important; Ritual decks haven't struggled to make their firstRitual Summon in years, but it's the ability to Ritual Summon enough to winquickly, or force plays through the opponent's defenses, that have causedRituals more trouble.

With help from the Impcantations, Rituals are certainly closer to beingcompetitive than they have been in a while. Will we see a Regionalbreakthrough this weekend? It's definitely something we're watching out forweek-to-week. Player interest is clearly high.

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#7: Invoked Mechaba

Demand for Invoked Mechaba remained steady this week, as did its price. Asa must-run at 2 or even 3 per deck for dedicated Invoked strategies, thedemand's easy to understand given the incredible accessibility of theInvoked engine in the wake of Shadows in Valhalla. InvokedPurgatrio – which didn't receive a reprint – has also spiked in demand andprice, still sitting just under the $4.00 mark with a couple key vendorskeeping it approachable with deep stock.

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#6: Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

Once again, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring managed to outsell thousands oflower priced cards, even as its value rose: theShadows in Valhalla Super Rare andLegendary Collection Kaiba Ultra Rare are now neck-and-neck, asthe Super Rare climbed from a $20-$22 range up to a current Market Price of$27 and counting.

That's inevitable when a card is selling so many copies in short supply.With eight Regional Qualifiers in North America this weekend and dozensmore scheduled over the coming weeks, competitors are returning topremier-level dueling by the thousands and that means growing demandthrough the season for cards like Ash Blossom.

At this point it's a matter of time before Ash Blossom & Joyous Springdisappears from the Top 10, either due to rising price or dwindlingavailability. As of this moment there are only 50 Super Rares left in theTCGplayer Marketplace.

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#5: Invocation

Invocation's another impressive entry into the Top 10 based on its price,which is now up from five dollars to six. Supply on this one is doing a lotbetter, but it's still pretty rare to see a $5+ card in the Top 10 over somany Market Watch columns. We haven't seen a ton of Invoked decks inRegional Top 8's yet, but they're starting to appear, and we could see moreby the time this weekend's out.

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#4: Aleister the Invoker

…And you can't play Invoked without Aleister the Invoker. The SHVA SecretRare upgrade's a bit higher in price than the Fusion EnforcersSuper Rare, but it's still very approachable at about $1.50.

Again, the level of interest in the Invoked theme suggests players aretaking these cards to tournaments, especially since the theme isn't cheapacross the board,. And with the 2018 Mega Pack reprints makingMekk-Knights so much easier to find, that might help drive Invoked into thetournament scene as well; Mekk-Knights and Invoked are one of the biggestpairings this year, right behind Sky Strikers and… well, everything else.

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#3: Magical Meltdown

The last piece of the Invoked engine to hit the Top 10 this week, MagicalMeltdown can still be found on the marketplace for ten cents, but there areonly a handful at that price right now. By next week it seems as if itcould easily hit the 50-cent mark. We'll check back on Monday.

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#2: Elemental HERO Solid Soldier

One of the biggest stories of the week, the new Elemental HERO SolidSoldier from the 2018 Mega-Tins exploded into the secondary marketthis week to sell an incredible number of copies. And for good reason: theuse of HERO monsters in tournament play, especially the trio of Vision HEROVyon, Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, and Destiny Hero – Malicious in DarkGoukis, has been on the rise in recent Regionals. That's good news forSolid Soldier because it's effectively Shadow Mist's new best friend.

Searchable with Reinforcement of the Army and E – Emergency Call, ElementalHERO Solid Soldier gives you another way to Special Summon Shadow Mist fromyour hand, immediately searching Mask Change or Mask Change II from yourdeck. It also works with either of those spell cards to revive a fallenShadow Mist for another free search. It gets two Warriors on the field forIsolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights along the way, and it's an Earthmonster for your Fusion plays instead of another redundant Dark.

It can even combo with Vision HERO Vyon if you're looking to take thelonger way around and run a Polymerization strategy, though at that pointyou're starting to wade closer to casual territory than competitive. But nomatter how you play it, Elemental HERO Solid Soldier's a powerful, flexiblecard that brings smart card economy and more consistency to HEROstrategies, and decks that just want to splash a HERO engine. The marketreacted accordingly.

#1: Called by the Grave

And finally, Called by the Grave was once again the bestselling card in theTCGplayer marketplace. No surprise there, as it's a catch-all answer tomost hand traps and a staple of competition at this point. With Ash Blossom& Joyous Spring reprinted and selling by the barrelful, there's evenmore reason to own this card than before, and as we've said in recent weeksthere's no reason to believe the F&L List will do anything to changethat.

When one of the format's most important cards is still selling for a buck,it definitely moves units.

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What else was big this week? Golden Bamboo Sword almost broke the Top 10again, this time coming in at Number 11. If you stepped away from MarketWatch for a little while, that's because Golden Bam was the draw engine ofchoice ina recent Regional-winning Six Samurai deck.

Akashic Magician took Number 12 off its Shadows in Valhallareprint, Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones wound up at Number 14, and TwinTwisters clocked in at Number 15 thanks to the popularity for the newSecret Rare. That left Elemental HERO Nebula Neos at Number 13, with itsflashy effect driving player enthusiasm.

That's it for this week, but join us next time around when we'll see theearly winners from the 2018 Mega Pack release!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer