With the Extreme Force Sneak Peak now in the history books, andthe set's full release on Friday, we started to see the secondary marketbending to adjust for its arrival.

That meant two big forces in the TCGplayer Marketplace over the weekend:Magicians, emboldened by new tricks made possible in part by HeavymetalfoesElectrumite; and the F.A. theme, which failed to make the Top 10 butclearly had an influence.

Beyond those two push factors we saw the usual steady interest in genericpower cards, as well as a holdover from the first wave of demand forStructure Deck: Wave of Light cards.With YCS Atlanta just two and a half weeks out, and no F&L List in sight, players are clearly looking for newadvantages with Extreme Force innovations. So far most of the markaction reflecting that effort seems to be targeted toward Magicians, butwe'll keep an eye on where it all goes when EXFO streets in the Marketplaceon Friday.

Until then, here are the Top 10 bestselling cards by copies sold for ourlast sales period, Friday to Monday morning.

#10: Duelist Alliance

With Pendulum Magicians played in three successful variants in the OCG, andnew variants likely to explode from Extreme Force here in a fewdays, Duelist Alliance was a hot ticket all weekend long. And while theLEDD reprint is holding fast at about $1.50, the Maximum Crisis original Secret Rare is officially on an upward Price Trend, sitting justunder ten dollars with lots of potential to gain value.

#####CARDID= 22534#####

#9: Power Angel Valkyria

The biggest new card from Structure Deck: Wave of Light, PowerAngel Valkyria is a search-driven card economy machine, seeking outeverything from Honest to Archfiend Kristya the moment you negate something– even if that negation doesn't come from a Counter Trap. While itspotential place in competition is still way up in the air, its flexibilityand general utility makes it a solid bet at 50 cents a pop.

That said, Wave of Light is still available in the TCGplayerMarketplace shipped for less than MSRP, so demand for SR05 singles willlargely remain flat for some time. Barring a surprise showing at Regionalsin the run-up to YCS Atlanta, this may be the last we see of Power Angel.

#####CARDID= 22810#####

#8: Solemn Strike

With defensive trap cards making something akin to a comeback in recentRegionals, the Code of the Duelist Special Edition reprint of Solemn Strike continues to be the highest selling trap cardavailable. Even as Floodgate Trap Hole and Bottomless Trap Hole rise inplay for their advantage of not sending monstersto the Graveyard, Solemn Strike keys off their use to deliver furtherdisruption.

It's strong, it's flexible, and it works really well with current traptrends even if it runs against them in some respects. As usual, the sheerpower level of the card keeps it relevant.

#####CARDID= 22432#####

#7: Abyss Actor – Curtain Raiser

Aaaaaaaand here come the Magicians. With Heavymetalfoes Electrumite finallygoing legal on Friday, and players picking up their copies early at SneakPeeks this weekend, every piece of Pendulum Magician tech currently playedin the OCG but not seeing play here spiked indemand.

Abyss Actor – Curtain Raiser saw some sales spikes at various times overthe past month, but now its time has come, and that meant one last push forduelists playing catch-up. As the least expensive of the trending Magiciantech picks, previous sales didn't do much to cannibalize its numbers overthe weekend.

#####CARDID= 21866#####

#6: Proxy Dragon

Proxy Dragon: still irreplaceable; still selling like hotcakes.

#####CARDID= 22117#####

#5: Terraforming

As more players got their hands on F.A. cards from Extreme Force,sales of Terraforming skyrocketed. Coincidence? I'd bet not. Players areonly starting to figure out what the F.A. theme is capable of,and even the early forays into Turn 1 combos border on horrifying.

With up to three different Field Spells that could see play, and everycombo requiring at least one of them, the demand for Terraforming in F.A.themes is undeniable.

#####CARDID= 22538#####

#4: Pot of Desires

The place of Pot of Desires in our Market Watch Top 10 results have sort ofstarted to create a litmus test for the level of interest in trendingcards. Sell fewer copies than Pot? Strong sales, but not necessarilyremarkable. Sell more copies than Pot? There's probably something reallyworthwhile happening, and you should definitely be paying attention.

Such was the case this week, with three Pendulum Magician monstersoutpacing the ubiquitous "draw 2" spell.

#####CARDID= 22118#####

#3: Astrograph Sorcerer

First up was Astrograph Sorcerer, selling hundreds of copies over theweekend but still maintaining a neutral price trend. There's certainly beentalks of a potential buyout over the past couple of weeks, but with thestatus of Astrograph Sorcerer in competition still so undefined, and a$3.50 price point, it seems no one's been willing to pull the trigger justyet.

#####CARDID= 21793#####

#2: Norito the Moral Leader

Instead it was Norito the Moral Leader that was bought out over theweekend. Those mass sales sent the Number Hunters Secret Rarenorth of $15, nearly tripling in price overnight, while theInfinite Gold reprint effectively doubled in value. At this momenta trickle of lower cost copies are occasionally available, but as the fullrelease of Extreme Force draws closer that seems unlikely tocontinue, and another rise in price seems almost inevitable.

Norito's effectively a bit of a longshot for competition, but it wasn't abad bet for speculators and budget-savvy players at its previous pricepoints. Now, on massive upwards Price Trends, it's more the kind of cardplayers will be searching their locals for so the can snap up stragglingcopies on the cheap. If Norito takes off at YCS Atlanta, we can expect alot of players who bought in earlier this weekend to be breathing a sigh ofrelief… while speculators make cash register noises and smile ear to ear.

#####CARDID= 12710#####

#1: Chronograph Sorcerer

But Norito's two printings and generally scarcer supply meant it couldn'toutpace the it-card of the weekend, Chronograph Sorcerer. With abilitiesthat can create giant swings of momentum and pay off established comboswith bigger value and faster wins, Chronograph Sorcerer's been mutteredabout as a potential investment opportunity for weeks, and has seen highsales on and off within the same period.

But it took the arrival of the Sneak Peeks to truly unleash Chronograph'ssecondary market potential, and when Heavymetalfoes Electrumite moved frombeing a point of conversation to a card people were capable of holding andputting into a sleeve, the demand officially went crazy. A few caches ofdeep stock are keeping Sorcerer from rising much in value for now, but it'son an upward Price Trend and is already largely a $2 card, up from just abuck a couple days ago.

Will it have legs? It'll be tough to tell, since it's very likely that theTop 10 on Friday will include at least some cards fromExtreme Force presales –those presales are available now in the TCGplayer Marketplace. But we'll keep an eye out for Chronograph Sorcerer throughout the week.

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That's it for now, but join us on Friday to see the presale trends fromEXFO sales, as the dueling calendar rolls over into release day. It's timeto place your bets – what do YOU think will become the highest sellingcards from Extreme Force, and what will become the set's surprisemoney cards?

We'll find out the answer to those questions and more, later in the week.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer