It was a pretty amazing week in Regional Qualifiers.

We added more than 50 Top 8 deck lists to the deck archive,and while on one hand we got to see continued trends amongst the mostpopular decks of the format - stuff like Orcusts, Thunder Dragons,Salamangreats and the faltering Sky Strikers - we also saw an incrediblespread of rogue strategies in Top Cuts. SPYRALs, Subterrors, Dinosaurs,Mekk-Knight Invoked, Stun, Gren Maju, Heroes, Endymion, Infernoids, andeven Magical Musketeers and Madolches all captured Top 8s in the pastcouple of weeks.

That's awesome. We're a month into the new format and three majorChampionships deep, and yet it feels like the competitive arena's neverbeen this open, at least not in 2019. The combination of innovation andshifting trends amongst the top decks is keeping those strategies fresh;we're seeing lots of variation between buildsplus entirely new approaches like this. Meanwhile if you want to play something truly different and explore newerground, that's clearly an option as well with so many rogue decks makingsuch strong showings.

You can play almost anything right now, from the reasonable to theridiculous.

What impact is that having on the secondary market? Well, it's keepingstuff pretty stable. Most of the competitive trends we're seeing onlyaffect a limited number of decks, and when that's the case there aren't anybig winners making surprising swings on the bestseller list for tournamentreasons. Orcusts are definitely setting the pace as they remain thedominant force amongst the biggest decks going, but we also saw at leastthree examples of a response to the LINK VRAINS Pack 3spoilersthat were released this week in the OCG, which we've been discussingover on Twitter.

What'd that all add up to? Let's dive in and find out.

#10 - Topologic Zeroboros

One of the biggest new cards trending in Extra Deck play, TopologicZeroboros broke into the Top 10 this week as one of the most popular cardsto go with I:P Masquerena. The trio of Topologic Trisbaena, TopologicBomber Dragon and Zeroboros is starting to appear as a staple in Orcustvariants, and I'd expect to see those three cards treated as must-runs forOrcusts by the time we arrive at YCS Pasadena next week.

Clearing the table and returning a turn later to clean house and clinchvictory, Zeroboros is a high-impact control card that offers a definiteadvantage in the mirror. Everybody who isn't running Zeroboros yet shouldbe picking it up ASAP.


#9 - Borrelsword Dragon

Still huge, still ending games, and still appearing in an ever-wideninggroup of strategies, Borrelsword Dragon's been one of the hottest cards inthe secondary market since its MP19 reprint. With competitive staple statusand fan-driven appeal to match, it's still solid at eleven bucks for theUltra Rare.


#8 - Unchained Abomination

Thank I:P Masquerena for this one too: Unchained Abomination has not sloweddown in the TCGplayer Marketplace. While it may not look amazing at firstglance, the chance to drop it with no warning via Masquerena makes it farmore dangerous, and there's something to be said just for the headgames: ifyou end your turn on I:P Masquerena and a supporting field, your opponentdoesn't necessarily know what you're going to do with it.

Abomination makes all the cards surrounding it that much better, bydiversifying your options and making your intent tougher to read. It's amuch smarter card than it looks, and its reach is deeper than you maythink.

#7 - Lost Wind

Lost Wind broke out in this format as a trap choice in Sky Strikers, andit's still helping to keep that deck competitive. But it's also appearingin other trap-heavy decks, stuff like Traptrix and Altergeists, as somemetagames become grindy enough to reward playing it. It's a really flexiblecard with high utility, and with a price tag of about a dollar it's areally easy get when you're filling up your cart.


#6 - Mind Control

You can say a lot of the same things about Mind Control, played as atemporary-but-sometimes-permanent problem solver with high utility and anaffinity for swiping your opponent's Orcusts so you can make Dingirsu, theOrcust of the Evening Star. What started off as tech for Sky Strikers andOrcusts specifically is now appearing all over the place, as players topwith it in Salamangreats, Magical Musketeers, Dragon Link, Mekk-Knights,Dinosaurs, Thunder Dragons and more, many of which are happy to dedicate anExtra Deck slot to a Dingirsu they can't make otherwise.


#5 - Called by the Grave

Hand traps are seeing a bit of a downturn in play, and Sky Strikers havedefinitely fallen from their lofty status. But that hasn't done much toslow sales of Called by the Grave, which is still at least a staple foryour arsenal if not a staple for the deck you might currently play. Thepower of forcing through a single card or a string of cards by shruggingoff your opponent's disruption is huge, and Called by the Grave's been abestseller hit since it was first released as a preview promo.


#4 - Draco Masters of the Tenyi

It's been several weeks of rumors and alleged leaks aboutLINK VRAINS Pack 3, and one of the biggest bits of hearsayinvolved another Tenyi Link. Thanks to yesterday's reveals in an officialKonami livestream we now know that at least some of those leaks were true:the Tenyi are getting a new Link 4 boss calledTenyi Spirit – Sahasrara. It protects effect monsters from all targeting when you control anon-effect monster, as befits the Tenyis. But it also generates a TenyiSpirit Token up to once per turn, which mimics the ATK of an opposingmonster and fills the role of a non-effect for Sahasrara's ability, andthose of the rest of your Tenyis.

That reveal instantly shot Draco Masters of the Tenyi back into the Top 10and skyrocketed them to Number 4, as Tenyi fans and speculators converged.There's no buyout or big price spike yet, but if you've been around theblock a bit you know how these things can go.

#3 - Dragon Buster Destruction Sword

This one might look a little weird, but Dragon Buster Destruction Sword'sleap in demand was also due to an LVP3 reveal.Union Carrier probably wasn't made to support Dark and Dragon decks, but if you have either of those on the field you can use Union Carrier'sability to search your deck for Dragon Buster and equip it. Doing so shutsoff your opponent's Extra Deck, which is about as brutal as it sounds inmost matchups.

Dragon Buster Destruction Sword's price has almost tripled so far thisweek, going from under a buck to almost three dollars. Wowza.


#2 - Super Polymerization

Super Polymerization, still amazing, and still deserving of Forbiddenstatus.


#1 - Draco Berserker of the Tenyi

Finally, Draco Berserker of the Tenyi was already a bestseller over thelast few weeks due to Tenyi hype and its usein a handful of Pendulum decks as a generic Synchro. Factor in the fervor fueled byTenyi Spirit – Sahasraraand suddenly it's back on top in the Number 1 position for the week.


When will we see cards from LVP3 stateside here in the TCG? That'sanybody's guess, and the cards that are spiking right now due to thereveals may very well settle down in a couple of weeks. In the meantime,looking beyond the Top 10 proper we largely see competitive mainstays withone small surprise.

Knightmare Unicorn, Cosmic Cyclone, Saryuja Skull Dread, and Ash Blossom& Joyous Spring have all been steady bestsellers in the last severalmonths, and this week they clocked in at Number 11, Number 12, Number 13and 14 respectively. But we also saw Gallant Granite come in at Number 15,super-strong support for the sadly underpowered Rock-type. Take that with agrain of (rock) salt as you wish.

We'll be back on Monday with another market update on Facebook and Twitter,but until then thanks for reading! Enjoy the weekend, and good luck ifyou're playing in a Regional of your own.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer