This week we finally got confirmation: Eternity Code is launching in the Americas on June 5!

The announcement, which was actually just a quiet update to the release info on the official product page, spurred on interest in ETCO pre-sales, launching the set's first big hit into the Top 10 this week. For context? That's crazypants. I don't know if we've ever seen a pre-sale card make the Top 10 three weeks out before its release, but players are chomping at the bit to get back to tournaments and when one of the best cards in the set is just a common, weird stuff can happen.

A couple new trends that emerged in competition over the weekend made an impact too, and if you've been following the online scene you might guess what they were.

The good news is that we're not going to make you wait long to find out. Let's get right to it, as we count down the Top 10 best-selling cards in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week.

#10 - Dragon Buster Destruction Sword
Still popular: using Union Carrier to lock your opponent out of the game. Go fig. The ability to shut down your opponent's Extra Deck with Dragon Buster Destruction Sword's fast becoming one of the biggest payoffs for playing a heavy combo deck this format: if you're churning out summon after summon and angling for a big control field, Dragon Buster's just one of the best weapons in your arsenal.

You could play Adamancipators without it, and lots of players are making that choice right now, but Dragon Buster Destruction Sword just grants such a high ceiling for such a small ask it feels like the wrong call to me. Meanwhile, online tournament results seem to be bearing that out, with Dragon Buster appearing in more and more Top Cut builds.

#9 - Parallel eXceed
Eternity Code has some insanely powerful cards: Accesscode Talker's becoming a staple for any deck that can use it, Animadorned Archosaur and Chamber Dragonmaid are both awesome for their themes, and cards like Linkross, Gizmek Uka, the Festive Fox of Fecundity and Formud Skipper are going to see lots of play in different strategies. But Parallel eXceed's by far the most popular card from ETCO so far, already making it to the Top 10 despite the fact that Eternity Code doesn't launch in North America for another three weeks.

Easily searched as a Cyberse, and effectively free to Special Summon thereafter, Parallel eXceed's easy to get to your hand, free to put into play, and then places a Level 4 copy of itself right onto the table straight from your deck moments later. It's incredible Material for combo plays and in a sea of generic Cyberse support, it stands as a huge push for Salamangreat. Zach did a great job of outlining that in his latest How To Play! guide. But it also helps the struggling Cyberse decks like Marincess and @Ignisters. At the end of the day the sheer brokenness of Parallel eXceed may prove far more damaging than whatever good it does on behalf of those weaker archetypes, but for now it's a fact of life and anyone who can use it probably should.

This card's a common and it's already $1.25. If Parallel eXceed was a Secret Rare it would've been a hundred bucks easy.

#8 - Upstart Goblin
The Secret Slayers Super Rare version of Upstart's still just two bucks, and while it's slowly slipping from its top ranked finishes over the last few weeks, it's still an obvious bargain and a great investment. As soon as ETCO hits on June 5 the volume of Secret Slayers being opened is going to plunge, and that's going to kill supply for this card and everything else in the set. And while the return of tournaments may spike interest again, it'll also come with increased demand to match, and by the time it happens Upstart may already be up in value.

People in the know are still buying these up whenever they can get them on the cheap, and they're smart to do so.

#7 - Salamangreat Almiraj
Salamangreat Almiraj isn't seeing a ton of play right now, but it's definitely around in high profile online action and it may see more play when real life tournaments are back. For now, it's appearing steadily in Invoked Eldlich as it continues to ride high in competition. Other decks that run Almiraj, like Mekk-Knight Invoked, Invoked Shaddolls and Altergeists, aren't really visible right now. But it's worth noting that the tournaments we're looking at are a glimpse into a world where owning Yu-Gi-Oh cards doesn't matter; that freeroll ends when gameplay returns to the real world, and at that point decks like Altergeists are going to see more play just because of economics.

In the meantime Almiraj is super cheap, a former $20+ card now available for about $1.50. This is another one of those Duel Overload cards that's destined to gain value over time.

#6 - Dark Ruler No More
A lot of Top Cut decks in online play are running Dark Ruler No More right now, and that's in an environment where everybody's running triple Lightning Storm. With an incredible combo deck like Adamancipators at the top of the competitive heap, you need those big, broad spectrum answers, and you can expect actual real life tournament results to show wider use of Dark Ruler No More in an environment where triple Lightning Storm isn't an option for many players. Check out how Dark Ruler No More's been trending.



This graph charts the sales (orange columns) and average price (the blue line) of Dark Ruler No More for the last month. It started at a little over six dollars back on April 12, and now this week it's ten to eleven bucks. Demand's been up and down, but supply's becoming a real issue; the Gold Sarcophagus Tins dropped about eight months ago, and the number of copies on TCGplayer is dwindling. As of this writing, there were about 80 copies with the only price wall being at $14.99. Right now Nibiru, the Primal Being's at nearly $14, so it's not hard to see where Dark Ruler No More's headed.

#5 - Solemn Judgment
Secret Slayers brought us a foil Solemn Judgment that's averaged out to roughly two bucks a pop. Needless to say, it continues to move. Like Upstart Goblin there hasn't been a big price movement on this yet, but with such steady demand and such timeless play value, it's going to happen.

#4 - Adamancipator Risen - Dragite
Adamancipators are awesome, this card's really affordable, and it pops up in a variety of Water decks and alternative combo strategies that can leverage it with Crystron Halqifibrax's Water attribute. This thing's a dollar right now, and it's not going to stay that way forever, especially when the wait-and-see crowd returns to real life tournaments and demand spikes for Adamancipators.

#3 - Martial Metal Marcher
Martial Metal Marcher more than doubled in price almost overnight, when tournament players realized what it can do with Crystron Halqifibrax. And while it's slid a little since then it's remained pretty solid at the $2 mark. If you track the demand and price history you can really see the moment everybody discovered it.



It hit hard on Monday April 20, then went mainstream on the 22, spiking into crazy demand. There's still quite a few on TCGplayer and probably a lot more floating around in the world, so the future of this one's tough to gauge. But Crystron Halqifibrax isn't going anywhere, and anything played with it is likely to stick around in competition.

#2 - Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon
Cameron Neal just won the latest PPG tournament this past weekend with a double Auroradon build of Eldlich, a very different combo take on the theme with triple Tuning, double Jet Synchron, Quickdraw Synchron, double Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion and Deskbots. Koty Angeloff played something similar to 2nd Place, and Denis Nadas Top 4'd the event with what might've been a carbon copy of Neal's deck.

The "Combo Eldlich" deck made a big splash, and that jumped Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon back to Number 2 for the week.

#1 - Crystron Halqifibrax
And finally, Crystron Halqifibrax continues to be the best-selling card on TCGplayer, despite finally rising in price. The climb is finally happening: Halqifibrax was $24 a month ago and now it's solidly $28. I don't think that's going to come down at any point; nobody's racing to the bottom of the market on one of the most powerful cards in the game, let alone one that probably won't be reprinted until sometime in 2021. Supply's still pretty deep, so the price will probably remain steady until tournaments are back, but I stand by my prediction that Crystron Halchqifibrax goes to $40 once locals are open.

Also big this week: Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion nearly made the Top 10, as more players run multiple copies for that Combo Eldlich deck. Monster Reborn and Raigeki of all things took Number 12 and Number 13. Union Carrier and Relinquished Anima clocked in at Numbers 14 and 15 as demand builds for any and all DUOV-exclusive Links.

That's it for this week! Stay tuned through the weekend, as we bring you a new article on ABC-Dragon Buster from Loukas no Sunday! We'll be back with more Market Updates on Facebook and Twitter next week, but for now, have a great weekend.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer