Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcastersmade its debut this week, and enthusiasm for Pendulum Monsters exploded in response.

While the Structure Deck itself arrived too late in the week for preordersto put any cards into the Top 10, all of the biggest Pendulum Magicianstaples that weren't reprinted made the Top 10 as players swarmed back tothe strategy. Pendulums were dominant for several formats before gettingnerfed by a string of hits on the F&L List plus Master Rules 4 – theintroduction of Link Monsters and the changes to Extra Deck Summons – andthey've popped out of the woodwork from time to time to top Regionals andother big events on occasion. But the arrival of Endymion, the MightyMaster of Magic and his new supporting cast lit a fire under the secondarymarket, pushing several cards into Top 10 positions…and some of them werepretty pricy.

The perennial best sellers of 2019 continued to see strong demand – that'sCalled by the Grave, Dinowrestler Pankratops, and Salamangreat SunlightWolf for everybody keeping track – and some of last week's biggest hitsfrom Duel Power remained popular as well. The most notable wasCard of Demise, which made the Top 10 once again as Subterrors and TrueDracos made more big finishes in notable tournaments.

The landscape this week isn't terribly complicated, with market-swervingnews about upcoming releases like Dark Neostorm arriving too lateto create shifts in our Monday to Friday range of analysis. But with thatsaid,make sure to check out The Organization's look at the DANE leaksif you haven't seen them yet; we're getting some incredible World Premierecards you're going to want to be ready for, and Dark NeostormSneak Peeks are just a week away.

With all that in mind let's dive into the Top 10 for the week.

#10: Bond Between Teacher and Student

Downfrom Number 7 last week, Bond Between Teacher and Student's a high-impact card for the OGSpellcaster theme, setting up and then searching out a mix of massdestruction in Dark Burning Magic, Dark Burning Attack, and Dark MagicAttack plus an impressive ATK buff in Dark Magic Twin Burst. We probablywon't see a Dark Magician deck in Top Cut action any time soon, but it'shappened a handful of times in past Regionals so you can't rule it outentirely.

With great art, strong nostalgia factor and an effect that's super fun toresolve, Bond Between Teacher and Student's a design success and playerscontinue to connect with it. As of this writing there are a few copies leftat two bucks, but it seems set to jump north of $3.50.

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#9: Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio

The combo-starting Predaplant anchoring what's now become the leading Plantengine in the game, Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio is classically played withPredaplant Darlingtonia Cobra to instantly place two materials on the fieldand search a Fusion Spell. While it's fairly obscure in currentcompetition, its Ultra Rare reprint in Duel Power has proven to bewildly popular and it may just be a matter of time before it's back inaction.

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#8: Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit is so ubiquitous in competition that it'sstill more than $6 after a whopping five reprints. Destroying cards withoutrisking the source of that destruction on the field is incredibly powerful,and the fact that your opponent could destroy anything you activate despiteshowing no visible way to do that is something that's defined the look ofmodern Yu-Gi-Oh.

The Duel Power Ultra Rare's about on par with the next mostaffordable printing – the Super Rare from the 2016 Mega-Tins – butit's just a bit over half the price of the last Ultra Rare version, fromLegendary Collection Kaiba. The mix of players looking for foilupgrades and players just looking to own Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit intime for WCQs drove powerful demand.

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#7: Chronograph Sorcerer

Pendulum decks as we know them don't really exist without ChronographSorcerer, a card that was never been reprinted after debuting two yearsago. With abilities that exist to help you Special Summon multiple monstersfor free, leading into bigger plays with cards like HeavymetalfoesElectrumite and just general face-wreckery, it's a must-run in any Pendulumdeck.

Pendulum Evolutionis long gone in most places, and Chronograph remains the priciest card fromthe set at about $6. With dwindling supply and big demand don't besurprised if it falls victim to buyouts this week.

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#6: Card of Demise

Down from Number 3 last week, Card of Demise is a centerpiece in theRebounding True Draco deck and demand for it was still high this week.While Salamangreats are the budget deck of choice for the serioustournament player willing to throw down a Little Dough, True Dracos areprobably the cheapest strategy going that can make semi-consistent Top 8showings, and that's kept Card of Demise a hot pick.

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#5: Mythical Beast Master Cerberus

Back on the Pendulum side of things, Mythical Beast Master Cerberus haslong been a must-run at two and three copies per deck, and anyone wantingto turn their copies of Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcastersinto a functional strategy for tournaments needs to own them. That creatednot just a spike in demand, but also a spike in price: the2018 Mega-Tins Mega Pack version stuck this week at $18, while theoriginal Extreme Force version rose to a whopping $23 as of thiswriting.

And it still sold enough copies to make the Number 5 position. Think aboutthat, and then get ready to see Pendulums in your tournaments. Some playersare very serious about bringing it back.

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#4: Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf

Salamangreats kept raking in impressive finishes this week, so it was onlynatural that Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf keeps selling like hotcakes. Nowthat it's way, way down from what was once a $12 price point, Sunlight Wolfdemonstrates that Salamangreats are in no way slowing down as the WCQseason ramps up.

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#3: Dinowrestler Pankratops

Surprise surprise, Dinowrestler Pankratops is still one of the best SideDeck cards of the format and as such it's still one of the best sellingcards in the game.

But this week we also saw it ina really cool build of Lost World Dinosaursthat topped in the recent Philadelphia Regional, where Ken Lee played italongside Dinowrestler Systegosaur and World Dino Wrestling all in the MainDeck. And while that's just a drop in the bucket for Dinowrestler demand,it's pretty darn cool to see that happen;give that deck list a clickif you missed it.

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#2: Called by the Grave

The mantra here is the same week in and week out: "Hand traps are stillgood, so Called by the Grave is still selling." If your deck wants to pressthrough hand traps you're probably running Called by the Grave, andthe early reveal of Gnomaterialin Dark Neostorm is just going to make it even more important.

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#1: Mythical Beast Jackal King

And finally, Mythical Beast Jackal King is the less important half of theMythical Beast Pendulum suite give or take Mythical Beast Bashilisk. Thatsaid, it's also vastly more affordable which always leads to more unitsmoved as speculators stock up and hopeful players hope to find the moreexpensive card elsewhere, and that led to absolutely crazy demand for itthis week on TCGplayer.

Will Pendulums make a comeback this WCQ season? That's difficult topredict. But we're at a point where we can look at sales this week and atleast feel confident a lot of players are going to try. Again, if you'renot playing Pendulums yourself, at least get familiar with the theme so youknow what's up if your opponents are.

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And that's it for the Top 10 this week! By next Friday we could startseeing Dark Neostorm cards penetrating the best seller list off ofpre-sales, so don't miss all the action in our next Market Watch one weekfrom today. DANE is just around the corner, a new F&L List could hit atany time, and we're just waiting for the last few surprises in the run-upto WCQs starting in June.

We'll see you in a week!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer