The weekend marked the return of Regional Qualifiers for the new format,with Qualifiers in Texas, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Puerto Rico!But with competition just ramping up, and new results rolling in, thebiggest push-factor in the TCGplayer Marketplace was stillWhite Dragon Abyss.

That said, lots has changed in the secondary market since last week'sMarket Watch. Six cards fell from the Top 10 countdown, which means sixmore have ascended to high demand status. What was on the decline? Lastweekend's surge of interest in Abyss Actors dissipated over the course ofthe week, while the strong opening push for money cards like Blackwing FullArmor Master and Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon subsided to regular levels.

That left a vacuum in the Marketplace that was swiftly filled by well-lovedcompetitive cards, Ritual support coinciding with Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragonand Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon, and an early hit from LDS3 that just didn'tquite make the cut in the set's first week out.

Next week we're bound to see tournament trends influencing sales, but fornow let's jump right into the countdown. These were the top-selling cardsof the weekend, from Friday to Monday.

#10: Pot of Desires

With the first Regionals of the new format demonstrating a wide open fieldof competitive strategies, it's no surprise to see Pot of Desires back inthe Top 10. Many rogue strategies take advantage of it, and when you'rewaiting to see what decks will become dominant…both now, and in the wake ofthe upcoming Soul Fusion release…A playset of Pot of Desires isalways a good investment. A

t four bucks a pop it remains one of the best values in deck building, andthat was enough to take it to the Top 10 this weekend.

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#9: Impcantation Talismandra

Also back in the Top 10 after some weeks off, Impcantation Talismandrareturns to the countdown off the back of the new Blue-Eyes Rituals inWhite Dragon Abyss. Ritual support's always fantastic at capturingthe imagination of casuals, collectors, and competitors alike, andTalismandra nearly made the Top 10 last week. The new Blue-Eyes cards areaccessible, fun, and powerful enough to generate discussion, and theImpcantations offer some of the consistency that Chaos MAX decks struggledwith in the past.

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#8: Cyberload Fusion

Down from Number 6 but still hanging tight as one of the bestselling cardsin the game, Cyberload Fusion continues to be LDS3's second most valuableSuper Rare, trumped only by Blackwing – Simoon the Poison Wind. CyberDragons topped the YCS weekend and it would be no surprise to see them gaina little ground in Regionals, and the theme's latest Fusion Spell wields amix of smart economy and sheer impact that's driving consistent demand.It's well worth the price, especially as it dips beneath the $4 mark.

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#7: The Ultimate Creature of Destruction

Up from Number 10 last week, the slight bump in demand for The UltimateCreature of Destruction shows one thing: new Blue-Eyes cards always havelong legs. Bolstered by the consistency boost of Bingo Machine, Go!!! allof the new Blue-Eyes support looks a little bit better than they wouldotherwise, and that – plus the fandom factor – has kept the new Blue-EyesWhite Dragon material selling like hotcakes.

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#6: Blackwing – Simoon the Poison Wind

Still the set's biggest chase Super Rare at more than five dollar a pop,Blackwing -Simoon the Poison Wind is a combo-enabling play-starter thatbrings more searching to Blackwings in one of the most unique wayspossible. As we discussed last week, the ability to play this straight intoBlackwing - Auster the South Wind makes for Summon Sorceress sequences thatlead into double Synchro Summons, even unleashing multiple copies ofBlackwing Full Armor Master.

It's a promising card that plays in a lot of different ways, and it's easyto forget that Blackwings were once a Championship-winning strategy sooverpowered that they demanded F&L List action. Those times might bedifficult to Recall, but the new Blackwing cards are a great start tobringing the theme into modern play.

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#5: Impcantation Candoll

Yup, Impcantations really were THIS popular. Impcantation Candollskyrocketed to Number 5, again drawing comparisons to the incredible demandfor Pre-Preparation of Rites in 2016. Rituals are just a massive draw anytime they get some reasonable support, and when you layer on the Blue-EyesWhite Dragon name stamp you get some serious secondary market action, evenif the tournament results aren't quite there.

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#4: Cyber Pharos

A heavily speculated card last week, Cyber Pharos broke through intolegitimate wide demand over the weekend, despite slim competitivepotential. Price point is probably playing a factor here as Cyber Pharos ismuch more accessible than other new support cards like Cyber Revsystem,Cyber Emergency, and Cyber Dragon Sieger. Players looking to try somethingnew or hedge their bets against a possible spike of success for CyDras aregetting in easy on Cyber Pharos, and that pushed it to Number 4.

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#3: Wee Witch's Apprentice

With the revelation that Wee Witch's Apprentice can function as an out toproblem-cards like Inspector Boarder, demand exploded across the last twoweeks, culminating in a Top 3 finish. It's ascending to staple status inAltergeists, which did well at the 200th YCS tournaments andleverage Apprentice as a problem-solver for virtually no effort.

Due to the narrow nature of Wee Witch's Apprentice's use we may see demanddrop off pretty steeply, but it's very competitive in its role and youshould be ready to see it in tournaments.

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#2: Blackwing – Auster the South Wind

Last week's Number 1 bestseller dropped to Number 2, as interest in comboswith Simoon the Poison Wind, Summon Sorceress, and Full Armor Matercontinued to ride high. As the most accessible card in that group, Auster'sremained hugely popular through its release so far, and with an effect thatleverages some of the most popular Blackwings of all time the demand iseasy to comprehend.

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#1: Called by the Grave

And finally, the king of high-impact low-cost splashables is back on top!It's probably safe to call it: Called by the Grave is going to wind up asthe bestselling card of 2018 by the time we're ringing in the New Year.What was once seen as a spectacular answer to an ever-widening number ofhand traps is now being used for a litany of other purposes, and as moredecks become viable in this sunrise phase of the new format, the greaterits range across a spread of situations.

Like Pot of Desires before it, we're reaching the point where the onlyremarkable thing about Called by the Grave is the fact that some playersstill need their copies. But with high demand comes the deduction that newplayers are entering the competitive arena with the debut of the new formatand the beginning of the busy Fall season, and that means good things forthe game and all its players as a whole.

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That's it for this week, but we'll be back early next week with a look atanother Top 10 – one that will surely be shaped by player reactions to thelatest Regional results. YCS Niagara is less than two weeks away.Competition is heating up, and we'll have one last sneak peek at thebiggest trends before another Championship is on the line!

We'll see you then.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer