Welcome back to another TCGplayer Market Watch, where we count down the best-selling cards of the week in the TCGplayer Marketplace!


The current format continued to get more refined this week with big showings rolling in from SPYRAL, Dinosaurs and Salamangreats, as those three decks build momentum. Select cards have started to appear in numerous strategies, both mainstream and rogue, and at least two of them made the Top 10! News about the OCG's next booster set Rise of the Duelistspiked demand for some hot themes, and the release of Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown catapulted Performages into best-seller status.

What does it all add up to? Let's dive into the Top 10 and find out, cataloguing the most ordered cards on TCGplayer from Monday to Friday morning.




#10 - Mystic Mine


While a lot of this week's best-selling cards were influenced by new or upcoming releases, this one's rooted right in the here and now: Mystic Mine is EVERYWHERE! This week alone, we saw Mine played in Top 8 builds of Lunalights, SPYRAL, Infernoids, Mekk-Knight Invoked, Trains, Prank-Kids and of course dedicated Mine Burn. It's one of the most game-shaping cards in competition, it probably shouldn't be legal anymore, and duelists are playing it to new heights with cards like Demise of the Land and Pop-Up.




#9 - Performage Damage Juggler


Shaddolls are set to make a comeback thanks to Shaddoll Showdown's launch today, and several builds of the theme play a Performage engine. Performage Trick Clown is included in the new Structure, but Performage Damage Juggler and Performage Hat Tricker aren't, while both are popular pieces to the larger Performage engine. All three serve as Level 4 combo extenders to some degree, with Damage Juggler blocking for your Life Points and searching another card from the suite when it lands in the graveyard.




#8 - Time Thief Perpetua


The Time Thief cards finally started to appear in Top Cut results this past week, chiefly featuring as secondary combo enablers in Lunalight builds. We've seen three builds of Lunalights Top 8 so far, one in Rimini Italy, one in Bogota Colombia piloted by the celebrated multi-time Champioon Andres Torres, and one from Christchurch New Zealand. All three played Time Thief Retrograde, Time Thief Winder, and Time Thief Redoer, though the Italian build played a slimmer engine that skipped Time Thief Flyback and Time Thief Perpetua.

It'll be really interesting to see where the Time Thief engine goes in the next few weeks, since alternate variants of the Lunalight deck are already competing in Top 8 spaces as well.




#7 - Performage Hat Tricker


Back on the Shaddoll side, Performage Hat Tricker's an almost generic Level 4 extender thatt's easily Special Summoned to the field, enabling Rank 4 plays, select Synchros and even El Shaddoll Shekhinaga thanks to Hat Tricker's Earth Attribute. This card's pretty easy to use in Shaddolls, it offers a ton of flexibility, and it's a natural extension of things the deck already wants to accomplish.




#6 - Ancient Warriors - Loyal Guan Yun


Ancient warriors were a budget hit for casuals and collectors right from the launch of Ignition Assault, but this week we started to see some private groups targeting some of the Ancient Warriors cards to break price walls and force up the value of several cards from the theme. Ancient Warriors - Loyal Guan Yun received perhaps the most elaborate concerted effort to drive up its price, but all of that was only compounded when newAncient Warriors cards were revealed for release in Rise of The Duelist – a set we probably won't see until August in our TCG territory.

That said, Loyal Guan Yun has immediate potential in competition thanks to its Cyber Dragon-esque Special Summon and its ability to pop an opposing card when you're outmatched on the field. We haven't seen it in tournamentsyet, but it could definitely get there long before Rise of the Duelist reaches our shores. While it's a powerful card for the Ancient Warriors strategy, it's splashable enough that it could pop into tournaments at any time.




#5 - Jack-o-Bolan


The already-popular Jack-o-Bolan may have gotten a bit of a push this weekfrom the reveal of the Eldlich theme, coming soon-ish in the Secret Slayers release. Our friends over at The Organization assembled all ten of the reveals earlier this week, and if you haven't seen those cards yet head on over to check them out. I think it's a major toss-up as to whether Jack will see play with those cards, but it's possible, and keeping Zombies in the conversation definitely works in this card's favor on some very base level.




#4 - Ancient Warriors - Masterful Sun Mou


Masterful Sun Mou is very much a dedicated Ancient Warriors card, and saw ahuge spike in demand in response to those new cards from Rise of the Duelist. You can see everything in that reveal over here , but the gist is that Ancient Warriors got a one-shot Continuous Spell that stops your opponent from responding to the effects of your Ancient Warriors monsters, and that gives each Ancient Warriors monster you control an ability that destroys an opposing card of your choice when each one attacks. (Which of course can't be responded to.)

They also got a really solid Link-2 that searches an Ancient Warriors card the moment it hits play, that boosts all your Ancient Warriors by +500 ATK and DEF, and that wields a Quick Effect that lets you chuck a card from your hand to the graveyard to bounce a face-up card your opponent controls back to their hand.

Needless to say, it's a really good card, and it's got players salivating for the prospect of a tournament viable Ancient Warriors deck. Note that its Link Materials specifically call for a Wind Ancient Warrior, boosting the stock of Loyal Guan Yun back in Number 6 and…




#3 - Ancient Warriors - Virtuous Liu Xuan


…Which is also a Wind monster fitting the bill. This card's especially hot with the reveal of that Ancient Warriors Link-2, because its first ability Special Summons an Ancient Warrior straight from your deck to play right into the Link Summon. Combined with a protection ability, an easy Normal Summon at Level 4 and a sweet bonus draw effect, the appeal here is clear with that Link-2 on the horizon. Since the Link-2 searches you a card the moment it hits the table the discard and consolidation with Virtuous Liu Xuan is effectively null, making a fast play that's also really sound in terms of card economy.




#2 - Ancient Warriors Saga - Three Visits


Three Visits is interesting. The potential for it to generate value over the course of several turns is huge, but at the same it could also get blown off the field before it can do anything whatsoever. That said, the new Link-2 makes it that much better by giving Ancient Warriors players another way to search it for free, and the market responded accordingly. Ancient Warriors Saga – Three Visits was seeing almost not action up until this week, so it was a particularly easy buy once the new support was announced and its potential became clear.




#1 - Cross-Sheep


And finally, Cross-Sheep has continued to see play this format in decks like Heroes, Mekk-Knight Invoked and what's left of the Thunder Dragon deck. But Shaddolls are now on the scene bringing a mass Fusion strategy at a budget level of accessibility, and if Cross-Sheep was popular before it's even bigger now! Cross-Sheep is now $8 all-in, making it more valuable than most of the IGAS Ultra Rares and even many of the Secret Rares. This card is a huge leg up for Fusion Summoning decks, it could be relevant for Rituals now that we know Megaliths are getting more support, and it's a must-have for Shaddolls.

Will the Sheep-sanity ever end? Probably not for a while.

Taking a glance beyond the Top 10 proper, the other top sellers in the TCGplayer Marketplace were all tournament stars. Gravity Controller came in at Number 11, and integral combo piece for countless combo-driven decks that need to empty out their Extra Monster Zone. Dark Ruler No More's a huge Side Deck pick, and clocked the Number 12 position for the week. Apprentice Illusion Magician keeps popping up in strategies running Magicians' Souls, enough to finish out at Number 13, while Mudragon of the Swamp and Sky Striker Ace – Roze ended the week at Numbers 14 and 15 respectively.

Where's the market headed in these turbulent tournament times?! We'll have the next answers to that question on Monday, when we drop our next MarketUpdaett on Facebook and Twitter, so don't miss it! For now, thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer