Welcome back to another Market Watch Top 10! Today we're looking at the run-up to YCS Portland and the return of Regional Qualifiers this weekend.

The secondary market this week was guided by two distinct factors:the Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational in Indianapolis last weekend, and the release of Structure Deck: Rokket Revoltthe Friday before. The result was roughly split in the TCGplayer Marketplace: on one hand, the hefty success of Thunder Dragons and Orcusts leveraging theGuardragon Extra Deck engine made everything Guardragon even hotter than before. On the other hand a number of cards from the new Structure were big movers.

…And if your response to those two factors is something along the lines of,"those two things are sort of linked," you'd be correct.

While our version of the game here in TCG territory doesn't quite have allof the pieces needed for the OCG's "Dragon Link" or "Good Stuff Guardragon"deck, players have clearly taken Inspiration from that strategy – a deck that thrives on both Guardragons and several cards new and reprinted from the Rokket RevoltStructure. And while not every card on our bestseller this week was tied to that deck's influence, a number of them certainly were, and that's important to keep in mind as the tournament season ramps up.

So let's get started. The following were the ten cards purchased by the most buyers on TCGplayer this week.

#10 - Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres

This card's been hanging out on the lower end of our Top 10's for weeks now on and off, and it's no secret why: Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheresis an integral part of some of the biggest, most loaded Guardragon combos out there, played for its bounce effect and to search combo pieces from the deck. This is a one-of in any deck running it, and as a seven dollar card with limited room for growth the volume of players buying into it demonstrates a lot of legitimate player interest.


#9 - Carboneddon

Ib the World Chalice Justiciar's quickly become one of the hottest cards of the summer, played to the field with any of several different one-card combos to search World Legacy Guardragon so you can unleash a Dragon for your Guardragon plays. Souleating Oviraptor, Draconnet, and Carboneddon all offer different ways to make that Level 5 Synchro Summon happen, and whileOviraptor ruled the Marketplace last week, more players became aware ofCarboneddon in the wake of the Ultimate Duelist Series.

TCGplayer alumni Bobby Kenny was one of the competitors who reached the TopCut packing Carboneddon, and you can see how he played itover in the Deck Archive.


#8 - Borreload Furious Dragon

One of the marquee Extra Deck monsters fromStructure Deck: Rokket Revolt, Borreload Furious Dragon carries a mix of fan appeal as another banner member of the Borreload family, plus aSpell Speed 2 Scrap Dragon type effect combined with recursion. If it wasn't obvious, Furious Dragon can pop itself for that recursive effect, but it remains to be seen if players will really want to use Guardragon Agarpain to play it. At the end of the day it's got a lot of competition in the category of Big Guardragon Plays.

Still, at less than a buck a pop it's a smart get for anybody who didn't pick up the full Structure Deck. I think it's a bit of a long shot, but you might as well future proof yourself when the price of entry's so affordable.


#7 - Guardragon Elpy



#6 - Guardragon Pisty



#5 - Guardragon Agarpain

HUGE RIGHT NOW. It's been a long time since we've seen such sustained demand for so many cards from a single engine, but with the last F&L List doing very little to curb Guardragons it's no wonder they're stealing the thunder of perennial hits like Called by the Grave and Dinowrestler Pankratops.

The fact that the UDS was won by pure Thunder Dragons sans the Guardragon engine is actually a Ray of Hope right now, in a format where Guardragons are likely to become more and more central to deck building decisions. TheUDS Top 4 didn't lean overwhelmingly into Gaurdragon strategies, but the engine's momentum in the secondary market paints a different picture. You could look at the Top Cut decks from last week and devalue the importance of these cards, but I think you might be in for a rude awakening if you do.Right now I'd either be building to run Guardragons or building to beat them, on a very conscious and purposeful level.


#4 - Topologic Zeroboros

Zeroboros is an interesting card, acting almost as a pseudo floodgate against Extra Monster Zone summons when it's in the middle of your MainMonster Zones. The recursive effect is key, but the big question mark here is what deck can actually run it competitively. I'm not sure we have an answer for that. But in the meantime it's a high-impact cover card monster with flashy effects, and sometimes that's enough to make a card popular –especially in its release week.


#3 - Triple Burst Dragon

Not every deck succeeding with Guardragons runs Triple Burst Dragon right now, but most of them still do; its Link Arrows make it a key card in Guardragon combos to turn on effects like those of Guardragon Elpy, easily locking in one of the two Arrows you need for its effect. Combined with simple, flexible Link Materials it was a staple of the WCQ season and right up until the Rokket Revoltreprint it was still a $15+ card. Now that it can be had for $1.50 it was one of the most popular cards of the week.


#2 - Rokket Tracer

While dedicated Rokket decks may run lots of new cards fromRokket Revolt, Rokket Tracer's one of the few that sees play outside of the pure strategy, played as both a Level 4 Tuner and a gateway to stuff like Silverokket Dragon for a variety of plays. How it'll manifest in competition here in the TCG is up in the air, but it's another hit fromt he Dragon Link arsenal in the OCG and that alone has made it a hot prospect. It's a big card to watch when we start seeing results fromRegionals and the YCS this weekend.


#1 - Borreload Dragon

And finally, budget Borreload Dragon broke the Marketplace this week as the biggest bestseller. Whether you're a VRAINS fan, a budget player or just for a little low level trade filler, the new common version of Borreload's an attractive pick for a lot of different demographics. The card's still a must-own almost two years after its release, and if you didn't want to drop6 or 7 bucks on the Duel Powerversion – because, say, you weren't going to tournaments last season – then the new version that can be bought for pocket change or whatever money you can find in your couch is arriving at the perfect time, right before Regionals.


There's not much else to say about the secondary market's bestsellers this week, with cards just outside the Top 10 still falling into the categories of "New Stuff From The Structure" and "Stuff Guardragons Liike". Instead of running those down I want to make you aware of two big things arrivingMonday on TCGplayer: sometime Monday – hold on for the official start time announcement – we'll be doing a 5% Bonus Bucks promo so you can earn credit on singles purchases.

Coinciding with that deal, we'll be posting deck lists from the YCSPortland Top Cut and Regional Qualifiers Sunday night and all day longMonday, as soon as they become available. That means once you see the heavy-hitters from the new format you can get credit for any singles you pick up for your new decks. Just something to consider as we await the YCS results.

Stick with us here on TCGplayer this week, because the new format's kicking off in earnest and we'll be keeping you posted on all the biggest winners!See you Sunday night.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer