Welcome back to another Market Watch, where we count down the Top 10bestselling cards in the TCGplayer Marketplace each week.

As a refresher, every Market Watch column here on TCGplayer ranks thehottest cards of the week by copies sold, not considering rarity or value.That means if a big common sells tons of copies it can best even thebiggest money cards in the game, but if a big money card makes the Top 10you know it's huge, because it's outselling hundreds of popular cards thatare far more accessible.

Top 8 results from Regional Qualifiers were a bit more diverse this week,with a smattering of surprise rogue hits like Infernoids and PaleozoicFrogs, but a more even spread amongst the format's Big 4: Salamangreatstook a little more tableshare in the tournaments we saw, while Orcustscontinued to be strong but weren't quite as oppressive as they appeared tobe two weeks ago.

That's good news if you like diverse fields, but not super helpful ifyou're trying to figure out what to play for a big tournament… like theupcoming YCS Knoxville. That said, there are still some useful data pointsfor both collectors and players in this week's rundown, so let's jump rightin and get to the numbers.

#10: Cynet Mining

Cynet Mining fell a couple spots from Number 8 to Number 10, but that'sstill pretty remarkable for a card that costs $22 and may start to climbgiven lower supply.

Salamangreats put in a slightly better showing in the deck archive thisweek, comprising about 18% of the decks we've entered or will be enteringlater today. While Salads took a beating in the first weeks of the newformat, Salamangreat players are clearly doubling down committing to CynetMining, and that seems to be pushing the deck back up the competitiveranks.

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#9: Orcust Harp Horror

Ocusts had another gangbusters weekend and seem positioned as the newdeck-to-beat, with Sky Strikers, Trickstars, Dangers, and Phantom Knightsall serving as interchangeable engines to support the Orcust core. One ofthe trends we saw in Regionals this week was the use of triple Orcust HarpHorror, so it's not surprising to see that there was higher demand for it.

Harp Horror performs so well that we're even starting to see Danger-freebudget builds revolving around Scrap Recycler to load Harp to theGraveyard. The best example may be Randy Richardson's build from the Top 8in San Antonio.Give that deck a look if you haven't seen it yet, because it's hugely relevant moving forward.

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#8: Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf

While Cynet Mining's sales numbers represent demand from both newSalamangreat players and Salamangreat veterans, the demand for SalamangreatSunlight Wolf demonstrates new players migrating to the strategy – nobodywas running this deck without it, so we know that the players buyingSunlight Wolf are switching over for the first time.

With slightly better tournament results and demand for both new and oldstaples, it's safe to say that Salamangreats will remain one of the biggestdecks of the format even if the strategy is still weaker than it was, andno consensus build has been reached. If a cookie cutter version of the deckdoes emerge, we can expect even more players to pick it up so long as CynetMining doesn't climb too high in the coming days.

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#7: Orcust Crescendo

Similar things can be said of Orcust Crescendo, the sales of whichdemonstrate new players taking up Orcusts. And while there's no exact"best" build of Salamangreats just yet, the field is massively wide openfor Orcusts with many supporting suites and engines appearing in recent Top8s. That said, Orcust Crescendo is a definite must and it's becoming such aboogeyman that it's shaping common card choices across the board.

The biggest example is Cosmic Cyclone, which is starting to take over slotsthat were once reserved for Twin Twisters because players don't want torisk the discard cost if they know – or even just suspect – that they'll beplaying into a Crescendo. It's a fantastic card for a highly consistent,adaptable strategy, though we haven't seen many players make good yet onthose early remarks about testing multiple copies.

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#6: Called by the Grave

Main Decked in everything from Salamangreats and Orcusts to Altergeists andInfernoids, Called by the Grave is a Side Deck pick at the very least inmost strategies, and continues to be a popular mained choice for flexspots. Most decks can't do what they're designed to do if they can't playthrough hand traps, and Called by the Grave is still the easiest way tomanage that. Add the additional kick in the pants to stuff like SkyStrikers and Called by the Grave continues to be a strong… well, a strongcall basically everywhere.

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#5: Unending Nightmare

Maybe you want to beat Mystic Mine! Or, maybe you want to PLAY Mystic Mineyourself!

Either way, Unending Nightmare's a strong choice: it destroys Mystic Mineand other spells that make the Mine Burn deck work, or if you're the onerunning Mystic Mine you can Side Deck Nightmare to beat stuff like TrueDracos and Sky Strikers, the latter being arguably the toughest matchup forMine Burn players.

Unending Nightmare was nowhere in the Top 10 last week, but word's gettingout and it's becoming more popular. Be ready for it in upcomingtournaments.

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#4: Mystic Mine

Down from Number 1 last week, Mystic Mine Burn put in another weak showingover the weekend. The deck's clearly around in Regionals, it just doesn'tseem to be winning much. But even with that in mind, sales were stillstrong and the match-up can't be ignored. Mine Burn might not survive tothe North Am WCQ, but it'll certainly be a factor next week at the YCS.

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#3: Dinowrestler Pankratops

Up from Number 5, Dinowrestler Pankratops is still the bestselling card ofthe year and there's just not much more to say. For the second week in arow more Top Cut finishers played Artifact Lancea, but Pankratops was closebehind it in popularity, and it still has plenty of Main Deck appeal in theright strategies. We're at that Pot of Desires point now where it'sremarkable that players still need copies of Pankratops.

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#2: Beat Cop from the Underworld

Demand for Beat Cop exploded this week, rocketing it to Number 2 out ofbasically nowhere. We saw it starting to top in Thunder Dragons andPendulum variants, but it looks like other strategies may be testing it outas well. It's definitely a card to keep an eye on as players become morefamiliar with it, but it's tough right now to say where it's going to windup over time.

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#1: Crackdown

And finally, Crackdown overtook Mystic Mine as the bestselling card in theTCGplayer Marketplace. True Dracos, Subterrors and Altergeists all lovethis thing, and we've even seen it appear in a couple of Salamangreat decksthat made Top 8s. Crackdown's starting to creep past the $3 mark toward$3.50, so if you're on the fence about it this might be a good time to grabyour playset.

That said it's still strictly relegated to rogue decks, so unless we seesome major upsets at events like YCS Knoxville and the Central America WCQit's not going to be tremendously mainstream. For now, just recognize whichmatchups it might appear in and play accordingly. Or if you are one of therogue players running one of those backrow strategies, make sure you'retaking advantage of it.

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That's it for this week, but join us one last time next Friday for one moreMarket Watch in the run-up to YCS Knoxville! It's the last YCS of the2018-2019 season and as the biggest non-invitation tournament of thecurrent format it's got the makings of an epic tournament. We'll have allthe info you'll need to stay current, in seven days.

Until then, thanks for reading!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer