With duelists the world over still reeling from the blowout of PendulumMagicians at YCS Salt Lake City, the market is looking ahead to the May 4th release of Flames of Destruction.

Combined with continued enthusiasm forExtreme Force Special Edition promos, those three factors were thebiggest forces of influence in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week.After a dominant showing at the YCS that concluded in a mirror match, True Dracos were in huge demand. PSY-Framegear Gamma and Called by theGrave were still big picks in the wake of their Special Edition printings.And anticipation for FLOD led to boosted sales for a strategy that'scurrently flying under the radar.

If it's your first time joining us, here's the skinny: our twice-weeklyMarket Watches count down the Top 10 bestselling cards on TCGplayer for theprevious four days, and we calculate those numbers by volume of cards sold– not rarity and not value.

Why? Because if a big card spikes in price it's not tough to find out aboutit on your own. But when a common card or an accessible Super Rare sells abajillion copies, that card might not actually rise in price… even ifplayers are flocking to the deck it's played in.

We have that sales data, and by bringing it to you we can glean earlyinsight into player responses to upcoming releases, news from overseas, andupcoming tournament trends. So with no further ado, here were the Top 10bestselling cards in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week, from Monday toFriday morning.

#10: Terraforming

Rebounding from the always-bizarre spike of demand for Metaverse last week,Terraforming's position in the Number 10 spot is probably a response to afew different forces: Trickstars' better showing in the last two YCStournaments comes to mind, as well as the big uptick in Mekk-Knight Invokeddecks in the Top 32 of YCS Salt Lake City. Four of them made the Top Cut,making Mekk-Knights the third most successful deck in the Swiss Rounds.

But all those factors pale in comparison to the success of True Dracos,capturing three seats in the Top 4 and both spots in the Finals. PendulumMagicians had a bullseye on its back for months, and this YCS might've beenthe long-awaited turning point in competition. A lot of players are goingto be migrating to True Dracos and the demand for Terraforming's just thefirst indicator.

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#9: Effect Veiler

Down from its lofty spot in the Top 10 last weekend, Effect Veiler's stillhuge, as players look to either replace or supplement Ash Blossom &Joyous Spring. Emphasis on "supplement" too; Effect Veiler's not just apoor man's replacement for Ash Blossom, it continues to see growing playalongside it.

How the trending status of True Dracos impacts that demand, we won't knowuntil Monday, but for now the Veiler hype was still very real.

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#8: Altergeist Hexstia

Four more Altergeist cards are arriving a little over a month from now inFlames of Destruction:Altergeist Multifaker,Altergeist Pixiel,Altergeist Kidolga, andAltergeist Emulelf. Of those four there's a very good chance Multifaker will be the only onethat proves relevant, but Altergeists have done well in recent tournamentsin the OCG, and Multifaker's an irreplaceable three-of in those strategies.

An instant +1 that sets up your Link Summons, Altergeist Multifaker makeseverything about the Altergeist strategy faster and more consistent, andthat generated really strong demand this week for Altergeist Hexstia as aneasy, often absurdly powerful Link-2. Players are clearlylooking at resultsfromrecent tournaments in Japanandtrying to stay ahead of the curve, weeks before Flames of Destruction arrives.

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#7: PSY-Framegear Gamma

In a format where some decks are still running as many as 12 hand traps,and where Maxx "C" is gone and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring isinaccessible to many players, PSY-Framegear Gamma's become an instantall-star. The EXFO Special Edition reprint dropped it from $15+ to underfive, so it's another big pick for budget duelists and deep-pocketedcompetitors alike.

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#6: Pot of Desires

This week on the Pot of Desires Index, a whopping five cards managed tooutsell the must-have "draw-2" spell. That says a lot about the demand forcards like…

#####CARDID= 22118 #####

#5: Altergeist Manifestation

Seriously. Altergeist support outsold Pot of Freakin' Desires. Thathappened.

A name-stamped Call Of The Haunted with a wealth of synergies in theAltergeist theme, its banish effect makes it a free +1 on top of whateverelse you do with it before it gets yarded. Manifestation's clearly been apowerful card waiting for a worthwhile application ever since it wasreleased in Extreme Force, and Altergeist Multifaker finallypushes it over the top.

The result is a resilient combo deck with a more-than-respectable grindgame, anchored in part by this flexible trap card. Altergeist Manifestationis technically on an upward Price Trend as of this writing, but it's stillhugely available with an average Market Price of less than a quarter. Notbad for a soon-to-be-competitive Super Rare.

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#4: Glow-Up Bulb

Several strategies have leveraged Glow-Up Bulb in recent weeks, culminatingin stuff like Brent Casey's deck from the San Diego Regional Qualifierearlier this month. Turn 1 Naturia Beast is pretty fantastic this format ifyou back it up with the right stuff, and we're seeing Glow-Up Bulb appearin not just 60-Card Lightsworn Zombies, but other more innovative decks aswell.

If you missed Kelly Locke's deep dive on Brent Casey's strategy earlierthis week,definitely check that out. With numbers like this, expect to see Glow-Up Bulb in your tournaments atsome point, in one form or another.

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#3: Amano-Iwato

True Dracos outperformed expectations in pretty much every metric you canimagine last weekend, and the deck's return to dominance is really owed toone card: Amano-Iwato. With an effect that lets you play through opposingmonster abilities – including hand traps – it's exactly what acontrol-oriented deck needs to guarantee a strong Turn 1.

At the same time, Amano-Iwato's become so ubiquitous that players werealready Main Decking Rivalry of Warlords at YCS Salt Lake City largely justto beat it – while Amano-Iwato's a Rock-type monster, everything else inthe deck is a Wyrm. That means if you Summon Amano-Iwato and your opponentresponds with Rivalry, the card you were relying on to protect all yourplays literally just stops you from making them. Brutal.

I'm almost surprised Rivalry didn't make the Top 10 this week, but we mightsee it in the spotlight by the time Monday rolls around. For now,Amano-Iwato remains the number one reason for True Draco's success, andthat drove demand through the roof.

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#2: Underclock Taker

Week by week, more and more players continue to learn to appreciateUnderclock Taker, including some who were running True Dracos at the YCS.Salt Lake City was a fascinating tournament, and the gravitation away fromThe Monarchs Erupt in some True Draco builds was one of the most intriguingtrends.

While some duelists skipped The Monarchs Eruptand then basically ran a joke deck for their Extra, others likeIttipat ArunnaveesiriandCorey Nakatawere a little more serious, and those players ran Underclock Taker in theirbuilds.

But really, so did everyone else. This isn't a single deck trend so much asa wide adoption of Underclock Taker. You basically have to own it, andsince it costs less than 50 cents there's really no reason not to pick upyour copies.

You're gonna need them some time, that much is for sure.

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#1: Called by the Grave

And finally, the Number 1 card from last weekend dominated the TCGplayerMarketplace through the week as well, as Called by the Grave kept sellingin droves. Clocking in at about five bucks off its preview release, Calledmade very few appearances at YCS Salt Lake City.But the winner of the event, Leonard Anaya, Side Decked two copies, andthat meant instant credibility.

Effectively a Quick-Play hybrid of D.D. Crow and Effect Veiler, Called bythe Grave's especially well suited for a Draco-dominated metagame where itcan break up established fields and change powerful graveyard-driven combosinto game-losing nonbos. Not only is it a fantastic card overall, it'sbecoming impossible to find in sealed product, sinceExtreme Force Special Edition boxes are sold out in so manystores.

Generic power spells don't come around very often these days. Theversatility of Called by the Grave makes it another must-own forcompetitive players as WCQ's loom in the not-too-distant future.

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That's it for this week, but we'll be back on Monday to see how thesetrends play out over the weekend. There are no big Championships for awhile, but there are lots of Regionals, including some in well documentedvenues like Garden City, Fargo, and Seattle.

With YCS Salt Lake City so influential, it should be an interesting fewdays of Regionals as we see the fallout of last week's action.

We'll see you on Monday.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer