Welcome back! Last week we saw two Market Watches in the wake of the revealof the new F.A. cards from Flames of Destruction. This week, withenthusiasm for those cards subsiding, we saw duelists getting even furtherahead on future releases.

Those trends determined the Number 1 bestselling card from Monday toFriday. At the same time, we saw a spike of interest in cards for PendulumMagicians and Trickstars, the latter beginning to Rebound a bit after someserious marginalization in recent Regionals. Add a dash of continuedinterest in F.A.'s and Goukis, and you've got a complete snapshot of salespatterns in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week.

With so many of the bestselling cards being current tournament staples formajor themes, today's a pretty straightforward Top 10 countdown. If this isyour first Market Watch, remember that we rank our bestsellers by sheernumber of cards sold: there's no favoritism for cards of higher rarity orvalue. That paid off this week, as we got a look at a ton oftournament-level three-ofs and viable tech that didn't spike in price, butdid sell by the bushel.

So which cards were the hottest movers and shakers? Let's kick it off witha look at Number 10.

#10: Eater of Millions

Was anyone else hoping this would get an Ultimate Rare upgrade? It took asurprising length of time for Eater of Millions to become de rigeur forTrickstars, but now it's tough to imagine a Trickstar deck without it. Oneof the best problem solvers in the game, Eater of Millions has wonthousands of games this year, and always raises the question:

Why IS Neo-Spacian Grand Mole still Limited, anyways?

#####CARDID= 21175#####

#9: Chronograph Sorcerer

Pendulum Magicians were likely responsible for the Top 10 status of atleast two cards this week, beginning with Chronograph Sorcerer. A three-ofmust in Pendulum Magicians, it also sees play in a supporting role as partof a smaller Magician suite, in current decks like Metalfoes.

Turns out that Special Summoning two monsters from your hand for basicallynothing is awesome pretty much anywhere, and combined with ChronographSorcerer's Extra Deck loading power in conjunction with Timegazer Magician,it's fantastic in almost any Pendulum strategy.

#####CARDID= 21794#####

#8: Solemn Strike

You're probably well aware that backrow trap cards have become far morecommon in this format than they were in the SPYRAL era, partly due tocompetitive rebalancing and partly due to the reintroduction of SolemnJudgment in competition. Solemn Strike may be the most played trap card ofthe format, and it continues to sell extremely well despite its $10 MarketPrice.

#####CARDID= 22432#####

#7: Zaphion, the Timelord

Zaphion, the Timelord saw a resurgence in play over the past two to threeweeks, becoming a popular Side Deck choice in True Draco decks. Aself-replacing answer to the same big back rows we just mentioned above,Zaphion's a nightmare for a wealth of strategies, and especially goodagainst Pendulum Magicians.

The impending OCG release ofSandaion, the Timelordhas the theme on more players' minds these days too, but realistically thetournament results stateside are probably more relevant.


#6: Underclock Taker

Underclock Taker's a wildly useful Link-2 for a variety of strategies, andit's especially favored in Pendulum Magcians, where it can save you fromlosing instantly to Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries. But for the firsttime in what feels like months, Underclock Taker was actually outsold by…

#####CARDID= 22914#####

#5: Proxy Dragon

Yes, for weeks we've seen Underclock Taker outsell its fellow Link-2 ProxyDragon. And that makes sense: Underclock Taker's a newer card, so moreplayers still needed it; it's a common, so while Proxy Dragon's affordable,Taker's even easier to pick up. And on top of those factors, it's becomemore common to see players running a second Underclock Taker instead of asecond Proxy Dragon.

So how did Proxy Dragon outpace Underclock Taker this week? That's a goodquestion, and I'm not sure there's a good answer. But the numberswere neck and neck, so it may be best not to readtoo much into it.


#4: Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm

Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm was up again, and while it's currently playedalmost entirely in Pendulum Magicians, the spike of interest may be linkedin part to the forthcoming release ofStructure Deck: Lair of Darkness. As one of the greatest Pendulumenablers of all time, Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm is free card economyleveraged immediately into some of the biggest plays going.

Pendulum Magicians are still the deck-to-beat, and with sales ramping up aswe count the days to the WCQ season, we can expect to see lots of Magiciansin upcoming tournaments this summer.

#####CARDID= 21642#####

#3: Pot of Desires

Drawing two cards? Always amazing. Pot of Desires? Pretty much always inthe Top 10. The fact that Pot's still in such deep supply is an asset tocompetitive Yu-Gi-Oh! on the whole.

#2: Called by the Grave

The former reigning champion of the Number 1 position was usurped thisweek, even as more players begin to appreciate it! Called by the Grave isone part Effect Veiler and one part D.D. Crow, lending effect negation,protection from hand traps, and graveyard disruption all in one. Its stockhas only risen with the increasing popularity of True Dracos, and it tooksomething truly out there to beat it this week…

#####CARDID= 23177#####

#1: Shared Ride

Yes, the biggest card of the week was Shared Ride! Both Secret Rareprintings of Shared Ride sold out earlier this week, starting from averageMarket Prices of $2 or less and – as of this writing – spiking to almost$7. That massive jump in value sent players scrabbling to get Gold Rarecopies from Infinite Gold as well, which saw a sharp upwards PriceTrend as of Thursday night.

The reason? Shared Ride's a pretty useful card now, but players arestarting to side them in the OCG to beat theSky Striker Ace cards– previously fanlated as "Brandish Maidens".You can see some examples in the latest deck log over at TheOrganization. With Dark Saviors six weeks out, now was the perfect time toswoop in and scoop up affordable copies of Shared Ride. Once thespeculators got in, a ton of other players followed suit, with a hugenumber of TCGplayers picking up their copies to prepare for the new theme.

#####CARDID= 19664#####

What else was big in the TCGplayer Marketplace? Qliphort Genius came in atNumber 11, narrowly missing the Top 10 and demonstrating continued interestin both the F.A. and ABC-Dragon Buster themes. Instant Fusion clocked theNumber 12 position, as FTK Pendulum Magicians saw increasing play thismonth.

Torrential Tribute was the Number 13 bestseller, so watch out for it intournaments, while Number 14 and Number 15 were Number 41: Bagooska theTerribly Tired Tapir and Astrograph Sorcerer respectively; both testamentsto the number of players migrating to Pendulum Magicians.

Beyond all that we saw heavy speculation on two cards this week, as a nicheaudience of buyers stocked up on Fires of Doomsday a week before therelease of the new Structure Deck, as well as Gouki Re-Match. Goukis haveseen some success post-FLOD in the OCG, and this isn't the first time we'veseen buyers snap up copies in advance of the next booster release.

That's it for this week, but join us on Monday for another look at what'stopping the TCGplayer salescharts!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer