The release of the Chaos Impact Special Edition brought about more change in the TCGplayer Marketplace than you would've guessed.

Last week we saw the secondary market return to tournament-standard norms after the release of Mystic Fighters.  Standbys like Super Polymerization, Called by the Grave and Cosmic Cyclone returned to the Top 10, and trending cards like Dark Ruler No More and Dark World Dealings broke through to new heights.  This week's best-sellers list could've looked very similar, but instead we saw another big set of swings that ousted five cards from the Top 10 in favor of high-impact promos from the CHIM SE, and even newer trends in Regionals and locals.

And the Chaos Impact Special Edition had more ramifications beyond the Top 10 proper.  After weeks of Mathmechs and Generaiders dominating from Mystic Fighters, the Special Edition release of Dragonmaid Send-Off brought Dragonmaids back to the top of the Chaos Impact heap. While none of the core CHIM Dragonmaids reached the Top 10 a number of them almost made the cut – more on that after the countdown.

So what does it all mean, and what were the best-selling cards on TCGplayer this week, from Monday to Friday?  Let's dive in and find out.

#10 - Borrelsword Dragon

Up from Number 14 last week, Borrelsword Dragon was back in the Top 10 as Orcusts and Sky Strikers continue to use it to end games. Sure, lots of others strategies can run Borrelsword as well, from the occasional Thunder Dragon deck to Pendulums, SPYRALS and more. But on a pound for pound basis, Borrelsword Dragon is played most consistently in the top two decks of the current format, and boosted increase in Borrelsword probably suggests a continued migration of players toward those strategies.


#9 - Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

I had dinner this week with a colleague and a couple of non-Yu-Gi-Oh-players – people that are heavy gamers but just don't keep tabs on Yu-Gi-Oh. We were discussing the general state of the format and some key cards; stuff like Nibiru, Dingirsu and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.  Our fellow diners would chime in here and there to ask what certain cards do, and we'd answer in detail, UNTIL we hit Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

When they asked what Ash Blossom does, my dinner buddy blurted out something like, "It just stops everything you want to do." And that was it. I proceeded to elaborate, talking about the importance of search denial in various forms, but he really keyed in on the thing that makes Ash Blossom so good: it has crazy utility. Drawing a dead card – especially a tech card that isn't part of your central strategy – is one of the worst feelings in the game. But Ash Blossom's sheer range across a wide spread of match-ups keeps it viable, and that compensates for what can be a slightly lower impact compared to more narrow cards like D.D. Crow and Skull Meister.


#8 - Super Polymerization

Down three spots from Number 5 last week, Super Polymerization slipped the exact same number of new cards from Chaos Impact Special Edition that were added to the Top 10 this week.  That makes the downshift a relative non-trend; it's not that Super Polymerization was less of a priority, a few hot new cards just outclassed it. It's probably safe to say three things.

First, Super Polymerization will still be in a similar position by this time next week.

Second, the new Special Edition cards probably won't be.

And third, Super Polymerization still needs a hit in January.


#7 - Nibiru, the Primal Being

Watching Nibiru swing back and forth in use since its release has been interesting.  The theory was that as Nibiru was played more, combo decks would see less play. From there Nibiru would recede, combo decks would peak again for a bit, and the cycle would renew. Reality hasn't been nearly as smooth, with the balance being more of a stuttering back-and-forth week to week.

That said, Nibiru did see less play for several weeks there, and it's seeing renewed interest now, so that's something to anticipate in your tournaments.  It's up from Number 13 last week.


#6 - Saryuja Skull Dread

Down from Number 2, Saryuja Skull Dread continues to be a bit of an oddity in the marketplace.  On one hand it's been incredibly competitive in the past.  On the other hand it doesn't see much play right now.  On one hand it's got tremendous lifelong utility. On the other hand it could still get whomped to 1-per-deck or Forbidden entirely come January.  Despite that fact it still remains wildly popular in the secondary market, and its tumble to Number 6 isn't that much of a fall when you factor in the new Special Edition cards.


#5 - Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju

Down from Number 3, the ground Gameciel's lost to the Special Edition promos is even less than that of Saryuja Skull Dread.  An ideal pick for eliminating one single controlling monster, like say, a Dingirsu or a Sky Striker, Gameciel doesn't pack the same level of power and swing as say, The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode.  But it has much higher utility and precision, and it's incredibly tough to defend against. There are lots of cards that can help you break big opposing boards, and what we're seeing right now is a trend toward reliability above all else.


#4 - Scrap Wyvern

And now we're into the new stuff!  Scrap Wyvern spiked demand for Scrap Golem of all things over the weekend, but the biggest reason to be interested in this card wanders more off theme.  Sure, Scrap decks could play it.  But it's very possible Scrap decks don't exist anymore.  At all.  Anywhere.

Instead, players are using Scrap Recycler to make Scrap Wyvern in Orcusts, using Wyvern to bring back Recycler, popping Recycler and Special Summoning Scrap Golem from the deck. From there you can destroy any card on the field and use Golem to bring back Recycler and kick off more combos. The fact that you push your Recycler multiple times means you can play through hand traps, and suddenly beating Orcusts is even tougher than it was before.   



#3 - Dark Ruler No More

Like Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju, Dark Ruler No More is a very absolute way to play through an opposing board. It can't be stopped by monster effects, it blanks all of your opponent's monsters and can lead to an easy clean-sweep of some of the biggest set-ups in the game.  Ruler No More was Number 1 last week, and even managed to outpace Scrap Wyvern in sales to take Number 3 in our Top 10. This card was hot out of the gates when it first released but cooled off quickly. Now it's back after a series of shifts in competition, and players that slept on it are snapping up their playsets.


#2 - Dragonmaid Send-Off

Does Dragonmaid Send-Off make Dragonmaids into a tournament powerhouse? No. It doesn't solve the deck's core issues with consistency or speed. Does it add some more plays? A little flexibility?  And is it worth running?  Absolutely. Hopefully the Dragonmaid theme continues to be fleshed out over time, because based off sales this week there's clearly an audience that loves these cards.


#1 - Battle Shogun of the Six Samurai

Finally, Battle Shogun brings Link Summoning to the Six Sams, and perhaps more importantly an effect that searches Gateway of the Six.  Gateway's long been the anchor point for Six Samurai success, and while it's Limited here, it's currently off the F&L List entirely in the OCG. Battle Shogun of the Six Samurai probably won't make Six Sams competitive on its own here, but if we see a change to Gateway in January the deck could make a return.

The players stocking up on Battle Shogun were likely a mix of Six Samurai fans looking to play the deck now, or preparing for the future, a well as speculators just looking to place a bet on future trends. The result was a ton of unique orders that made Battle Shogun the Number 1 best-selling card on TCGplayer this week.


Looking beyond the Top 10, the big story of the week was the surge of interest in Dragonmaids: Parlor Dragonmaid came in at Number 11, Laundry Dragonmaid at Number 14, and Kitchen Dragonmaid at Number 15. Cosmic Cyclone and Monster Reborn took Numbers 12 and 13 respectively, and it's probably a safe bet that Cosmic Cyclone will be back in the Top 10 mix next week.

For now, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer