Sisters of the Rose has been out in the wild for just seven days, and in a weekfull of speculation it's taken over the TCGplayer Marketplace.

Though the latest booster didn't carry much competitive hype in the run-upto its release, it shattered expectations for sales and ousted everythingbut Dinowrestler Pankratops from the TCGplayer Marketplace. It alsogenerated tremendous speculation as collectors looking to invest bought uphundreds of copies of other cards in a bid to take advantage of newopportunities.

Combined with an immediate Top 8 showing from Rank 10 Trains, Sisters ofthe Rose has proven to have fan-driven appeal, huge draws for collectorsand investors, and a surprising competitive edge that few really predicted.While the set is geared towards fan service it's delivering a whole lotmore than just that, and the result was a near sweep of our Market WatchTop 10 this week.

Lunalights topped the list taking six of the bestseller spots, but Trainscaptured two slots in the Top 10 off that early competitive success andeven Rose Dragons got in on the action. In fact Akiza's latest signaturemonster is where we kick off our countdown tonight, as we begin our look atthe fervor for the first booster pack of 2019.

#10: Red Rose Dragon

Yes, Red Rose Dragon clocked in at Number 10 this week, moving massivenumbers of cards to a mix of players and collectors. The reprint of BlackRose Dragon actually outsold it, but most copies were bought up byspeculators looking for a score – not super useful if we're looking to spotwidespread trends.

That said, the Rose Dragons have been better received across the board thanmost people expected, and once we get White Rose Dragon in theSavage Strike Special Edition in March we might see somecompetitive attempts.

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#9: Super Express Bullet Train

If you want to set the crystal ball aside and dive into competition rightnow with the new cards, then Rank 10 Trains seems to be the best option.Anthony Lawrence's Top 8 build from the ARG Circuit Seriesin Hartford was one of the most talked-about decks of the week, elevatingthe meme that is Rank 10 Trains into a head-turning competitor almost outof nowhere. While some would dismiss that success as a fluke, or a productof a more narrow field at the Circuit Series, plenty of players clearlytook note and decided to get their copies.

Also of note, Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max was the single mostspeculated card of the week, with a tiny spread of collectors – likelyvendors – picking up hundreds upon hundreds of copies. When people sawLawrence's Top 8 finish the market took note, so don't be surprised ifeverything Trains stays hot for a while.

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#8: Lunalight Sabre Dancer

Onto the Lunalights! First up in the ranks of bestselling cat… Fusion…Bird-named… thingies…. Lunalight Sabre Dancer, the new Fusion Monster forthe theme. While the previous Lunalight Fusions played in a looselyinterlocked chain of Fusion Materials, Sabre Dancer just takes any 3Lunalights as its Fusion materials. Warding off card effects for an early,easy-access push, it roars back from the grave to enable giant pushes forgame.

It's a sweet card for the theme, and it was probably outsold by otherLunalight monsters just because it costs about $2.50 while many of theothers are under 25 cents.

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#7: Lunalight Panther Dancer

While the original printing of Panther Dancer still remains a $5 card, thecommon reprint in Sisters of the Rose has a current Market Priceof 15 cents as of this writing, making it wildly accessible for players whoweren't willing to commit to the theme previously. Sitting between thesmaller Lunalight Cat Dancer and the bigger Lunalight Leo Dancer, Pantherdancer shields itself from destruction by card effects and wields amulti-attacking ability that can end games all on its own.

It's especially hilarious combined with the ATK boost from Sabre Dancer.Fun stuff.

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#6: Dinowrestler Pankratops

Stepping away from Sisters of the Rose for just a moment, theprevious reigning Number 1 got knocked down to Number 6 this week,overwhelmed by the furry fever that overtook the Marketplace.

Also a train. But mostly the furries.

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#5: Lunalight Serenade Dance

Pouncing back to Lunalights, the first effect of Lunalight Serenade Dancemay be the subject of some debate, but its second effect has lots of combopotential with stuff like Foolish Burial Goods, Super Polymerization, andmost importantly Luna Light Perfume. Lunalights are frequently played witha variety of secondary themes similar to how we're used to seeing Invoked,but if your version aims to make long strings of Link Summons then SerenadeDance is probably going to be a two-of to help you gather all the fodderyou need.

How long that might keep Lunalight Serenade Dance in the Top 10 is unclear.But for now it's about a buck to pick up, and as an essential part of atleast some Lunalight decks it was an easy pickup for lots of players.

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#4: Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampede

This card is perfection to me. On its own, Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampedeis an instant Xyz enabler that can build early combos all on its own, orleverage bigger plays on later turns. It changes Levels up, it changes themdown, and it helps you make the most of your Xyz toolbox…which is reallywhat you need to do to keep Xyz competitive in the era of Link Monsters.Its condition – and those of some of the cards it's played with – help keepit from being splashed in other strategies, and it's custom built to workwith the key support cards in the theme.

This thing's got good design written all over it, it's already toppingdespite low competitive interest, and it's great to see it clocking in atNumber 4. Good beats all around.

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#3: Lunalight Fusion

Eminently searchable through plays you'd be making anyways, LunalightFusion's a basic Polymerization type card that triggers key Lunalighteffects to keep card economy strong. Then, if you're playing from behind itimitates Shaddoll Fusion and lets you "cheat" up the line of LunalightFusion Monsters while discounting the cost of your Fusion Summon. The pricetag's a bit higher than what we often see in the top rankings of ourcountdowns, but at $2.50 as of this writing it's still very approachable;enough so that it outsold almost everything this week.

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#2: Lunalight Emerald Bird

Lunalight Fusion was outsold only by two of its best Fusion Materials, thefirst being Lunalight Emerald Bird. Armed with a free cycling effect thatsets up your graveyard and helps you draw into your best cards, it replacesitself when you use it as Fusion Material to keep your plays affordable.It's a fundamental pillar of card economy in Lunalights and it's one of thebig reasons why the deck's being viewed as a possible rogue contender.

Smart card economy and strong combo potential? Always a head-turner.

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#1: Lunalight Yellow Marten

And finally Lunalight Yellow Marten took home top honors this week! With afree Special Summon effect that lets you swap around combo pieces and reuseeffects, it follows up on Emerald Bird's self-replacing techniques with asimilar ability that searches out Lunalight Fusion and Lunalight SerenadeDance. Again, it packs good card economy and high utility contributing toyour central combos, and that's a winning combination in a combo-centricstrategy.

At an average Market Price of about 25 cents, Lunalight Yellow Marten canbe found for about a dime if you catch it at the right time. An affordableprice tag plus lots of rogue tournament potential drove it all the way toNumber 1 this week.

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What else was hot? As we said in the intro, speculation was huge this weekwith vendors, collectors, and investors buying up dozens and in some caseshundreds of key singles with an eye on future growth. Demand forSuperdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max and Black Rose Dragon was crazy asnoted earlier, but we also saw Ritual Sanctuary and Cyber Angel Bententargeted, as well as Harpie Queen.

Everything Harpie is huge right now, and while there are still hundreds ofcopies of Harpie Queen in the TCGplayer Marketplace, cards like HystericSign, Harpie Dancer, and Harpie Channeler all saw massive price spikes thisweek: Sign and Dancer are hugging the ten dollar mark, nearly doubling invalue, while Channeler moved from eight bucks to twelve.

With the current F&L List only guaranteed for three more days anythingcould happen in the secondary market! Stick with us through the weekon Facebook andTwitter for our MondayMarket Update and Price Spike Warnings, and then join us again next week tosee what's up in the TCGplayer Marketplace.

We'll see you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer