It's Friday, and that means Structure Deck: Soulburner is finallyhere.

While pre-sales didn't arrive in the TCGplayer Marketplace early enough tousher new singles from SDSB into the Top 10, we did see Salamangreats knockTime Thiefs out of the top spots in our weekly countdown. Time Thief cardsmanaged to hold on to three spots in the Top 10, but that was down fromtwice that many spots last week.

Meanwhile everything else was either a Salamangreat card; something playedwith Salamangreat cards; or something played to beat Salamangreat cards. OrDinowrestler Pankratops. We can't forget that guy, though he may arguablyfit all of the categories I just listed.

So what were the biggest cards of the week? With no further ado, let's diveright into the heat.

#10: Time Thief Regulator

The Time Thief fervor died down a little bit this week as Salamangreats gothotter, but three of the six cards still made the Top 10, starting with thetheme's answer to Rescue Cat. Right now Time Thief Regulator SpecialSummons Time Thief Winder and Time Thief Bezel Ship, instantly triggeringWinder's search effect and giving you an instant Rank 4 that then loadsBezel Ship to the graveyard for recycling.

I've mentioned it before but the statement remains true: this is a greatcard now, and it only gets better as we get more Time Thief cards for it toSpecial Summon. Rescue Cat got nerfed for a reason, but for now Time ThiefRegulator is running free.

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#9: Dinowrestler Pankratops

From a card that gets better with time, to a card that's amazing now,Dinowrestler Pankratops is seeing more and more play as an increasingnumber of duelists slowly begin to experiment with Foolish Burial Goods andWorld Dino Wrestling in go-second strategies. A near staple Side Deck card,Pankratops is now creating new variants of acknowledged strategies thatbenefit from the ability to see it more consistently; either as anextension of an existing Foolish Burial Goods engine in decks like SkyStrikers, or in strategies running Goods solely for Pankratops alone.

Pankratops is an incredibly versatile card, and as a result players keepfinding new ways to use it.

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#8: Time Thief Winder

I've made the comparison between Time Thief Winder and Elemental HEROStratos a few times now, but I think it's worth noting that Stratos reallydidn't debut with the kind of support that accompanies Time Thief Winder.When Stratos first arrived it shook competition to its core, but that waslargely because of the powerful spell cards available to abuse it; stufflike the now-Forbidden Dimension Fusion, to the still-here-and-still-bustedDivine Sword - Phoenix Blade.

Someone recently mentioned to me just how crazy Dimension Fusion was bytoday's standards; they weren't wrong. Looking back you really have towonder how that was ever okay to print.

Regardless, Time Thief Winder has excellent support surrounding it in theTime Thief theme, and is sure to get better over time just like Time ThiefRegulator; give it a few months and we'll likely have more cards to searchWinder, and more cards for it to search in turn.

#####CARDID= 24895#####

#7: Lady Debug

Now up to a solid eight dollars on the Structure Deck: Soulburnerrelease day, Lady Debug is the Elemental Hero Stratos… or dare I say, TimeThief Winder?... of the Salamangreats. And while eight bucks might seemlike a lot for a Structure Deck Super Rare, it's likely the most expensivesingle you'll have to pick up for a strategy that's cheap otherwise (atleast until you start getting ambitious with your Extra Deck).

This is a must-own if you're going to play Salamangreats, and while a lotof the hype surrounding the Structure's release is revolving around AshBlossom & Joyous Spring, there are still plenty of duelists looking toactually play the deck itself. For those thousands of individuals, LadyDebug was a must-buy last minute.

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#6: Called by the Grave

Pretty much the only thing that could make Called by the Grave even moreimportant than it is now, would be giving the general dueling populace freecopies of Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. And since that's exactly whatKonami did by reprinting it in Structure Deck: Soulburner, demandfor Called by the Grave was high yet again.

#####CARDID= 23177#####

#5: Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze

Armed with two downward Link Arrows, a slick match-up specific SpecialSummon and a self-replacing ability, Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze coulddefinitely have a place in Salamangreat strategies. The market sort ofslept on this one since we didn't see Hiita in any previous Top 10's, butdemand spiked this week as players figured it out, carrying Hiita all theway to Number 5.

#####CARDID= 24868#####

#4: Time Thief Redoer

The last card in this week's Top 10 not directly related to Salamangreats,Time Thief Redoer dropped from the Number 1 spot last week to Number 4.There are good reasons for the high demand on this card: it's a greatgeneric Rank 4, it's a must-run for its own theme, and it's become the DarkXyz of choice for combo-driven players looking to ramp into Outer EntityAzathot on their opponent's turn with The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardicheand The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Launch.

It's easy to play, it's highly flexible, and it delivers a ton of power forminimal investment. It would still be Number 1 if it wasn't for theSalamangreat excitement, and it could easily wind up taking back the topspot by this time next week.

#####CARDID= 24898#####

#3: Fusion of Fire

Because you've gotta Summon the Number 2 bestselling card of the weeksomehow, and a searchable, recyclable Polymerization is a pretty goodanswer.

#####CARDID= 24869#####

#2: Salamangreat Violet Chimera

Yes, Salamangreat Violet Chimera made it all the way to Number 2 in thisweek's countdown, offering a ton of attack power across three differentaxes and often functioning as a simple win button. While its effects mayread as a bit conditional, the fact that you can run as few as just onecopy of Fusion of Fire and then search and retrieve it as needed makesViolet Chimera a pretty hot ticket, pun intended.

This card might actually see more play right now in the OCG as a counter toSalamangreats via Super Polymerization, a concept that's a little tougherto pull off here given Super Polymerization's restriction. But the factthat Salamangreat players and Salamangreat haters alike aimed to snagcopies this week only served to raise demand.

#####CARDID= 24846#####

#1: Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf

And finally, the Salamangreat star of Savage Strike climbed allthe way to Number 1. An absolute staple for the theme, Sunlight Wolf's lowrarity printing was a boon for aspiring Salamangreat players out of SAST.Offering not one, but two incredible recursion effects that offer free cardeconomy, as well as a handy downward Link Arrow and solid 1800 ATK,Sunlight Wolf winds up being a huge stepping stone to bigger plays thatanchor the Salamangreat strategy.

This thing went nuts very early in the week, spiking to a stunning sixdollars and often heading a bit higher, which is remarkable for a regularrare card. Whether that was due to pure player demand or partial playerinterest combined with a ton of speculation from collectors and investors,that's up in the air. But regardless the sheer volume of Sunlight Wolf thatwas snapped up in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week to make that happenwas astounding.

#####CARDID= 24861#####

Don't let the Salamangreat hype fool you by the way; Guardragons were hugetoo. While they didn't make the Top 10 they were ridiculously close, withGuardragon Elpy at Number 11, Guardragon Pisty at Number 12, GuardragonAgarpain at Number 14 and World Legacy Guardragon at Number 15.

With Guardragons ushering in a new wealth of plays for Thunder Dragons,Crusadias, and likely other theme as well, the demand is easy toappreciate. That left Time Thief Bezel Ship at Number 13 by the way,holding it down for our new favorite time travelers.

Suffice to say, we can expect to see lots of Salamangreats in upcomingtournaments. I think Guardragons will see increasing popularity as well, soif you aren't on that trolley yet be sure to hop on and learn what thosecards do. You're going to be seeing them really soon.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer