With Legendary Collection Kaiba launching today, the TCGplayerMarketplace is bracing for a huge system shock. A mix of massive reprintsand a ton of enthusiasm for new cards like Dragon Revival Rhapsody and TheKing of D. are going to shake up the Top 10 bestseller lists come nextweek, with duelists snapping up almost everything from the set en masse.

But for now, those numbers aren't quite in the picture. Instead, we haveone more Market Watch Top 10 for you that doesn't factor in LCKC, giving usone more snapshot of competitive expectations before the market gets thrownfor a loop.

Most of the cards that topped the charts from Monday to Friday are prettyfamiliar given their repeat sales performances over the last few weeks. Butthe overall trajectory this week suggests either a settling of trends, orperhaps a new direction for some basic play philosophies.

What are we talking about? While we saw what appeared to be a settling ofenthusiasm for specific themes last weekend, most of our Market Watch Top10's this format have seen backrow trap cards somewhere in the countdown;traps have often taken multiple slots at the top of the charts. Last weekwe saw a brief blip where that didn't happen, and while Solemn Strike andDimensional Barrier both made the cut over the weekend, they were againmissing over the course of the week.

What took their place? A couple of big spell cards rose to prominence thisweek, each hinting toward some specific strategies that are currentlychasing the top decks of the format. Let's take a look at what I mean.

#10: Mind Control

Mind Control's appeared in a lot of Top Cut lists this format, chieflyInvoked variants and World Chalice. The enthusiasm for the card this weeklikely indicates furthered interest in the Bochum-winning Chalice build,but it may also hint at a boosted number of players taking up Invoked –especially Mekk-Knight Invoked, which continues to top tournaments andseems to play Mind Control religiously.

With six printings available, Mind Control's an easy card to pick up andexperiment with. Watch out for World Chalice moving forward, obviously, butdefinitely brush up on your Invoked matchup too; the deck's definitelygoing places.


#9: Proxy Dragon

Slightly down from Number 8 this week, Proxy Dragon continues to be amust-own card, especially as more strategies being to use Link Monsters.Links seem to be working their way into the enabling position they wereoriginally intended for, and that – combined with the attraction of a wideopen format that seems to be drawing in lapsed players off positive word ofmouth – is generating more demand for format staples like Proxy Dragon.


#8: Ancient Gear Frame

Still the bestselling new card from Ancient Millennium, AncientGear Frame's a direct indicator of the popularity of Ancient Gear Fusion,still the number one money pull from LED2. Fusion's on an upward pricetrend right now and reached the $25 mark as of this writing, which is thepoint where we have to start wondering if someone's actually going to tryto bring Ancient Gears to a tournament or something.

While Ancient Gears still seem pretty sketch for Regionals or big titletournaments, OTS Championships this weekend might have some surprises instore.

#7: Overtex Qoatlus

Up from number 10 over the weekend, Overtex Qoatlus continues to be thesecond most popular card from Extreme Force, and the biggesttheme-stamped card from the set. Dinosaurs are being played in threeflavors to Top Cut finishes: True King Dinos, 60-Card Dino LightswornZombie, and Shaddoll Dinosaurs have all made multiple Regional and YCStops. That's kept a ton of competitors interested in Overtex Qoatlus, whichis now a familiar sight played as both a search card, and anegation-driving boss monster.


#6: Instant Fusion

Instant Fusion's a big card for both FTK Magician decks and general fans ofthe original Yu-Gi-Oh! tv series, bolstered by a reprinting inAncient Millennium and some new tricks courtesy of Pegasus and co.It was the Number 1 bestseller over the weekend, but it dropped sharplyfrom Monday to Friday.


#5: Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm

Easy Heavymetalfoes Electrumite plays? Simple 2-card combos for SaryujaSkull Dread? Name a big Link Monter this format and there's a good chanceSupreme King Dragon Darkwurm will help you Summon it. Emerging right offthe bat as one of the biggest combo-starters of the format, as well asoffering value as a combo extender that builds on existing momentum,Darkwurm's a flexible monster that's big on card economy and offers a tonof value no matter how you play it.

It's cheap, powerful, and it's appearing in more and more strategies, wellbeyond just Magicians… though it's become almost a staple there, too. Ofcourse it's selling well. It seems like an easy call: expect Darkwurm toget some sort of hit on the next F&L List. As soon as Links become derigueur and no longer need the leg up, this thing's going the way of TourGuide, Reborn Tengu, Gofu, and everything else that's ever helped integratea new Summoning mechanic.


#4: Effect Veiler

Even with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit,and Droll & Lock Bird getting imminent reprints, Effect Veiler'sgaining more and more steam in tournament competition.Check out Kelly's discussion of Veiler's place in competition and thesurrounding issue of targeting effects from two weeks ago: it really does a lot to contextualize what's going on here, and why youmay or may not want to be a part of it.

Regardless of where you stand on Effect Veiler the numbers don't lie, andwith so many players picking it up, you can expect to see it in yourtournaments over the coming weeks.


#3: Underclock Taker

Underclock Taker's become just as ubiquitous as Proxy Dragon, but it'snewer, so demand is still fresh. Must-run enablers just don't get any moreaffordable, and the high level of interest in both Taker and Proxy aretestament to the popularity of Link Monsters in the current competitivelandscape.

Sure, there may be a ton of strategies that are viable right now. But withso many of them are relying on Link Summoning, it may not be long before westart to see some broad scope Side Decking decisions being made that couldwind up taking out a lot of different themes in one shot.


#2: Union Hangar

The big surprise of the week's countdown, Union Hangar shot up to Number 2basically out of nowhere. ABC-Dragon Buster's been on the competitivefringe with a handful of Top Cut finishes, and just scored a Regional Top 8in Spain with an ABC Ojama build, but the hype here is probably just theresult of Legendary Collection: Kaiba. With A-Assault Core,B-Buster Drake, C-Crush Wyvern, and ABC-Dragon Buster all reprinted asSecret Rares, but no reprint of Union Hangar, demand for the key fieldspell is getting a huge push from both competitives revisiting thestrategy, and tv series fans taking up ABC's for the first time.

Union Hangar's on a big upward Price Trend this week as a result, clockingin at a Market Price of almost $2 and currently available for a low of$2.70 in its original printing. The OTS Tournament Pack 4 SuperRare is on an even bigger upswing at an average Market Price of over $5.50,and currently the subject of buyouts.

#1: Pot of Desires

The only card that toppled Union Hangar this week was the indomitabledraw-2, Pot of Desires. Sitting at a Market Price of $3.85, it's continuingto crack the $4 mark, and its slow climb may not have an end any time soon.

That's it for this week! On Monday we'll see what the Marketplace Top 10looks like after a weekend of sales fromLegendary Collection: Kaiba, which you won't want to miss. Whatwere the biggest competitive and classic Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from the release?

We'll find out in just a couple of days. See you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer