Welcome to another Monday Market Watch!

Today we're looking at sales in the TCGplayer Marketplace from Friday toMonday,encompassing YCS Memphisand the release weekend of Structure Deck: Lair of Darkness.

We saw some big trends at YCS Memphis, but by far the biggest influenceover the weekend was the heavy interest in the new Structure. At leastseven of the weekend's Top 10 bestsellers are directly associated with theLair of Darkness release and we saw a tremendous level of interestin the resulting strategies, even in the wake of a non-showing at YCSMemphis.

There's not much else to say, so let's get right into the Top 10.

#10: Metaverse

Despite almost never seeing tournament play in the TCG, where Terraformingis still nowhere near finding its way onto the F&L List, Metaversetends to spike in sales any time a new Field Spell's released, or any timewe get closer to a possible new Advanced Format. TheLair of Darkness release provided the Field Spell to fill thatpart of the narrative, the current F&L List was only guaranteed untilApril and could change any day, and now Metaverse is even more searchablethan before thanks to Lilith, Lady of Lament.

…Not that you'd use her for that, because there's still kinda no reason touse Metaverse at all. But as player expectations rise in the vacuum of anew format, the Metaverse hype train rolls on.

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#9: Called by the Grave

Called by the Grave hung in at Number 9, perhaps bolstered by its abilityto offline some of the Graveyard shenanigans from theLair of Darkness decks. On one hand, Called by the Grave hassettled into a comfortable underdog position as both Main and Side Decktech, in a TCG format where the Forbidding of Maxx "C" removed the bestreason to play it. On the other hand, it IS a factor, and the new Structureprovides some more marginal reasons to run it.

The jury's still out, but we'll have to see how it did in the Top Cut atMemphis as deck lists roll in this week.

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#8: Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm

Surprising no one,both FinalistsatYCS Memphismained triple Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm in their Pendulum Magiciandecks. And while the Top 2 builds varied in a lot of ways, their use of thegame's best generic Pendulum Material engine is emblematic of thecompetitive realities of today.

While some early builds of Magicians skipped Darkwurm and Supreme King GateZero this format, in favor of replacements like Abyss Actor - CurtainRaiser, virtually no one is making that decision now. The ability to fieldHeavymetalfoes Electrumite on the cheap is effectively the core of theMagician ethos, and nothing gets that done like Darkwurm.

That success over the weekend kept sales strong, as Pendulum Magicianscontinue to be the deck-to-beat. True Dracos are consistently strong, butas Magicians become more and more refined, as well as more varied with FTKand Utopic Zexal variants, the gap between the two strategies gets widerand wider.

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#7: Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair

The hand-shredding self-summoning behemoth boss monster of theLair of Darkness Structure Deck, Darkest Diabolos, Lord of theLair was one of the biggest cards in the secondary market this weekend.With a slightly weaker roster of reprints than other recent Starter andStructure Decks, we can expect to see more singles action onLair of Darkness cards in the coming weeks, and as a must-runthree-of for aspiring Dark decks, Diabolos was a hot commodity.

#6: Blackwing – Steam the Cloak

Blackwing – Steam the Cloak was popular for the same reason, commonlyplayed as a one-of in Lair of Darkness builds overseas. With an effect thatenables tributing to trigger some of the deck's biggest effects, as well asSpecial Summoning tricks to keep the fodder coming, Steam's an obvious pickfor the strategy.

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#5: Armageddon Knight

In a strategy devoted to Graveyard management and combo building, it mightbe sort of surprising that Armageddon Knight didn't get another reprint inStructure Deck: Lair of Darkness. Perhaps its printing inStructure Deck: Pendulum Domination last January ruled it out, butregardless, the demand for Armageddon Knight was extremely high over theweekend; newer players who never had reason to own a playset before weresuddenly snagging their copies.

Armageddon Knight's long been a staple of Dark-centric combo decks, fromDark Armed Dragon Return to modern iterations of the recent Dark Synchrostrategy, and it's a proven quantity in those kinds of game plans. Its usein Lair of Darkness builds is a foregone conclusion.

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#4: Allure of Darkness

Freshly reprinted in the Structure Deck, Allure of Darkness is a must inLair of Darkness builds but also sees considerable play in PendulumMagicians, and the occasional strategy splashing Darks and the searchableRadian, the Multidimensional Kaiju. More than ten years after its debut inPhantom Darkness, Allure remains one of the greatest draw cards ofall time, aligned with some of the best monsters in the game. Last printedin Pendulum Domination like Armageddon Knight, it's still kind ofweird to see a reprint of one and not the other.

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#3: Ahrima, the Wicked Warden

Another must-run at three for Lair of Darkness decks, Ahrima, the WickedWarden likely outsold Lilith, Allure, and Darkest Diabolos on sheeraccessibility: while all three are obvious choices to max out on, Ahrima'sroughly half the price of the others, making it an easier impulse buy.

A Field searcher, a draw engine, an effect enabler, and a monster fetch ona stick, Ahrima packs 1700 ATK and enough utility to make Elemental HEROStratos blush. It's so flexible it's almost ridiculous, instantly makingLair of Darkness a viably consistent strategy.

#2: Lair of Darkness

Of couse, you wouldn't have Ahrima selling in droves without Lair ofDarkness to go with it. Again, Lair's actually more affordable than some ofthe deck's flashier monster cards, even though they're all equallyimportant and all supplied in the same numbers across a global market.

Disrupting opposing attribute effects and supplying Token' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=Torment Token">Torment Tokens to clogup the field and fuel effects on later turns, the crown jewel of Lair'sabilities is the "Tribute your opponent's monster" effect, which elevatesbasic combos with Diabolos and Lilith into infuriating win conditions.

#1: Back to the Front

And finally, Back to the Front was the bestselling card of the weekend.Searchable with Lilith, Lady of Lament, Back to the Front forms a combowith Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair that repeatedly knocks cards out ofyour opponent's hand back to their Deck. The combo's even more brutal oncethe Lair of Darkness Field Spell gets involved, and you can see successfuldecks running a full three copies of Back to the Frontover at The Organization's OCG deck logs. That was enough to push Back to the Front all the way to the top of thecharts this weekend.

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Looking past the formal Top 10, Underclock Taker, Link Spider, and ProxyDragon lined up perfectly to take the Number 11, Number 12, and Number 13spots. As we've come to expect, Underclock Taker led the pack due toavailability and relative newness, though all three cards are similarlyimportant to competition.

That left Altergeist Meluseek at Number 14, as players gear up for thepossible tournament viability of Altergeist postFlames of Destruction; and PSY-Framegear Gamma at Number 15, stilla hot pick off its reprint in Legendary Collection Kaiba. Gamma'ssitting on a downward Price Trend and has slipped to $3 as of this writing,making it even easier to add it to your arsenal if you don't have yourplayset.

That's it for this last weekend! Will demand for Lair of Darknesscards continue? We'll find out, when we check back on Friday.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer