We're in a bit of a dead zone right now.

The next Remote Duel Invitational is this weekend in Europe, where we'll see duelists like Bohdan Temnyk, Jonas Koschel, Marcus Patel and Raphael Neven go head-to-head in the first big sanctioned tournament of the new format. But with product delays pushing everything from October into November and December, we're still a few weeks away from any big shifts in competitive metagames, and that led to two trends this week.

First up, Dragon Link is trending up in competition online, and that's continued to drive demand for the strategy's key cards. With Adamancipator no longer the format's best combo deck, Dragons and Infernoble Knights have both benefitted, spiking in popularity. So far that hasn't impacted the Infernoble market much, but demand's been huge for Dragon Link cards.

Second, with many players well prepared for current competition we're starting to see supply catch up to demand on some of the format's most popular cards, bringing down prices a couple of bucks on stuff like singles from the 2020 Tin of Lost Memories. If you're just getting back into the game with the rise of Remote Duel tournaments, that's good news because the game's that much more accessible for the budget-conscious.

Let's break it down, and take a look at the best-selling cards of the week by unique purchases here on TCGplayer.

#10 Martial Metal Marcher

With Dragon Link positioned as the new deck-to-beat and more players flocking to both Dragons and Infernobles, Remote Duel tournaments are starting to drive demand for real cardboard. That means demand for Crystron Halqifibrax and Martial Metal Marcher is up. When we learned that Crystron Halqifibrax would survive until at least December, demand nearly quadrupled overnight, sending Halq from $23 to nearly $30.

Numbers for Martial Metal Marcher followed a similar pattern, though both cards have actually dropped a little in value despite consistently higher demand. The level of supply can't keep up forever in the face of increased buying, so if you don't have Martial Metal Marcher yet, grabbing a copy while it's cheap could be a good idea.

#9 Cynet Mining

Demand for Cynet Mining continues to be strong as new Cyberse cards are announced for upcoming sets, including the Evil Twins theme headed our way in December's Genesis Impact. Competitive or not, players are pumped for the arrival of Live☆Twin Lilla and Live☆Twin Kisikil, both searchable with Lady Debug and Cynet Mining.

Cynet Mining a staple searcher for a monster type that continues to appear in new releases, and at three bucks a pop it's a steal.

#8 Secure Gardna

There are several strategies that like using Secure Gardna to clear the Extra Monster Zone and load the graveyard. But when Secure Gardna spikes it's usually because of a boosted interest in Invoked, and that's no surprise in the wake of Zach Stone's win at the most recent Luxury Championship Series; Stone won the event with an Invoked Dogmatika build running, you guessed it, Secure Gardna.

#7 Pot of Extravagance

That same event saw a Top 4 and Top 8 showing from Dinosaurs, and both builds ran Pot of Extravagance. The deck's been a top pick since Sam Arunnaveesiri's win at the first North American Remote Duel Invitational back in August, and Dinosaurs have a wide following amongst both competitive players and casuals.

Pot of Extravagance sunk from $24 to just under $19 over the last week, and that created a healthy wave of demand in response.

#6 Starliege Seyfert

One of the core staples of Dragon Link, Starliege Seyfert was going for as much as $7 at the end of September, but continues to fluctuate now between $4.50 and $6.50 day to day. There's no real mystery here: if you're playing Dragon Link you're playing three copies, and its popularity is a barometer for the community's consensus about the deck.

Dragon Link made it to the finals of that last LCS in the hands of Guillaume Venier and it took three more spots in the Top 8, so the eventual loss to Invoked Dogmatika did little to shake the average player's view. Dragon Link's still on top.

#5 Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess

For weeks, the line on Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess was, "still amazing, and still just eleven dollars." Now, with more and more players having their copy, Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess dropped just south of the $10 mark, keeping interest strong amongst budget players and returning competitors.

#4 Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon

For the first time since its August release, Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon fell below the $40 mark this week. [Dragoon] spent nearly a month and a half bouncing between $42 and $46, but it dropped to $39.50 and Monday and then $38.50 on Tuesday. It's nearly $40 again as of this writing on Friday, but again, falling below that $40 price point created a surge of buying as players came out of the woodwork to finally buy their copies.

#3 Chaos Space

Chaos Space was commonly as low as $3.50 back in August, but Dragon Link's stock has been on the rise ever since the new format was revealed, and the deck's consistent success this format keeps attracting more converts.

Lots of players expected Dragon Link to take a hit in September given the deck's use of Crystron Halqifibrax and the substantial power boost of Chaos Space. But that didn't happen, and Chaos Space will push the strategy to new heights well into Winter. It's still a good buy at $5, though we've seen it as high as $7.50 in the last few weeks.

#2 Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended

Leon called this one out in a couple of his recent videos, describing how Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended is being played as a replacement for Called by the Grave now that it's Limited. I don't think we've seen this proven in competition in this format, but Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended has seen some success in the past. The fact that it's conveniently searchable with Herald of the Arc Light can't be overstated.

Price-wise this thing is all over the place; we've seen it as high as $6.40 in early September, and as low as 28 cents later in the month. Demand saw a MASSIVE spike this week, and right now it's on an upward curve sitting just below 3 dollars.

#1 PSY-Framegear Gamma

And finally, PSY-Framegear Gamma remains the must-own tech card of the format. Pricing on this powerhouse is erratic, with constant spikes and dips between $2 and $4.50, but right now it's just over 4 dollars. PSY-Framegear Gamma was less than a dollar when it was reprinted in Toon Chaos, so despite the fluctuations it's steadily on the rise. Could we see another reprint in Maximum Gold? We'll have to wait a bit longer to find out, but for now it's clearly trending upward.

Looking past the Top 10 this week, we saw even more interest in Dragon Link with Dragunity Divine Lance at Number 11, Noctovision Dragon at Number 12, and Rokket Tracer at Number 13. With combo decks leading the format Nibiru, the Primal Being clocked the Number 14 spot, and Spell Power Mastery came in at Number 15.

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-Jason Grabher-Meyer