With YCS London in the rearview, Regional Qualifiers back, and Chaos Impactleaving its mark we saw some big shakeups in the secondary market thisweek!

After many weeks of consistent bestsellers from Duel Devastator,only four of last week's Top 10 movers went the distance this time around:Cosmic Cyclone, Saryuja Skull Dread, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring andSuper Polymerization all remained strong through the Monday to Friday salesperiod. What replaced them was a mix of hot tech picks keyed to specificdecks coming off the YCS weekend, and new hits from Chaos Impact.

Most of the Top 10 this week was drawn from proven competitive cards, butwe also saw a reprisal of one of the biggest trends fromRising Rampageas Tenyi returned to prominence. Though Tenyi Spirit– Vishuda and Monk of the Tenyi saw some success in Dragon Link decks lastformat, dedicated Tenyi decks didn't really materialize in tournaments.That's despite the theme's massive popularity coming off the release ofRIRA.

Now we're seeing Tenyi cards flying out of stores once again thanks to thenew wave of support. Which ones made the cut? We'll find out, as we countdown this week's bestsellers in the TCGplayer Marketplace.

#10 - There Can Be Only One

Sky Strikers may have only placed three duelists into the Top 32 at YCSLondon, and while the details are sketchy it's very possible two of themdidn't make it to the Top 16. But Pascal Kihm managed to win it all withSky Strikers anyways, using triple Compulsory Evacuation Device and There Can Be Only One. Thosetwo cards work together to compensate for the Limiting of Sky Striker Mecha- Widow Anchor, and any time you see There Can Be Only One in the Top 10you can take it as a vote of confidence for Raye and Co.

Of course, we're also seeing rising success for True Dracos this format,andMattia Ravasi topped London with a build running two copiesof There Can Be Only One as well. I'd be on the lookout for both decksmoving forward.


#9 - Saryuja Skull Dread

Down from Number 2 last week, Saryuja Skull Dread saw relatively littleplay at YCS London. The only Top Cut finisher on record using it was HermanHanson, running Danger Thunder Dragons in the Top 16. We saw it inRegionals in at least one Thunder Dragon build as well, plus a Gren Majudeck, but it's really not making an impact yet this format. That's despitebeing one of the top sellers in the game ever since its reprint inDuel Devastator.


#8 - Draco Masters of the Tenyi

With three strong Link Arrows and a reasonably strong removal effect, DracoMasters of the Tenyi is another interesting card for Tenyi fans. The art'samazing, and at first glance Draco Masters looks like it fits right intoestablished Tenyi play patterns. The problem is that the more you play withit, the more you realize it almost never hits the field. In theory it givesyou some removal before the Battle Phase, but the chance to use that effectis slim, and most Tenyi players are going to find that they're just notsummoning this thing.

If we see a Tenyi Normal Monster in the future, Draco Masters could be alot more interesting. But for now, it's just kind of a neat flavor cardthat doesn't help the deck make the leap to tournaments. Still, Tenyi areso popular that this can outsell stuff like Saryuja. If the Tenyi floodgateever breaks a lot of people are going to run hthe deck.

#7 - Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, still amazing. Will it be the bestsellingcard of 2019? It seems possible – we'll definitely check back on that laterin the year. For now, looking at YCS London and last weekend's Regionals,you can see that Ash Blossom's still the most popular Main Deck hand trap,accompanied by D.D. Crow and Nibiru, the Primal Being in the main, andArtifact Lancea in the side.


#6 - Super Polymerization

Down from Number 1 the last few weeks, Super Polymerization's still aninsanely strong card that saw lots of play all over YCS London. PredaplantTriphyoverutum's only made it that much stronger, and the fact that we sawearly success from several YCS Niagara-style Gren Maju Da Eiza decksfeaturing big Danger! monsters – a strategy that typically mains tripleSuper Poly –suggests it's going to stay hot. At this point, everytournament player probably needs to own a playset just to have the optionof running it.


#5 - Cosmic Cyclone

Sky Strikers won the YCS? Orcusts took half the Top 32? That means CosmicCyclone's still the reigning champion of backrow removal, and with moredecks playing more trap cards across the board it's an even safer Main Deckpick. Expect to see it even more often than before, especially in Game 1.


#4 - Firewall Dragon Darkfluid

I don't think anyone's really trying to make this card work in competition?This is generally where we see cool pack-front monsters land their firstweek out, and we can probably expect Firewall Dragon Darkfluid to fall fromthe Top 10 once fan demand is filled. It's a cool card, but it just doesn'tquite deliver for the level of investment it demands.


#3 - Unchained Abomination

The same can't be said for Unchained Abomination! While the Unchained themeas a whole may not be competitive – at least for now – UnchainedAbomination is already topping Regionals. It's becoming a favorite summonwith I:P Masquerena, taking players by surprise and then sitting on thefield immune to destruction thanks to the little lady's protection. Fromthere it hands out destruction effects like Halloween candy, and that EndPhase pop is that much more valuable when Abomination starts its life onyour opponent's turn.

A lot of people picked this thing up this week, so be aware of it headinginto tournaments this weekend.

#2 - Draco Berserker of the Tenyi

On one hand, this is the most powerful of the new Tenyi cards inChaos Impact. On the other hand, it has almost nothing to do withthe Tenyi theme; it's a generic summon with generic effects, and it'sactually just a pretty great Level 8 Synchro all on its own. I'm not surethis is really what the Tenyi needed, but it's a solid card overall andit's worth considering in almost any deck that Synchro Summons. The highdemand was probably a mix of Tenyi fandom and non-Tenyi players who figurethey should justupick one up, since it's so accessible and so easy to play.


#1 - Lost Wind

Finally Lost Wind was the bestselling card of the week, played in PascalKihm's winning Sky Striker deck at YCS London as well as several Top 8builds from Regional Qualifiers. Lost Wind's a hugely flexible card butKihm played it specifically for the advantage it gives against ThunderDragons, capable of negating two copies of Thunder Dragon Colossus insuccession while lowering a Colossus' ATK enough to swing over it.

Expect to see Lost Wind in Sky Strikers moving forward; it won't be astaple for all players, but it's definitely going to become massivelypopular, and you need to be ready for it.


That's it for this week, but keep an eye on the deck archive through theweekend! We'll be updating with more Regional results as the formatcontinues to grow, and we'll see which of these cards see more play inupcoming tournaments.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer