The new Advanced Format list dropped last Thursday at 10 o'clock EST, andwe've been watching the TCGplayer Marketplace like a hawk ever since. Muchhas been said already about the price trends of cards like InfiniteImpermanence, Card of Demise, Evenly Matched, and Sky Striker Mobilize -Engage! this past week. But today we're going to do what we always do,which is examine the bestselling cards by sheer volume of copies sold –many of which don't demonstrate increased demand with increased prices.

…And many of which do. It was a big week for the secondary market with alot of big cards in the double digit price range – or cards that wound upin the double digit price range – selling in huge numbers. You couldprobably take a look at the new F&L List, tie on a blindfold, and guessat half of the Top 10 this week pretty accurately. But there are somenotable trends here that weren't for-sure things, and all of thisinformation is going to have an immediate bearing on the threeChampionships comprising the 200th YCS weekend kicking offtoday.

The Top 10 this week was a mix of freshly-unrestricted cards, three ofwhich were freed from the Forbidden List; several cards tied to theTrickstar strategy, indicating renewed interest in the theme; one or twocards that dodged the F&L List; and a couple more that carried momentumoff their release in the 2018 Mega-Tins, the first provings ofsome of the theories I put out in my response article to the F&LList release.

Without further ado, let's get into the countdown and talk about what itmeans.

#10: Morphing Jar

One of the most debated and potentially risky changes on the new list,Morphing Jar is back in what appears to be an attempt to push the Danger!theme…And by association, Dark Worlds. Morphing Jar was Forbidden years agofor its role in the "Empty Jar" deck out strategy, but it appears thatKDE's R&D department is betting that it's simply too slow to be aproblem in modern Yu-Gi-Oh.

Doug did a great job demonstrating Morphing Jar's potential in the Danger!Dark World deckin this week's featured video, and the market responded in a big way with instant price spikes on oldfoil versions. Played copies of the Tournament Pack 2 original are goingfor nearly 400 dollars,with Near Mint copies selling for $550 and the asking price rising dayto day.

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#9: Trickstar Light Stage

The single most represented strategy in the Top 10 this week, Trickstarscaptured three spots in the countdown after seeing almost no restriction onthe F&L List. Trickstar Light Stage might be slightly more difficult toget to with Terraforming down to two-per-deck, but that didn't stophundreds of players from picking up their copies in what appears to be amass adoption of the strategy.

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#8: Keeper of Dragon Magic

Demand for Keeper of Dragon Magic has remained strong since its release inthe 2018 Mega-Tins, and while there's still no "killer app" forit, it's not a bad alternative to Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra andPredaplant Ophrys Scorpio. Mega-Tin promos are always a really affordablebuy with a solid potential upside, so it's not surprising to see aplay-worthy promo release drawing big sales from players and collectorsalike. Even if it's not competitive just yet.

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#7: Trickstar Candina

Back on the Trickstar side of things, the renewed demand for the three-ofTrickstar staple monster continued to demonstrate player interest in thestrategy heading into the YCS weekend. There are lots of questions that areworth asking about Trickstars: will they still run a slimmed Sky Strikersuite; how popular will Phantom Skyblaster be; can the deck lean on oldfallbacks like Eater of Millions.

But what isn't a question is the deck's future: if you're going to a YCSthis weekend, Trickstars have looked like one of the most importantstrategies to Side Deck against for days, and now we have the numbers toback that up. If you're not ready to tackle the strategy round after roundwith smart Side Decking you're going to put yourself at a disadvantagewalking into any tournament in the next 24 hours.

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#6: Trickstar Reincarnation

Hammering that point home, both printings of Trickstar Reincarnationeffectively doubled in price over the last seven days, with the reprint nowsitting at nine bucks and the original now in the 12+ range. Generally twothings can demonstrate a spike of player interest in a particular strategy:price spikes in big cards are a so-so indicator, since there are generallyfewer copies available – it's easier for prices to swing on cards that arein lower supply. But when you get a price spike like this plus low-valuetheme staples selling in droves, you know you've got a verified play trend,and knowing about it can help you prepare for tournaments.

Trickstars are either going to do really well this weekend, or they'regoing to get stomped out because players are going to be siding so heavilyfor them. There won't be any middleg round.

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#5: Kozmo Dark Destroyer

Kozmo Dark Destroyer seems to be working its way off the list in partbecause the pace of play has ramped up since it was Limited, and in partbecause Borreload Dragon holds it in check. It's not the powerhouse it oncewas, but it's certainly not bad either, and that led to a ton of playerinterest in cheap copies over the weekend. Both the Gold Rare and SecretRare saw big price increases over the week, with the Secret Rare currentlyapproaching $22.

Will Kozmos have a fighting chance in the current format? Maybe not. But ifthe deck does nothing there's a good chance we'll see Kozmo Dark Destroyermove to 3-per-deck in November, and that might make a competitivedifference. Regardless, the market clearly saw a lot of potential in apossible Kozmo Rebound.

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#4: Firewall Dragon

The most controversial card to survive the banhammer, Firewall Dragon solda ridiculous number of copies in the wake of the news that it would stillbe legal for play, at least until November. There were clearly hundredsupon hundreds of players that were waiting to see if they should spendtheir dueling dollars on a card many expected to see Forbidden, because themoment the new F&L List arrived a ton of people beat feet straight toTCGplayer to get their copies.

The result was that while the Code of the Duelist originalremained steady, the Mega Pack reprint went nuts, more than doubling invalue over the course of the weekend and holding through the week. Thereprint is now approaching fifteen dollars.

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#3: Card Destruction

An easily accessible high-impact unrestriction with applications in a tonof strategies? Card Destruction was one of the biggest hits of the week,drawing out Danger! Dark World hopefuls and rogue players alike. There'ssome speculation that this may be played as an answer to hand traps, andwhile I think that's up in the air it could easily see use in a variety ofdecks that can balance its -1 of card economy with simple graveyardeffects. Of every card that was unrestricted last week, this is the one I'mmost curious about this weekend. I can't wait to see where it pops up atthe three simultaneous Championships.

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#2: Elemental HERO Solid Soldier

Heroes got a big boost with the return of Elemental Hero Stratos, and thatspiked demand yet again for Elemental HERO Solid Soldier – perhapssurprising, given the already-high sales it raked in during its releaseweek. We've seen lots of HERO action in the past month, but we've yet tosee Solid Soldier break into a Regional Top 8. That said, a Top Cut showingat any of the weekends three YCS tournaments could be huge, so it's anothercard-to-watch over the next 48 hours.

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#1: Evilswarm Exciton Knight

And finally, Evilswarm Exciton Knight is back in action, lending more valueto the Rank 4 toolbox and giving many strategies a new out to the dreadedExtra Link mechanic. Absolutely no one should be surprised to see ExcitonKnight selling by the barrelful, and while Secret Rares are starting at the$5 to $6 range the Ultra Rare fromBattles of Legend: Light's Revenge is still available for about$1.25. That means everyone can own a copy of this card, and they definitelyshould as it's going to become a game-defining balancer in competitionmoving forward.

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That's it for this week, but if you're heading to a YCS or even just alocal this weekend, best of luck! The stage is set for innovation,intuition, and victory-by-skill as the new format rewards those quickest toadapt.

Watch out for Trickstars, don't play into Exciton Knight, and get ready forsome wild shifts over the coming weeks. The format's wide open, and it'sgoing to be a while before we see that change.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer