Legendary Duelists: Season 2's become a bit of a surprise since its release last Friday.

Results from the Top Cut of the January Remote Duel Extravaganza were a factor in the secondary market over the last few days, and you can find those deck lists here on Infinite, but really it was LDS2 that gave us the bulk of the heavy hitter this week. Contrary to the predictions of some, a number of cards proved to be undervalued in presales and saw price spikes once the set officially dropped. Other cards declined and became more accessible, surging in demand as a result.

There were a lot of interesting shifts in LDS2's performance, so if you're looking to pick up some of the set's most popular cards - either to play them, or to invest - check out this week's Top 10.

#10 Urgent Schedule

Urgent Schedule been one of the most-wanted cards from Legendary Duelists: Season 2, ever since news of the set first broke. It was the Number 5 best-seller in presales, and now it's sunk to Number 10, pushed down by the rising interest in cards that didn't make the cut last week; stuff like Garden Rose Maiden and Bingo Machine, Go!!! A lot of people snagged Urgent Schedule early, so while there was still significant demand, the numbers are definitely going to trend down as that demand's filled.

Note that while buys are down, prices are up. Urgent Schedule was $4 in presales, but now it's holding at an average Market Price of $6.50. It'll be interesting to see where this card goes in the coming weeks; keep an eye on it.

#9 Galaxy-Eyes Afterglow Dragon

It was actually kind of surprising to see Galaxy-Eyes Afterglow Dragon outpace Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon last week. While both have that new-card appeal, there are far more Blue-Eyes players out there than Galaxy-Eyes fans. Like Urgent Schedule, early demand for Galaxy-Eyes Afterglow Dragon was explosive, and now that much of the demand's been filled and the asking price has risen, it's seeing a bit less action.

Galaxy-Eyes Afterglow Dragon up to $13+ from a $10 average in presales. That makes it the most expensive card in the set right now, just topping Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon

#8 Harpie's Feather Duster

Harpie's Feather Duster would've been in the Top 10 last week if we hadn't just looked at LDS2 pre-sales, and this week it was the only non-LDS2 card in the combined Top 10. Harpie's Feather Duster seeing more and more Side Deck play in big tournaments these days as backrow cards continue to make a comeback, and that demand's finally having an impact on price: after weeks at the $5 mark, the Maximum Gold reprint's now approaching an average Market Price of $7.50.

#7 Harpie Perfumer

Down a spot from Number 6 last week, Harpie Perfumer still strong, and rock solid at 5 bucks; up a dollar from where it was last week. That's still way less than the $30+ it cost before the reprint, and Harpie fans continue to flock to the opportunity to snag this card on a budget.

Get it. "Flock." Because bird ladies.

#6 Garden Rose Maiden

Garden Rose Maiden didn't make the Top 10 at all last week, but it shot back onto the best-sellers list as other high-demand cards from LDS2 ran their race, and in some cases "rose" in price.

Get it. "Rose." Because plants and stuff. (I'm sorry, I'll stop.)

Ahem. Anyway. The decks that use this card to OTK aren't really trending right now, but since it was effectively an alternate win condition in combo strategies in the past, as well as how it fills a unique role in Plant decks and Rose Dragon strategies, there are definitely reasons to pick it up. Garden Rose Maiden was as high as $35 this year, and while the reprint dropped at about 2 bucks, it's up over $4.50 now, continuing the surprising trend of rising prices for LDS2 singles.

If you nabbed yourself a copy and want to give it a try, check out Loukas's latest article. He's got a sweet budget Rose Dragon deck that puts Garden Rose Maiden to work.

#5 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe

Down just one spot from last week, Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe still going strong. The game-winning force driving the Train deck, Liebe hits play by overlaying Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max, capitalizing on the damage from that card's effect to win duels in an instant.

Wherever Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max goes, Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe can follow. While other cards have seen some notable price spikes from presales, Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe not even a full dollar higher than it was this time last week, so it's still pretty approachable.

#4 Bingo Machine, Go!!!

I was pretty surprised when Bingo Machine, Go!!! didn't make the presale Top 10, formerly a huge money card for the always-popular Blue-Eyes theme. But the reprint was $13 to $15 through most of the presale period, and I think a lot of buyers were hoping for a better price come launch week. While that hesitation didn't work very well for cards like Urgent Schedule and Harpie Perfumer, it panned out nicely for Bingo Machine, Go!!!, as the card now hovers around 8 dollars.

#3 Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon

Way up from last week, Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon jumped from Number 12 in presales all the way to Number 3 this week. Ritual Monsters are always popular with certain casual player bases and nostalgic duelfans, especially ones that can win games all on their own like this one.

Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon probably didn't break into the Top 10 last week because the presales were so expensive. It spent several days floating between $17 and $19, and that was just too high for a lot of potential buyers. By the time LDS2 officially released, Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon had slid to a much more reasonable 6 dollars, where it proceeded to sell like hotcakes. It's still bouncing around the $5 range, and still raking in the action.

#2 Photon Orbital

I think this was a pretty big surprise. Photon Orbital was a hugely expensive card before its reprint, a necessary 3-of staple for Photon decks that had only been printed once before. It dropped to 8 bucks in presales and occupied the Number 2 spot for that period, which wasn't shocking on its own.

What DID surprise me was the sustained demand! The Galaxy / Photon strategy isn't very popular, so I wouldn't have predicted that it would still be selling so strongly a full week after its release. What I did predict was a price drop to $5, and right now it's at $6, so I think it'll continue to decline in the next week or two.

That said I don't think it's going to get much cheaper, so if you're a Photon fan yourself, you might as well grab your copies.

#1 Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon

Meanwhile, Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon is up from Number 3 to Number 1, and despite the fact that it's the second priciest card in the set, its popularity isn't surprising. Blue-Eyes White Dragon has always been the biggest fan-favorite card in the game, and with the collector's market growing in recent years, key printings of Blue-Eyes White Dragon have become some of the most valuable card in the game. That's done a lot to elevate interest in newer Blue-Eyes cards too, and when the card is legitimately good - as is the case here - that factor's amplified.

What else was big this week? Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale nearly made the Top 10 at Number 11, after seeing Top Cut success in Drytron. Lyrilusc - Cobalt Sparrow took the Number 14 spot as well. Meanwhile old school favorites from LDS2 were strong too, with Blackwing Full Armor Master at Number 12, Cyberload Fusion at Number 13, and Cyber Dragon Nachster at Number 15.

That's it for this Market Watch, but stick with us this week as we continue to look at new decks from Blazing Vortex all weekend long!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer