Welcome back to another Market Watch, here on the official launch day of Legendary Duelists: Season 1.

The full setlist for LDS1 dropped a little later than other recent releases, leading to a shorter pre-sale period here on TCGplayer. That said, one of the set's biggest cards still managed to make it all the way to the Number 2 spot anyways, as demand for Toon Chaos cooled a bit off last week's reveal of an August reprint.

Let's dive right in, and show you the best-selling cards on TCGplayer ths week.

#10 Chaos Valkyria

Chaos Valkyria's still cheap as dirt, despite being one of the most mainstream competitive cards in the Toon Chaos release. As an easy Special Summoned Level 4, it both starts and extends combos effortlessly in decks with sufficient Light or Dark monsters to support it. At the same time once you banish it, Chaos Valkyria serves to set up even more plays. If Rokket Dragon Link decks wind up being a part of the competitive scene when tournaments return – and they will at some point – this card instantly becomes a part of the competitive landscape.

The Collector's Rare version of Chaos Valkyria (CR) tells a slightly different story, up nearly 15 bucks from where it was last week. The consistent demand and rising value of the chase variant suggests player appreciation is growing for the card.

#9 Toon Page-Flip

The same can't be said for Toon Page-Flip, which slid from Number 7 to Number 9 this week. Last Friday it commanded an average price of 17 dollars, but one week later it's down to $12.50. Toon Page-Flip (CR) is down a few bucks as well, but it's fared better due to more limited supply. Toons aren't putting in a huge showing in the online scene and nobody really expected them to, so with the confirmation of an August Toon Chaos reprint, it's not surprising to see novelty collector's cards down a bit.

That said, who knows when we'll see the newest Toon cards reprinted; cards like this have a history of overcoming initial price dips and steadily rising in value over time.

#8 Toon Black Luster Soldier

It's a similar story for Toon Black Luster Soldier, dropping from Number 3 last week at a price point of a little over 20 dollars, to Number 8 this week. It came in today at roughly 18 bucks a pop for the Ultra Rare. That said, the Collector's Rare is totally different: Toon Black Luster Soldier (CR) is still a solid 220+ dollars, one of the most valuable cards in Toon Chaos. If Toon Page-Flip has rebound potential, the bounceback factor's even bigger for Toon Black Luster Soldier, a cool new version of a beloved tournament classic.

#7 PSY-Framegear Gamma

Down a bit from last week, PSY-Framegear Gamma dropped about 10 cents to an 80 cent price point. It's a staple of any player's competitive arsenal, and that low-low price is sweet music to the ears of budget players. PSY-Framegear Gamma started the month at $10 a copy and now it's vastly more accessible to budget players. The Collector's Rare version is still holding strong at 155 bucks.

#6 Parallel eXceed

Also down two spots from last week, Parallel eXceed slipped from Number 4 to Number 6 as it slowly reaches a point of market saturation. It's one of the best cards from Eternity Code and it's also one of the cheapest, still well under 50 cents. Not only is it a great card for Salamangreats if you want to be competitive, extra copies are pretty handy if you get bored under quarantine and just want to play some Marincess or Mathmechs.

#5 The Chaos Creator

Way up from Number 13 last week, The Chaos Creator shot up the sales charts this week. The initial reaction to this thing was surprisingly mixed, considering it's an obviously powerful card that arrived to surprisingly lukewarm opinions, especially amongst some creators. It's great in Chaos-driven combo decks, it's almost singlehandedly reviving interest in Lightsworn, and it's got nowhere to go but up as more themes are released that can use it.

The Ultra Rare's steady at $17 and the Collector's Rare version, which debuted at 100 dollars, is now up to $170. It'll probably keep fluctuating over the coming weeks, because player opinion on the card's still taking shape. But don't expect it to drop long term, especially if the August reissue of Toon Chaos is an Unlimited Edition. (Contrary to some of the rumors going around there's no real reason to think it won't be, as a reprinting in 1st Edition would be pretty unprecedented.)

#4 Linkross

Linkross wasn't anywhere near the Top 10 last week, as Toon Chaos took command of the secondary market, and players were still thinking things through in the wake of Linkross' banning in the OCG. One week later Toon Chaos has cooled a bit, and players are coming to terms with the fact that Linkross won't be Forbidden here in the TCG until September, possibly much later. It's still rock solid at 15 dollars.

#3 Pot of Desires

Up from Number 9 last week, Pot of Desires is one of the most popular cards in the history of the game and often spends months at a time in the Top 10. And yet, it's arguably still underplayed. Dan Parker of the Organization just dropped a fantastic article that dives deep on the math surrounding the card, and if you haven't seen it yet it's a must-read. The Ultra Rare's been bouncing between 50 cents and a dollar ever since Toon Chaos arrived.

The Collector's Rare version has been steadily trending downwards, debuting at nearly $150, sliding to $120 this time last week, and now down to an average sale price of $107. That's surprising for such an iconic, flexible tournament card, and I'm interested to see where Pot of Desires (CR) winds up in a few months.

#2 Millennium-Eyes Restrict

Meanwhile one card from Legendary Duelists: Season 1 managed to break into the Top 10 off pre-sales alone. Millennium-Eyes Restrict isn't the most expensive card in the set, at least not yet, but that's kind of the point: the original printing cost as much as $45 just this month, a major problem for any tournament player who wanted to run Millennium-Eyes Restrict with Instant Fusion in real competition. Now the Secret Rare promo's a reasonable 11 dollars, and players are snapping them up like hotcakes.

The rarity collation of the Season 1 core set's pretty generous, so we're seeing that most of the set's value is invested in the Secret Rare promos. Crystal Bond's the one exception, but almost every other Ultra Rare in the set is struggling to hold a value of more than $4 – you just get so many of them per pack that the supply is huge. Meanwhile a single 3-pack box carries an MSRP of $15, and comes with just one Secret Rare, creating demand for those specific Secrets like Millennium-Eyes Restrict. I wouldn't be surprised if it winds up outpacing Crystal Bond in a week.

#1 Chaos Space

And finally, Chaos Space is the best-selling card here on TCGplayer for the second week running. Debuting at 5 bucks, it rose briefly to $6.50 but came back down to the $5 mark. That news of the August reprint might have made an impact on long term expectations for the release, or it could just be that Toon Chaos is selling out everywhere and the volume of packs being opened is gigantic, stunting demand. Realistically, both are probably relevant.

Meanwhile the Collector's Rare version of Chaos Space (CR) has shot up, starting at about $125, with the most recent day of sales averaging to $180. There are copies available this morning for $145, so it'll be interesting to see how these tournament-centric Collector's Rares – cards that don't really have the same fan perception of a Toon Black Luster Soldier (CR) or Toon Harpie Lady (CR) - fare in the long term. Chaos Space is a huge combo enabler that could prove to be one of the biggest cards of the year depending on what happens in September… both tournaments coming back, and potential F&L List changes. For now, it's a hot pick from a set that's becoming increasingly tough to find, at least until that August reprint.

Looking past the Top 10 this week, Martial Metal Marcher was just a few copies behind Chaos Valkyria and Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys was just a few copies behind that, at Number 11 and Number 12. Predaplant Verte Anaconda spiked to the Number 13 slot, and if you missed it you should definitely check out Zach's article on the present and future of the card. Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion came in at Number 14, and the next biggest card from Legendary Duelists: Season 1 was Red-Eyes Slash Dragon, finishing the week at Number 15.

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