With the big three-Championship weekend now eight days in the past, theYugiverse has had ample time to react to the successes and trends from YCSBochum, ARGCS Charlotte, and the UDS Invitational. And with the deck listsfrom those events now circulated, the shifts of interest in specific themesare beginning to calm down.

Instead, our latest weekend was dominated largely by more neutral trends,with the biggest sellers having more to do with Side Decking and genericsupport. The standby Chronograph Sorcerer was nowhere to be found, whilethe biggest single-theme tournament card of the bunch, Overtex Qoatlus,barely hung in there.

The lack of heavily themed cards makes metagame reads a bit tough, beyondthe obvious forecast of a continued open competitive landscape. Aftertrending interest in True Dracos, Pendulum Magicians, and Dinosaurs lastweek, there's suddenly very little to go on in the way of predictingspecific matchups.

Will that continue through the week? Probably, given the slim schedule ofRegionals this past weekend and Little Documentation emerging so far fromthe UDS Invitational in Bolivia. But we'll be back on Friday to find outfor sure.

For now, here are the Top 10 bestselling cards for the weekend. As always,our numbers are based off sheer volume of cards sold; we don't factor inrarity or price point. That means we can often see trends that aren'tevident just by examining the marketplace yourself; when hundreds orthousands of copies of core commons move for a big strategy or a Side Deckmove, we get to see it, and propose our conclusions.

#10: Overtex Qoatlus

Emerging as one of, if not THE, most popular card fromExtreme Force, Overtex Qoatlus has finally delivered theconsistency and adaptability that Dinosaurs have needed for tournamentplay. And while we haven't seen Dinos win a major Championship just yet,three distinct variants are emerging in Top Cuts.

A more classic True King Dinosaur approachreached the Top 32 at YCS Bochum, and did especially well in Central andSouth American Regionals over the past weeks.Dino Lightsworn Zombiestopped YCS Atlanta, and made Top 16 at Bochum.And so far the best finish belongs to Niklas Krebs, running Shaddoll Dinosaurs for synergy between Shaddoll Fusion andOvertex Qoatlus. Similar decks topped several Regional Qualifiers inFebruary.

Dinosaurs are doing quite well right now, and the strategy has miles to gobefore it's optimized. The TCGplayer Marketplace has demonstrated steadyinterest in the theme too, suggesting lists will continue to be refined.

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#9: Solemn Strike

Meanwhile, the latest F&L List appears to have succeeded inreintroducing defensive trap cards to major competition. Solemn Strike'sseeing lots of play in both Main Decks and Side Decks, even as theCode of the Duelist Special Edition reprint creeps past the $8mark.

Solemn Strike appears to have returned to must-own status, and remains apersistent threat in any tournament matchup you might play.

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#8: Proxy Dragon

Proxy Dragon fell from the Top 10 for a while, but it's back as the impactof the Link Summoning mechanic begins to change from a limiting factor toan enabling one. Kelly wrote a fantastic article that discussed that veryconcept this week, so if you missed it,definitely give it a read.

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#7: Effect Veiler

Veiler's continued to be the bestselling hand trap in the game, though thatmight not be surprising given the impending reprint of almost every otherhand trap on Friday, inLegendary Collection Kaiba.

That upcoming release has generated a crazy amount of well-justified hype,already commanding prices well above retail in the run-up to theCollection's debut. For now, Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons,Number S39: Utopia the Lightning, Card of Demise, Raigeki, and Ash Blossom& Joyous Spring are leading the pack, but the set seems totally stackedgiven the spread of tournament-level money reprints and newly-foiledplayables.

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#6: Ancient Gear Frame

Ancient Gear Fusion remains the top pick from Ancient Millennium,now up to a Market Price of over 27 dollars. Demand for all Ancient Gearcards both new and old has continued to swell since the set's release, andAncient Gear Frame is still leading the charge with an incredible number ofsales.

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#5: Dimensional Barrier

Like Solemn Strike, Dimensional Barrier's gained huge popularity with boththe return of defensive trap cards and strong tournament results fromPendulums. More accessible than Solemn Strike in its most affordableprinting, Dimensional Barrier's easy to add to your collection and a nearmust for tackling some of the format's biggest matchups.

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#4: Pot of Desires

Pot of Desires: bestselling card of 2017, and possibly the bestselling cardof 2018 as well. If your deck can run it, you're probably already playingit?

Except perhaps not, since it's still selling by the barrel full.

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#3: Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm

Perhaps the most important swerve to observe from this Top 10, demand forSupreme King Dragon Darkwurm Rebounded over the weekend, as it soared tothe Number 3 spot up from Number 10 last week. Unaccompanied by ChronographSorcerer, is Darkwurm's trending status a reflection of exploration beyondMagicians? I think it might be, but we'll need to keep a close eye onupcoming tournament results to find out.

Regardless, Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm's become a ubiquitous part of thePendulum Magician strategy, as one of the single best enablers forHeavymetalfoes Electrumite. Free cards are good cards, and for sheeractionable card economy, Darkwurm's almost in a good position to drawcomparisons to Pot of Desires.

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#2: Underclock Taker

Coming in at Number 2 last week, Underclock Taker maintained the same levelof interest over the weekend. Ubiquitous for Link Summoning decks on thesame level as Proxy Dragon, Underlock's demonstrated its worth in severalChampionships so far, and is now an accepted part of the Link-centric ExtraDeck. Still available at a Market Price of less than 50 cents, the pricetag doesn't hurt its sales potential either.

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#1: Instant Fusion

And finally, the newly-reprinted Instant Fusion once again sold likehotcakes, appealing to both Magician FTK minded tournament players, as wellas fans of Thousand-Eyes Restrict and the new Millennium-Eyes Restrict. Aperennial power card, Instant Fusion's been doing broken things since GoatFormat, and may really be one of the single most important cards incompetitive Yu-Gi-Oh! across the years. Whenever it's reprinted it sells indroves, and the Ancient Millennium reissue is no exception.

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Meanwhile it was an ambitious weekend for speculation. Thousand-EyesRestrict, Amano-Iwato, and Eva were all Top 10 bestsellers over the pastwhile, but this week saw a more refined group of buyers purchasing morecopies, likely to stock up as they place their bets on coming tournamentperformances. While those three cards previously suggested higher playerinterest in Pendulum Magician FTK, True Dracos, and World Chalicerespectively, the form of demand is changing.

Shadowpriestess of Ohm, Union Hangar, Magician of Faith, and PhotonThrasher all saw significant speculative purchases as well, as selectgroups of players stocked up on those four cards by the dozens. Combinedwith buyouts of cards like Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, there was alot of longshot action in the Marketplace this weekend.

What will the week hold for the secondary market? We'll find out, inFriday's Market Watch.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer