Last week we saw fresh spoilers from Lightning Overdrive guiding the action in the secondary market - the quarterly core booster set arriving in the TCG in May. Magisus and Plunder Patroll spiked like crazy. But one week later, demand for those cards was replaced by a renewed fervor for Live☆Twins and Drytron, as new support was revealed for both themes in Lightning Overdrive!

All in all, Drytron scored four spots in the Top 10 countdown while Live☆Twins took three more. The rest of the week's big performers were generic splashables for the Side and Extra Deck, all powerful reprints emanating from Maximum Gold and Genesis impact. Check it out!

#10 Live Twin Ki-sikil

While demand for the Evil Twin Link Monsters was slightly down from last week, demand for other cards in the theme was up off the reveal of Live☆Twin Ki-sikil Frost in Lightning Overdrive, and that landed Live Twin Ki-sikil at Number 10. We saw a lot of buyers picking up Evil Twin Ki-sikil and Evil Twin Lil-la last week, largely in playset quantities, indicating players were trying to get ahead of future price spikes - the average number of copies being purchased didn't suggest inflated interest from speculators.

This week was a bit different; demand for Live Twin Ki-sikil exploded on Thursday with speculators picking up 20+ copies in single orders. There was still a sufficient number of individual buyers to drive Live Twin Ki-sikil into the Number 10 spot, but the actual volume of copies being purchased was enormous. If we went by volume of cards sold, Live Twin Ki-sikil would've been Number 2 for the week, so know speculators are targeting this card in a big way.

#9 Meteonis Drytron

Meteonis Drytron a staple at one in competitive Drytron decks, and as an Ultra Rare that's was enough to drive it to 12 dollars a week ago. When it fell to $10 on Sunday, a ton of players bought in to grab 1 or 2 copies, pushing it back into the $12 range. Now it's back under $10, and demand continues to be strong at that price.

#8 Evil Twin Lil-la

Down from Number 3 last week, demand probably would've been stronger for Evil Twin Lil-la this time around if so many players hadn't jumped the gun and snagged their copies a week and a half ago. Sales of Evil Twin Lil-la were huge last week, but the reveal of Live Twin Ki-sikil Frost in Lightning Overdrive, which follows the release of Live Twin Lil-la Treat in Blazing Vortex, seems to establish a pattern; it looks as if we'll see at least two more "seasonal" Live☆Twin cards in the future. That promise of further support kept Evil Twin Lil-la in the Top 10.

#7 Knightmare Phoenix

Knightmare Phoenix actually did even better this week than last week, up 2 spots from Number 9. We often see this in January, big staple cards trending up, as lapsed players look to get back into Yu-Gi-Oh in the new year. The quantities people were picking up were small enough that we can say the interest probably wasn't from speculators, so this is likely real player demand. At about a buck a pop shipped you can't go wrong.

#6 Cyber Emergency

WAY up from its Number 12 finish last week, Cyber Emergency clocked in at Number 6 as more and more players take up Drytrons for competitive play. Lots of players missed the Duel Overload reprint of Cyber Emergency, and now that it's a must-run at 3 in the hottest deck in the format, the Genesis Impact reprint is a steal at about a buck-fifty. Drytrons continue to be the number one driving deck in the secondary market.

#5 Harpie's Feather Duster

With trap cards seeing more play, Harpie's Feather Duster is trending up once again, up from Number 7. The Maximum Gold reprint's still in the 5 to 6 dollar range, the same price point it's sat at basically ever since it was released, which is a great price for one of the most important Side Deck cards of the format.

#4 Drytron Nova

The sustained demand for Drytron Nova continues to be incredible. The Drytron staple was just under $40 for several weeks, and now it's broken that barrier and climbed to $42-$43. Take a look at listed stock in the TCGplayer Marketplace and you'll see relatively few listings and no pricewalls until $50, which is where Drytron Nova seems to be heading.

Drytron's the leading deck in the format and the newest competitive strategy in the game, which means the theme's key cards won't see a reprint for months. That factor's slowly driving prices higher and higher, because it makes Drytron Nova such a safe investment. We won't see a new F&L List until March, and even at that point it's unlikely the deck will take any big hits, especially given the continuing pandemic.

#3 Evil Twin Ki-sikil

Evil Twin Ki-sikil didn't fall nearly as far as Evil Twin Lil-la this week, slipping from Number 2 to the Number 3 position and barely losing steam. That makes sense, as a lot of Live☆Twins players are running one more copy of Evil Twin Ki-sikil than Evil Twin Lil-la. The big reveal of Live Twin Ki-sikil Frost in Lightning Overdrive may have helped create that gap as well, just adding a boost from name recognition alone.

#2 Knightmare Unicorn

The Genesis Impact reprint of Knightmare Unicorn spent a good deal of the week at less than 50 cents a copy, and the opportunity that price point might present drove a stunning number of buyers to pick up multiple copies: depending on the day, the average number of Knightmare Unicorn per order was as high as 4 or more, strongly indicating speculator interest. That 50 cent mark is a classic attractor; a trigger point that promises solid profit if Knightmare Unicorn makes the short climb to $1, with more reward if it trends even higher.

Right now it feels like a pretty safe bet for the long term; we probably won't see a third reprint of Knightmare Unicorn any time soon, and competitive rares have a way of creeping up in price pretty consistently. Keep an eye on this one in the coming weeks.

#1 Drytron Alpha Thuban

Finally, Drytron Alpha Thuban exploded out of nowhere to take the top spot this week, as players and speculators alike rushed to get copies at 50 cents apiece. There are some giant price walls keeping this card cheap for the foreseeable future, with individual sellers listing hundreds of copies. But that didn't stop buyers from going hard in the wake of the announcement of Drytron Mu-Beta Fafnir, a crazy new Xyz Monster in Lightning Overdrive. The general reaction to Mu-Beta Fafnir was a mix of "wow," and "holy hell, who on earth thought Drytron needed this," painting a bright future for Drytrons through 2021.

With a rising table share in competition and at least one utterly amazing card waiting in the wings, Drytron seems poised to keep on dominating through at least the first half of 2021. Something big would have to happen to unseat Drytron as the deck-to-beat, and until that happens we'll probably continue to see Drytron in the Top 10.

Also big this week? Live Twin Lil-la just missed the Top 10, coming in at Number 11 right behind Live Twin Ki-sikil. Drytron Fafnir and Drytron Meteonis Draconids came in at Numbers 12 and 13, Live Twin Home finished at Number 14, and PSY-Framegear Gamma still pretty hot at Number 15.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer