Welcome to the final Market Watch countdown of 2018!

The last leg of the year was dominated by the stellar promo cards fromSoul Fusion: Special Edition, and even as we get further andfurther removed from that release three of those cards have remained in theTop 10. But as Regionals get closer and new players prepare to entertournament competition, big competitive staples played by a wide array ofdecks are back in demand.

At the same time players are beginning to look ahead toSisters of the Rose and some of the new cards released in that setnext month, as well as the upcoming Savage Strike andDark Neostorm boosters. Konami of Japan's OCG arm released a tonof spoilers for Dark Neostorm on Christmas eve, buildinganticipation for that set to an unexpectedly high pitch this week.

The result is a Top 10 that's largely rooted in current trends and theanticipation of the return of Regional Qualifiers, but that's tinged withforward-thinking looks ahead. After what felt like a consistent few weeksdominated by the same cards we're beginning to see some new trends, just intime for the new year and the beginning of the 2019 season.

With no further ado, here is your Top 10 countdown of the bestselling cardsthis week on TCGplayer.

#10: Pot of Desires

One of the bestselling cards in the game's history made it back to thebestseller list this week, as Pot of Desires squeaked in at Number 10. Astaple card for almost any deck that doesn't rely on key Limited cards todrive combos, Pot of Desires is the leg up that keeps a lot of strategiescompetitive. It's had no real competition in that role since its release,though the upcomingPot of Indulgence in Savage Strikewill finally give it a run for its money.

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#9: Rivalry of Warlords

Emerging as a late run for one of the bestselling cards of the year,Rivalry of Warlords became a tournament hit weeks before its first foilreprint in Hidden Summoners, but exploded with its Super Rarerelease. It's been in the Top 10 almost every week since, still leading theback as the choicest floodgate of this format and the last.

While many players have called for it to be Limited or Forbidden, Konamihas a long track record of leniency with floodgate cards, and at this pointit doesn't seem damaging enough to warrant action come January 21st. It

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#8: Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

A good bit of the hype for Sisters of the Rose revolves aroundAlexis Rhodes' Cyber Angel monsters, renewing interest in Ritual supportonce again. As we've seen in the past, the market responds very strongly toany enthusiasm for Ritual Monsters; we've seen that manifest as big demandfor everything from Impcantations, to Pre-Preparation of Rites, RitualSanctuary and more. With the latest hot Ritual card being the Super Rarereprint of Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, lots of players and collectorsrushed to snap up copies this week before the card sees a potential pricespike.

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#7: Soul Charge

Last week we saw some evidence that the market was responding the successwe saw from combo-forward Warrior decks at ARGCS Orlando, and the suddenupswing in demand for Soul Charge seems to be following the same trend.Aside from decks built around Number 86: Heroic Champion – Rhongomyniad,the only other strategy playing Soul Charge as a staple seems to beGem-Knight FTK. Recent Thunder Dragon decks have passed on it, so it lookslike players may still be interested in migrating to Big Turn 1 decks.

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#6: Thunder Dragon

That said, Thunder Dragons themselves have definitely been affirmed as oneof the two biggest strategies in this format, and while Sky Strikers couldsee a hit on the new F&L List just based on their sheer age, ThunderDragons are still so new that they seem less likely to be hit. That's keptdemand strong for everything the deck plays, but especially theeasy-to-pick-up, possibly-price-spiking Thunder Dragon reprint fromHidden Summoners.

Cheap high-rarity copies of tournament-worthy cards that are scarce in foilprintings are always going to be a hot ticket, and a lot of players areclearly betting on Thunder Dragons both as a tournament tour de force, andas a possible investment in the New Year.

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#5: Neo Space Connector

Prank-Kids Rocksies slipped from the Top 10 this week despite the deck'srelative success at the ARG Circuit Series last weekend, but the threeremaining Soul Fusion Special Edition promos still soldexceedingly well…And all three of them are played in the Gouki and DarkWarrior decks that have survived off the back of Number 86: Heroic Champion– Rhongomyniad.

Neo Space Connector's the one card of those three that's new in its SpecialEdition release, creating an instant play with Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin forthis card…

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#4: Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights

Even with a core set release that's long in the history books and weeks ofreprinted availability, Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights is stillmone of the bestselling cards of the game. With no new Regionals toestablish tournament trends a lot of players seem to be either migrating toBig Turn 1 decks, or at least hedging their bets by picking up the keycards for those strategies while they're affordable.

That means everyone wants to score a couple copies of Isolde. We've seenjust how expensive this card could get before its reprint, and while thereare thousands of reprinted copies floating around, Special Edition promosare notorious for retaining value when they become popular in tournaments.Structure Decks and Special Editions generally dodge reprinting, and thatoften sees easy access cards rising in price over time. Isolde could dothat under the right conditions, and a lot of people were protectingthemselves from that over the holidays.

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#3: Summon Sorceress

Everything we can say about Isolde can be said for Summon Sorceress to.Staple lynchpin for Big Turn 1 decks? Checkmark. Cheap now with a potentialrise in value over time? Yup. And then you factor in the card's utility ina variety of cool rogue decks, and you get slightly higher sales thanIsolde. Summon Sorceress is a tremendous card in both the best tournamentdecks and just a ton of fun stuff, and it's incredibly affordable at themoment. There's even more reason for everyone to snap up their copies.

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#2: Dinowrestler Pankratops

Dinowrestler Pankratops, still the second biggest Side Deck card releasedthis year, trumped only by…

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#1: Called by the Grave

The single bestselling card of the year, Called by the Grave just isn'toptional. If your deck loses to at least one major hand trap – and it does– you want to be at least Side Decking three copies. The fact that it canbe Main Decked in a variety of strategies, and played against key cardsthat aren't even hand traps, makes it flexible, powerful, and just amust-run.

Cards like Dinowrestler Pankratops, Pot of Desires, and Called by the Graveare all barometer cards in the secondary market: when these cards areselling in big numbers weeks, months, or years after their release, itindicates that new players are entering the game. Or that they're at leastentering the tournament arena. It always indicates a healthy time in thegame, it means great thing for an already stacked 2019, and it's a greatway to kick off the New Year.

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We'll be back next week with another look at the secondary market here onTCGplayer, as we count down the days to the release ofSisters of the Rose. But for now, enjoy the remainder of theholidays and have a Happy New Year!

Do YOU have goals for the 2019 Dueling season? If you do, let me know downin the Comments. I'll check back to see what you're aiming to accomplish!Until then, thanks for being with us here on TCGplayer, and thanks forreading!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer