The new Structure Deck: Wave of Light released on Friday, and theresult was a big shakeup in the TCGplayer Marketplace over the weekend.

Five cards from the Structure made the Top 10 bestseller list from Fridayto Monday morning. While the highest value card from the release iscurrently the reprint of Ties of the Brethren, Solemn Warning and four ofthe release's new cards topped the charts.

From there the remaining Top 10 cards were a predictable mix of formatstaples playable in almost any deck, and a couple of Pendulum Magicians.

For weeks now we've seen Pendulum Magician sales bolstered by decent TCGperformances, OCG success across three distinct variants (including aSupreme King version), and the upcoming release ofHeavymetalfoes ElectrumiteinExtreme Force.And while Pendulum Magicians almost fell short of the Top 32 at YCSMelbourne entirely, the OCG decks and Electrumite are keeping the hypetrain rolling.

With those three factors as our focus, let's count down the Top 10 biggestcards in the TCGplayer Marketplace for the weekend!

#10: Rebirth of Parshath

The first new entry from Structure Deck: Wave of Light, Rebirth ofParshath is a flexible Counter Trap that eliminates opposing cards withoutsending them to the graveyard – that's huge nowadays, with some of thebiggest decks in the game having so many ways to use yarded cards.

And while Rebirth costs 1000 LP and a discard, also requiring you to haveanother Counter Trap in your hand to activate it, it can Special Summon acard like Avenging Knight Parshath Neo-Parshath the Sky Paladin, or the newSacred Arch-Airknight Parshath straight from your Deck. It's not asconditional as it sounds, and it's a surprisingly good fit for tournamentsthese days despite the dwindling viability of most trap cards.


#9: Power Angel Valkyria

Another of the new entrants, Power Angel Valkyria's a less complicated cardin the vein of Harvest Angel of Wisdom and the classic Bountiful Artemis,searching you a Light Fairy from your deck when you negate the activationof a spell or trap card, or the effect of a monster.

It's certainly attractive for a deck running Counter Traps, but it alsoworks with other forms of negation as well, most prominently hand trapslike Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and Effect Veiler.

Cyber Dragon Infinity gets even better. Decode Talker's a flexible option.Evolzar Dolkka and Evolzar Laggia get more impressive. Fire King AvatarArvata. Herald of Perfection's a great pick. Infernoid Devyaty andInfernoid Onuncu could love it. Kozmos. Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En.Mist Valley Apex Avian. There are a lot of cards that could becompatible.

Power Angel Valkyria has a lot of potential, but mashing it into a deckthat can make the most of its effect may prove challenging. In the meantime, it's a pretty killer Counter Fairy card as intended.


#8: Solemn Warning

We may be seeing a trend away from Solemn Warning and Solemn Strike intournament play, but the new reprint has dropped Warning's price below the$1 mark and that always sparks interest in such a high-powered,highly-splashable card.

Players and collectors bought it up by the fistful as soon as it hit onFriday, to the surprise of basically no one.


#7: Solemn Strike

Speak of the devil: even as players consider the impact of Floodgate TrapHole and Bottomless Trap Hole in the wake of YCS Melbourne, Solemn Strikecontinues to be a top seller. The perception of how trap cards are playedwill need to change tremendously before demand for Strike will die down;it's a universally good card even when tournament trends are effectivelystacked against it.


#6: Purple Poison Magician

One of just two Pendulum Magician cards to make the cut this week, PurplePoison Magician's still a must-run at three just like every previous week.As noted above, Magiciansalmost missed the Top Cut at Melbourneentirely,but since the deck still placed one competitor into the Top 32and Australian YCS tournaments get a bit of short shrift from NorthAmerican players anyways, there wasn't a ton of damage done there.

Barring a sudden F&L List drop, it seems we're destined to see moreMagicians back in the Top 10 come Friday.


#5: Proxy Dragon

Proving to be an enduring draw due to its must-run status in almost anyLink Summoning deck, Proxy Dragon's still one of the most popular cards inthe game week-to-week, with nothing to replace it on the horizon. Almostnobody's trying to compete without at least owning a copy, and for goodreason.


#4: The Sanctum of Parshath

The second-highest selling card from Wave of Light this weekend,The Sanctum of Parshath is a re-envisioned The Sanctuary in the Sky. Itsupports everything from classics like The Agent of Mystery – Earth andMaster Hyperion, to new stuff in the Structure Deck, one of which we'lldiscuss momentarily.

It also buffs all your Fairies by a respectable 300 ATK and DEF – prettyawesome given the stats of many of the Counter Fairy theme's key Level 4's– and it gives a much-needed reload effect that stacks your deck and keepsyou from running out of steam.

Like so many Field Spells these days, The Sanctum of Parshath is welldesigned and diversified across a range of effects that keep its utilityhigh. While it won't immediately replace itself with another card via asearch or recursion effect, its protection may singlehandedly keepbackrow-heavy Fairy decks viable, and it's well matched with lots of otherfree plusses of card economy in the strategy.

Such as…


#3: Minerva, Scholar of the Sky

Immediately spiking to 2200 ATK with the first activation of its effect,Minerva, Scholar of the Sky provides free card economy with a killer searcheffect. The age-old problem with Counter Fairy decks was that even if youwere raking in free cards with Bountiful Artemis, you had to kind of justhope that you'd draw into Counter Traps that match whatever your opponentwas going to try next.

Minerva doesn't solve that problem 100% of the time, since it can't searchthe same Counter Trap as the one you activated, and you can't always knowfor sure what your opponent's next move will be. But it's the closest thingyou could hope for when you're looking for a sure thing, rewarding matchupknowledge and skilled reads with a wide range of answers that can createrolling momentum.

It even triggers off your opponent's Counter Traps, so if they happen to berunning Solemn Strike or Solemn Warning you might be able to punish themfor it. Cool stuff.


#2: Astrograph Sorcerer

Once again, Astrograph Sorcerer continued to sell in huge numbers over theweekend as the flashiest of the Pendulum Magicians, even if it sees lessplay than the theme's other monsters. Now approaching the $4 mark in itsaverage Market Price, it's still maintaining an upward Price Trend thoughthere are now about 100 more copies in the Marketplace than there were onFriday.

About a third of the current stock is currently listed at or above $6, sowe're clearly starting to see people banking on a spike.


#1: Pot of Desires

And finally, Pot of Desires was once again on top! Drawing two cards: stillamazing, just like it was last week and the week before that.

…And the week before that.

……Aaaaaaand the week before that.

That's it for the weekend, but join us again on Friday as we find out whichcards from Structure Deck: Wave of Light have legs enough to carrythem through the week. Will Magicians regain their lost spots? Will CounterFairies continue selling strongly? And what reactions will we see toRegional Qualifiers and the recent ARGCS in Richmond?

We'll have those answers and more on Friday. We'll see you then.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer